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Informed journalism explains how academics situate today's human predicaments in the vastness of time and of space.
The vastness of the region has always given its people an independent, frontiersman spirit.
Live here, said a voice from the blue-green vastness-whatever it takes.
Let him lose himself in wonders as amazing in their littleness as the others in their vastness.
His vastness did not lie only in the fact that he was abnormally tall and quite incredibly fat.
It is to no purpose that he resists the influence which the vastness, in which he is but an atom, must exercise on him.
The material is irresistible: vastness, extremes, depths and delights.
It also brought an understanding of the vastness of the universe and humanity's insignificant place in it.
LA is inefficient and has spread into the vastness of the desert.
At their best, science fiction and theology can leave us awestruck before the unutterable strangeness and vastness of the cosmos.
Compared to the vastness of the cosmos, this would have been a small neighborhood indeed.
To go a step further, there is a vastness in the beliefs within various scientific disciplines.
They understand what it is, but maybe not its vastness.
The rest of the year the water dries up and the bright-green vastness turns into something that resembles a desert.
Owing to the vastness of space, one views celestial objects not as they are but as they were.
Add to that the sheer vastness of the human proteome, and deciphering it presents an arrestingly complex mission.
Driving off-road into its vastness is to experience that penetrating silence, whether it's for an hour or a night.
It makes good sense today to look right here in our neighborhood as well as the deep vastness of space.
Each starts out as something vast-a reflection of the society that concocts it-only to become a vastness in itself.
Theology should begin by recognizing the vastness of the ocean of truth and the pettiness of our search for smoother pebbles.
She realized the vastness and emptiness of the land.
He has long believed that extraterrestrial life exists, simply because of the sheer vastness of the universe.
Explore the two mountain ranges within its vastness that contain sights such as ancient volcanoes, waterfalls and canyons.
Truly, one does not realize the vastness of this city unless you are able to see it from the air.
Repeated horizontal lines, which diminish in size, suggest the vastness of a desert horizon.
The vastness of the high plains and the surprising height of some summer cloud formations gently cradles the city lights.
Despite the seeming vastness of the desert landscape, the park's ecosystems are fragile and marked by climatic extremes.
It reflects the spirit of the painter or viewer, as well as the vastness of the known and unknown world.

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