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Here, the verbal students enjoy the lessons much more than their kinesthetic peers do.
The once-popular rote learning had a valuable place in verbal as opposed to literate cultures.
Volunteers show marked improvement in verbal skills after a research team runs a weak current through their foreheads.
On caffeine, verbal and motor skills decreased, whereas napping enhanced performance across all three tasks.
Applicants must have strong written and verbal communication skills.
Others are more amenable to verbal treatment, which doesn't necessarily make them any less strange.
These images provoke aha moments far more often than typed or verbal summaries.
Researchers also found that participants who scored higher on tests of abstract intelligence and verbal ability were funnier.
It is collecting stories and other verbal material specific to the cultures of the participants.
Excellent writing and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are required.
Some people seem to have it all, mentally speaking-strong math and verbal skills, a keen memory and good spatial sense.
If blood grossed you out and your verbal skills needed work, become an accountant.
Excellent interpersonal skills and verbal and written communication skills are required for the position.
Those who have it tend to be better at puzzles and pattern-related tasks than at verbal communication.
In cases where the participant is nonliterate, consent can be acknowledged with a mark or via verbal consent.
Now autism of course, in its extreme, results in lack of verbal ability and mute-ness.
Note awkward body language, stilted movements, and annoying verbal tics.
Most important, command line tools use verbal language.
Policymakers have already embarked on verbal intervention.
So it doesn't necessarily surprise us that social cues can impact our verbal ability.
And during the inaugural ceremonies, he made numerous verbal.
Both their verbal and their gesture-based communication is poor, and they often have low intelligence.
Other studies have found activation patterns that precede the formation of certain types of memories, such as verbal or visual.
Other abilities-those that depend on knowledge, such as verbal abilities-may improve with age.
My kids knew sign language and would tell me using a combination of signs and verbal words what their dreams were about: stories.
Browsing in their latest verbal treasurehouse is not only a welcome escape.
The video camera, with its sound track for verbal annotations and its date-and-time log, is becoming one of his favorite tools.
Many who practice meditation are aware that consciousness can be free of the usual verbal chatter of our minds.
When he/she approaches, the dog can be offered praise in the form of treats or verbal praise.
Again, there was neither conscious verbal nor numerical thought here, merely shifting muscle tensions and visual images in space.
Theres no need for any verbal commands while doing this.
Verbal reservations, orders or cancellations are not accepted.
He is well trained to obey hand signals as well as verbal commands.
Exhibitors would receive one verbal warning when a violation occurs.
So please check the message first before launching yourself in unwarranted verbal attacks.
Others are looking elsewhere for clues to deception, from eye movement to verbal giveaways.
In the hands of anyone less skilled, this verbal volleyball of direct and indirect quotations would likely be a disaster.
Comic films and plays are either farcical or witty, with plenty of wordplays and rapid-fire verbal exchanges.
They may have also developed a way to store and transmit information in non verbal ways too.
We'll see a sharp intake of breath and widening of the eyes, maybe a brief verbal outburst.
But his confidence evaporated as he began the second section, verbal reasoning.
Dozens of people are convicted each year, though hearsay is often used as evidence and accusers invent verbal transgressions.
The style is completely different than any of her other verbal or written communications, and the vocabulary much more extensive.
Serenity's verbal fireworks help compensate for its clumsy special effects.
Good leaders consistently align their actions with their verbal messages.
Highlight your written and verbal communication skills.
It makes me question though how journalists come up with the punctuation in supposedly verbal quotes.
Often, hearing the written discussion will trigger more verbal discussion.
In such situations, when no written or verbal contract exists, the copyright holder determines who gets what.
He offered nothing but sarcasm as evidence for his disdain, not even the courage for a verbal debate.
He's also technically a designer with no credentials other than verbal ones from him.
From this he inferred that an organ of verbal memory must lie behind the eyes.
Yet the society had no police power over names, and its verbal descriptions were often so inexact as to be of little use.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills, acute attention to detail, and the ability to work independently as required.
Have students give verbal reports on the relationship between the clay mountain and the mapped representation of it.
They both have basic obedience by touch and with the blind one, verbal as well.
