veiled in a sentence

Example sentences for veiled

So already the reader is at several veiled removes even as the speaker intimates that she's on the cusp of making a revelation.
Opponents variously disparage this as meaningless fluff or a veiled way of cutting public services.
In much of his graffiti they serve as thinly veiled stand-ins for humans.
The words he has written are a thinly veiled cry for help.
He declines to fax a copy, instead making veiled threats of legal action.
Comments will be not published if they are even deemed by the moderator as a veiled threat.
Still others say that she came here to deliver a veiled message.
They have been much better at ill-considered insults and threats, veiled in poorly constructed metaphors.
There are veiled hints that he is using his role as chairman of the selection process in a way that is not wholly straightforward.

Famous quotes containing the word veiled

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