vegetable oil in a sentence

Example sentences for vegetable oil

Brominated vegetable oil creates the cloudy look by keeping the fruity flavor mixed into the drink.
The second is in the area of edible oil and vegetable oil.
Later he found that a couple of tablespoons of flavorless vegetable oil worked equally well.
Used vegetable oil is collected and filtered for use in our company truck.
Features vegetable oil-based inks and a water-based coating.
Place wire rack in foil-lined rimmed baking sheet and spray foil with vegetable oil spray.
It's a revamped school bus that runs on vegetable oil, and it can fuel up at any place that fries food.
Rub with vegetable oil, and season well with salt and pepper.
Next, have students dip their feathers in vegetable oil.
Give each group of students one of the following in a large bowl: chocolate syrup, corn syrup or vegetable oil, and one feather.
Use it every time for greasing the pan with vegetable oil.
Coconut and jojoba oil are somewhere in between, and you can even use regular vegetable oil in a pinch.
There's even vegetable oil in the elevator's hydraulic system.
But an alternative fuel gaining respect is vegetable oil.
Consider converting your ride to burn vegetable oil.
In three-quart sauce pan, add one tablespoon vegetable oil in heavy skillet and stir in two tablespoons of flour.
And don't forget the self-healing rubber made from vegetable oil and a pee ingredient.
They contained neither corn syrup nor partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.
Sumi ink stick is made from pine soot, vegetable oil, and fish glue.
Mix seeds with two tablespoons vegetable oil and one teaspoon coarse salt, such as kosher.
To cook, simply form into a large or several small patties by hand and cook in butter or vegetable oil until crispy on one side.
The tortillas and fish are simmered in vegetable oil and never touch the beef.
In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients except the flour and vegetable oil.
The second part of the lab they were supposed to see if salt and sugar would dissolve in vegetable oil.
Vegetable oil-based lubricants: improvement in oxidation and low temperature stability.
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