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Example sentences for venal

Mayors were either the venal bosses of dishonest machines or figureheads for the bosses.
It's all well and good to rail about evil chemical companies or venal politicians.
Venal and inept, his government surely needs to be replaced.
Even many of his critics see him as a deluded knight-errant rather than as a venal opportunist.
Looking at what consumers can do to avoid being bitten twice first by the vermin and then by a venal exterminator.
He could try to fight impeachment in parliament, by cajoling venal politicians there.
No longer would the former general be beholden to venal political parties.
The courage politicians organize their energies by picking fights with venal foes.
Whatever sin you committed to end up in one of those must have been comparatively venal.
The same cunning maidservant outwits another foolish and venal official.
Their failings were never venal, more the result of weakness and eccentricity.
For as venal as he was, he and his machine were law and order.
Somebody might even make a film about a born-again preacher who isn't venal or nuts.
The officers are venal, violent and incompetent, systematically pilfering the soldiers' rations.
Journalism is also venal, shaped by payments from officials and businessmen.
The investigations are ongoing, but at this point it is clear that venal self-interest has been widespread.

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