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Example sentences for vengeance

Where in the old there is vengeance and retribution there is forgiveness in the new.
After a decades-long reprieve, bed bugs have returned with a vengeance, plaguing rich and poor alike.
Outlaws ride in and steal all your horses and there is nothing you can do except go out and get your vengeance yourself.
It was for vengeance upon a caitiff knight, who had made her lover captive and despoiled her of her lands.
Howbeit these things surely lie on the knees of the gods, whether he shall return or not, and take vengeance in his halls.
The pattern is inescapable: she takes disagreements personally, and swiftly deals vengeance on enemies, real or perceived.
He wrestles with fidelity, envy, vengeance and forgiveness.
She promised to forsake vengeance if her husband were returned safely.
Whatever the case, his investment is now paying off with a vengeance.
Many armed demonstrators expressed anger and demanded vengeance.
It can stand for vengeance, despotism, self-improvement and much else.
Driving the wealthy abroad may satisfy a political need for vengeance but could harm taxpayers in the end.
If so, the net delivers this shallow, scattered mindset with a vengeance.
Next, the credit squeeze kicked in with a vengeance.
But the workers know that the steel industry is struggling-and that vengeance on persistent troublemakers can be fierce.
Maybe it marks the start of a fresh cycle of vengeance and destruction.
Little did he know that he would drive smack into the middle of an angry mob looking for vengeance.
Newspapers charted the public's reaction-horror and vengeance-to these technological advancements.
There were many people that plotted vengeance against him.
Accessory motives for litigation are unhappiness and anger and, probably much less commonly, vengeance and greed.

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