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Example sentences for venerable

The trails will take you through mossy forests to stunning, venerable arboreal giants.
Turns out the venerable old chocolate maker got his start in caramel.
They could be seen in a venerable set of drawings provided by the collection.
The venerable warp drive is science fiction no longer.
It's a typo, venerable, not the end of western civilization.
It is deeply moving to feel part of something so venerable and venerated.
Is all of academia getting this negative, or is it the editorial staff of this venerable old paper whose tea has been poisoned.
The first benches are already occupied by a crowd of venerable figures muffled in robes of ermine, velvet, and scarlet cloth.
Her venerable body was deposited in a chapel near the hospital which she founded.
The same venerable author speaks of his making mats as an ordinary occupation.
His education had involved him in the venerable dust of antiquity, and had unfitted his mind for the luxuriant growth of fancy.
Its garden is a bower of flowers, and its venerable dining halls are nothing less than museum pieces.
Finding moral meanings in formal musical patterns has a venerable history.
But in some applications, it seems, they could give the venerable electric motor a run for its money.
For example, the venerable patron of dairy products is.
But the show is badly overmatched everywhere it goes head-to-head with its venerable predecessor.
Whole divisions of venerable publishing houses are falling away.
What follows is a collection of some of the earliest writing about blogs from venerable print publications.
Still, there is something to be said in defense of that venerable ancestress.
In the law is to be noticed a growing impatience with formulas, and with diffuseness, and venerable slang.
It looks as if yet another venerable public work is going to be renamed after a politician.
Taking a version of one's self on the road is an old, even venerable theatrical tradition.
It's a venerable idea to see extinctions at sea as being caused by a disturbance of the whole oceanic habitat.
Here he tackles a venerable problem: the interpretation of quantum mechanics.
And now one such venerable site is in danger of being torn down.
The belief that nature has an ontological design has a venerable history, and shows no sign of disappearing.
It was held in a tussocky field adjoining a venerable and rather pretty stone church.
Actual art sales to venerable collectors aren't likely to generate any noteworthy surprises, either.
Pranks have long been considered a venerable manifestation of nerd humor.
The venerable public-relations pioneer doesn't think that his client should get into a hot tub for a photographer.
The books of these venerable shows may be on the creaky side, but the tunes in them still sing.
Each year at this time, the venerable tenor saxophonist returns to his hometown to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.
It is possible to make computers and cell phones that are not venerable to being infected by computer viruses.
Remote execution is also different from the venerable concept of remote job entry.

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