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Usually filled with minced pork or a mixture of pork, beef and/or veal, it can also be made with other kinds of meat.
Video is smoother than a freshly oiled veal cutlet, while scrolling through the music library is a breeze.
Fold in remnants of finely chopped cooked chicken, veal, or ham.
Mash yolks, and add equal amount of cold cooked chicken or veal, finely chopped.
Chop three-fourths cup cold cooked chicken or veal, and pound in a mortar.
Add the veal and sear it until it is lightly browned.
If a solid veal rump roast is going to break the budget, consider braising a whole veal shank.
And roasted veal sweetbreads over braised greens and hog jowl with brown butter.
It's delicious with a creamy blanquette of veal, delicately poached fish, or chicken braised with fennel and garlic.
Plated entrees feature pasta, chicken, veal and eggplant with a fish and beef dish.
Traditional veal and chicken dishes are available here, plus a a light menu for diners watching their weight.
They also serve a variety of other pasta, veal and seafood dishes.
The restaurant serves numerous sandwiches, veal chicken and pasta dishes.
Start with the scallop quenelles in a sherry-lobster cream sauce, or the sauteed veal sweetbreads.
The casual eatery also serves a number of chicken, veal, beef and seafood pasta dishes.
Add the veal and shake the bag until the veal is coated with flour.

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The cheering sound of "Dinner is upon the table," dissolved his reverie.... Mr. Wilkes placed himself next to Dr. Johnso... more
What's in the cupboard? Says Mr. Hubbard. A knuckle of veal, Says Mr. Beal.... more
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