vendetta in a sentence

Example sentences for vendetta

Some for other forms of feud, vendetta, and revenge.
For example, a student once came to me claiming that her humanities professor had a personal vendetta against her.
And don't bother with vendetta claims etc either, they don't help you.
His supporters say the government is waging a vendetta against him.
But it takes a special state of mind to go on a killing spree and on a vendetta.
He claims that the courts are pursuing a political vendetta.
His supporters say that the court's ruling is part of a judicial vendetta against him.
Chambers had been set up in a vendetta by prison officials.
Once again, a national conflict's reduced to personal vendetta.
These findings make me wonder if crows also go a step further and enact vendetta on humans.
Some opposition politicians have accused the government of waging a vendetta.
They are pointing to a right-wing vendetta that illegally sniffed around and found out these facts.
His right fielder has accused umpires of having a vendetta against him.
She said an investigator told her such information was necessary to determine whether she had a vendetta against the physician.
But torts committed solely to carry out a personal vendetta are outside the scope of one's employment.
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