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She would verbally and in handwritten notes specify when she wanted specific situations captured.
Subordinates report that he was better at bullying than managing risk, often verbally abusing those who challenged him.
All these people will lash out verbally or physically when challenged.
Creating a literary work on some socio-political problem rather than utter fiery words verbally, is worth appreciation.
Mises wrote that math models do nothing but translate ideas expressed verbally into math symbols.
Temper the rhetoric and respect each others outlook no matter how it may be verbally expressed.
Along the way, they pummel each other verbally with their constant squabbling and dredge up several decades of pent-up grudges.
To survive this process, oma architects must be verbally as well as visually dextrous.
All of this present yet even deeper issues not verbally communicated.
The original tests were all delivered verbally and the sessions were filmed.
Those in positions of authority are easily threatened by a verbally astute free-thinker, because it appears threatening to them.
The main aim is to aid those who have trouble expressing themselves verbally.
For a period of five minutes, the students were asked to report their thoughts verbally.
People with this problem lacked the ability to understanding, processing or describing their feelings verbally.
But she makes a good-faith effort to resolve differences rationally and verbally.
With one button press, on the steering wheel, users can reply to a text by verbally selecting a preset response.
It had a strange effect on them physically, and even verbally.
These drugs not only bulk up his muscles, they also make him dangerously aggressive and verbally abusive.
The marchers were attacked verbally and physically but refused to give up.
Opposing players must be verbally eviscerated, their personal problems made fodder for derision.
He loves obscure policy details, partly because he can use them to verbally beat up opponents.
She was terminated, university officials said, because she was verbally abusive to colleagues.
Finally, from a presenter's perspective, encourage people with a icon on your intro slide and verbally to tweet your presentation.
Other students verbally express how they think you feel.

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