The performers also offer up verbal tidbits at the nightly press conference.
Topics such as non-verbal communication, structuring interaction, and power were addressed.
Considers physical and verbal as well as electronic use and storage of information in formulating policies and procedures.
But, as we've often discussed here, you would be foolish indeed to withdraw from other searches based on a verbal offer alone.
Verbal, visual, and aural sources from dozens of cultures crowd the screen of anyone enrolled at a university.
The changes in behavior are subtle but evident in body language and verbal expression.
It makes you pay close attention to the verbal surface, so that you can't slide past the details.
Verbal reminders can be effective, but it's also good to send an e-mail so that you have a record of when you did the reminding.
In the current economic climate, it's entirely possible for an informal, verbal offer to evaporate.
Our visuospatial skills are usually better than average, whereas our social-verbal skills tend to be worse than average.
Robins and blackbirds use specific non verbal signals to one another all the while.
Verbal expression was the first area of regression then social connection.
Debts contracted by betting, gambling, or verbal promise.
As a result verbal alterations have been made at times from what is perhaps to many the familiar reading.
He electrically stimulates alert patients' brains while having them make verbal responses.
Rather, they're making a descriptive verbal observation.
They began by testing the reactions of a group of control subjects to a series of verbal and nonverbal jokes.
Expect the dino color studies to keep coming, and perhaps the verbal barbs as well.
And, they must be able to diagnose and treat without the aid of the verbal language that a human patient can provide.
He slowly regained an ability to follow verbal commands, and he had no trouble moving normally, but he wouldn't speak to anyone.
The thing is, these two languages have a large non-verbal component.
For verbal tasks, as was the case here, it makes sense that inhibition to the left does the trick.
Their verbal, annoying and have a ton of made up facts to dispute real facts with.
Quantum theory is the verbal explanation of why quantum mechanics works.
Resolving verbal ambiguities involves the calculation of probabilities derived from the real-time context.
It's a verbal and written tic of huge proportions, hiding in plain sight.
The other partner is to listen attentively but to make no verbal response whatsoever.
Poetry, of course, is a verbal realm in which that sense-born world is of the essence.
The essential qualities for a candidate are physical stamina, verbal quickness and the ability to appear all things to all people.
Neither eye dilation nor verbal response is required.
What you get from writers today is the verbal equivalent of these little ruses, and the same aversion to simplicity and clarity.
And he is, by his own admission, prone to verbal blunders.
Sometimes verbal provocation will be enough to change the charge from first to second degree.
But it also encourages users to submit their own verbal mnemonics.
Excellent communications skills both verbal and written.
The lack of data has caused excessive verbal communication between the pilots and the controllers that is prone to errors.
Her acquisition of knowledge was shifting to a more mediated form, more dependent on the narrow bandwidth of verbal communication.
Credit reports range from a verbal file check to written trade and status reports.
My father taught me all the basics about acting, but the main thing he taught me is kind of a non-verbal thing.
You've become known to a new generation more for your verbal dexterity as an announcer than your achievements as a player.
His plots proceed by verbal connection and elaboration as much as by character interaction.
His verbal agility was intact, and his lyrics had grown more sinister.
The show's high visual style is in sharp contrast to its low verbal one.
Chafing, pain, and occasional loss of verbal and motor skills affected job performance and life style.
But, over all, the book's hyperactive visual surface covers up a certain hollow monotony in its verbal drama.
Firstly, it must be a well-made verbal object that does honor to the language in which it is written.
He can imitate a waiter bringing all his favorite foods, and he has a sly sense of verbal humor.
It is a fact that he could stop the flow of blood with a sharp verbal command.
Best, then, to try to ignore these verbal tags attached to the toes of the cadavers of bygone books.
However, if you set them a verbal challenge, a frisson sweeps through them.
Pinker then follows his false opening charge with a three-part argument overturned by its own illogic and verbal inconsistency.
It has a different kind of persuasiveness than any verbal argument does.
Today no special significance should be attached to merely verbal declarations.
Watching and especially listening, in awe of their verbal venom.
Over the last few weeks, the private equity industry has taken a verbal beating.

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