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They do little damage to the plant itself, but they make fruit and vegetable unmarketable.
The second is in the area of edible oil and vegetable oil.
It's one part charades and one part trivia tied together by an offbeat vegetable mascot.
Any materials that used to be a plant can go into your compost bin, including all fruit and vegetable scraps.
Serve slices of steak with a fresh green salad or favorite summer vegetable.
Yeast is a microscopic plant of fungous growth, and is the lowest form of vegetable life.
Tomatoes aren't the only vegetable that you can turn into a sauce or condiment.
Production agriculture experience and/or college level coursework related to specialty crops, vegetable crops.
The state's fruit and vegetable growers are co-operating with officials despite the losses they are likely to incur.
Good vegetable oils to use include sunflower, almond, olive and avocado.
Truck traffic clogged the road, bisecting vegetable patches and rice paddies that seemed to disappear into the fog that morning.
As an adult, asparagus is still my favorite vegetable at this time of year.
How to choose the best location for your vegetable garden more.
Researchers are working to change the molecular structure of vegetable oil to increase its stability at extreme temperatures.
Vegetable cookery is no longer the exclusive province of the counterculture.
Cisterns will collect rainwater, which will be used several ways-including to irrigate an indoor vegetable garden.
Beets may get a bad rap in the culinary world, but their heath benefits have many reconsidering the oft-overlooked vegetable.
Vegetable gardens don't have to hide in the backyard.
Glycerin is a clear, odorless, viscous liquid found in animal fats and vegetable oils.
My vegetable garden may be growing on me, but it's still not family.
By turning from animal protein to vegetable protein, humans and animals both will be the better.
But the vegetable warning still stands, and the economic and political damage is mounting.
Next, have students dip their feathers in vegetable oil.
Giant vegetable growing is not a hobby for the faint hearted.
These watering tanks now house a vegetable garden.
They're encouraging truckers to fill their tanks with eco-friendly fuel made from vegetable oils.
Local and regional fruit and vegetable production will languish anywhere that the commodity program has influence.
The food supply is almost back to normal, with new vegetable plots dug on unused land.
The author was describing what might be possible and a typical mechanism in vegetable contamination.
Any vegetable that grows in the ground can be grown in a container.
Startled, the local dogs stop feeding on the rotting human corpses scattered among the empty fruit and vegetable stalls.
After potatoes, perhaps no vegetable has kept more bellies full in more places through winter than cabbage.
My first foray into vegetable gardening started with two plants in paper cups, given to me as a gift.
It's made from a blend of paraffin and vegetable oil, and it can burn well even when it's sitting in a pool of water.
Give each group of students one of the following in a large bowl: chocolate syrup, corn syrup or vegetable oil, and one feather.
The chemical is replaced by vegetable lecithin and when ingested disallows one to get addicted.
Another time, a crate of vegetable seeds washed ashore.
Slide a whole salmon fillet onto the grill, along with vegetable skewers.
Pig farmers, chicken farmers and vegetable growers have got used to such industry integration.
In addition, vegetable oils manufactured from the seeds would have an extended shelf life.
Vegetable prices have fallen, and non-food inflation may be easing.
Others prefer to eat squash, salads, or other fruit and vegetable dishes.
But palm oil is cheap compared with other vegetable oils-and the market craves it.
Safer areas tend to have more opportunity for outside exercise, and frequent trips to the vegetable stores.
Few would object to vegetable gardening and hula-hooping, but efforts around marketing food are more contentious.
The diesel-extraction method for coffee grounds is similar to that used for other vegetable oils.
Some diesel owners have also modified their vehicles to run on straight vegetable oil.
First of all, you point out in the book that no other fruit or vegetable gets to be as big as a pumpkin.
There are mosquito nets and cloth nappies, tea, slippers and even a vegetable grater.
The diesel-extraction for coffee grounds is similar to that used for other vegetable oils.
Consider converting your ride to burn vegetable oil.
Besides throwing a curve into the usually angular vegetable garden, it saves space and is less likely to topple in wind.
Food scraps can be buried in empty spots in vegetable and flower gardens.
He majored in finance and supplemented his income with a roadside vegetable stand near his parents' home.
Cardenas grills meat, seafood, and vegetable skewers served with flavorful dipping sauces.
We've started planning our vegetable garden early this year by planting seeds indoors.
The merest human vegetable can conceivably provide valuable data on the working of the human brain.
Miniature carrots are also ideal for growing in a container vegetable garden.
Imagine a law prohibiting a vegetable garden in your back yard but store bought produce is fine.
Beneficial kitchen scraps include fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grinds and crushed egg shells.
Create natural fertilizer by composting vegetable scraps.
Add vegetable and fruit scraps to the compost to be used in the garden.
In spring, it provides an ideal environment for hardening off annual flower and vegetable seedlings started indoors.
Natural vegetable oils are beneficial not only for your health but also for your skin.
After all, any animal or vegetable fat contains triglycerides that can be used to make diesel.
Along the route, well-tended vegetable gardens alternate with plots of rusting junk.
The reason exists, raise vegetable material for fuel.
Many single-vegetable recipes will become my default preparation.
In the broadest terms, long shapes go with tomato sauce and short shapes go with meat and vegetable sauces.
It also set a minimum for the amount of tomato sauce on pizza that could count toward vegetable servings.
Ones in the suburbs might have space for an employee vegetable garden.
Used in shortening for baked goods and in combination with vegetable oils for frying foods.
And don't forget the self-healing rubber made from vegetable oil and a pee ingredient.
One of the chief confusions presented by these tiny creatures was their place in the ranks of animal and vegetable.
Vegetable-based foods tend to consume less energy in their production than conventionally produced animal-based foods.
Afterward, he went to college, then worked in his uncle's fruit and vegetable business.
Vegetable oil is probably the principal thing, and it goes into all kinds of proteins that go into processed foods.
Printouts are then made, using water-based vegetable dyes.
The best defense against the creepy, crawly, jumping team of vegetable destroyers plants begins with your own two hands.
The next delightful green vegetable is wild asparagus, delicious and tender, found around fence posts where birds drop the seed.
Simply refrigerate it and you've got vegetable stock to use for soups and stews later.
Transfer chicken to a roasting pan and drizzle with vegetable oil.
Trans fatty acids are unhealthy fats that form when vegetable oil hardens in a process called hydrogenation.
The price stabilization affects milk, bread, sugar and vegetable oil.
He had never picked a vegetable, having always lived within city limits.
Botanically and popularly regarded as a fruit, it is typically used as a vegetable.
At the beginning it was vegetable protein, then urea.
In many cities, fresh-vegetable prices have more than doubled in the past two months.
In other words, they could not distinguish a carrot from a stick of celery, but could say that it was a vegetable.
Trans fats, found in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, clog arteries and contribute to heart disease.
The bill also would allow tomato paste on pizzas to be counted as a vegetable, as it is now.
In fact there's something kind of alarming about a vegetable that weighs close to ton.
Worm castings are used as fertilizer in the vegetable garden behind the restaurant.
The tortillas and fish are simmered in vegetable oil and never touch the beef.
The vegetable supplementation study is a first example to test the challenge concept.

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