vaunted in a sentence

Example sentences for vaunted

His wrist refuses to instill his volleys with their vaunted sting.
Many of the vaunted new democracies are riddled with corruption, and weakly led.
Even the vaunted medical degrees are not working out via debt vs potential income.
But trading outfits can lose many times that amount in the blink of an eye, even with vaunted leadership.
As for the vaunted hub strategy, many within the company viewed it as little more than a press release.
The tension between the government's vaunted localism and the realities of planning reform is a sore point.
Each vaunted scientific breakthrough brings with it new challenges to our health system.
No, it wasn't crushed by bills for its vaunted welfare state.
If they are really not vaunted climbers, they are even less celebrated sprinters.

Famous quotes containing the word vaunted

If our vaunted "rule of the people" does not breed nobler men and women than monarchies have done—it must... more
The much vaunted male logic isn't logical, because they display prejudices—against half the human race—... more
List Lady be not coy, and be not cosen'd With that same vaunted name Virginity, Beauty is natures coyn, mus... more
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