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But a bird wing is vastly more sophisticated than anything composed of sheet metal and rivets.
The population needs a better and safer place to live in even though the lands are vastly populated with people.
Or if it arrives at the same time but my dish is vastly the wrong temperature.
In both directions, this short, sharp clash was vastly exaggerated.
Wright was vastly prolific, and the curators wisely decided to concentrate on key projects rather than show everything.
Career colleges and community colleges have vastly different missions.
We live in an era when expectations are vastly increased for, and financial necessities demand, the high retention of students.
If you can do that, it would vastly increase your chances at getting a faculty job.
So, going away to college has vastly different meaning.
We spend vastly more than any other country on health care, and increasingly our health is our wealth.
It vastly shrinks and improves energy consumption of electronics.
Now, however, a vastly different kind of popular literature is emerging.
Together, these developments vastly increased the profit opportunities in financial services.
Vastly expanding college enrollment and completion will do nothing to address this problem.
The vastly diverse student population is an additional challenge.
It will mean the end of personal computing, which itself evolved out of the vastly different computing paradigm that preceded it.
Finally, government is generally pulling back its influence, with private growth vastly taking up the slack.
Other researchers find fear to be a vastly personal experience.
Evaporation vastly outpaces any rainfall, snowmelt or groundwater supply, reducing water volume and raising salinity.
Note vastly better superconductors helps progress to fusion energy.
If the samples are dried prior to testing, it will vastly overstate the available energy.
Actually the human brain has vastly more computational power than any server on the planet.
And our large investment in drip irrigation systems vastly improves the efficiency of water use.
If the public's health and safety was really the purpose, drug laws would be vastly different.
Decades of drainage projects has vastly decreased the recharge rate of the aquifer.
It would vastly improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of the electric system.
No one has measured it, but it's vastly larger than a newspaper.
Nuclear explosion: requires that nuclear material be gathered in a vastly supercritical configuration.
The foot lever to engage the floor-vac is vastly improved with a far more substantial feel.
But they were vastly more skilled and experienced at bomb-making.
Only when the bacterial population had vastly increased would the flask begin to glow brightly.
And it's making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process.
If it became law, such a plan would vastly reduce whom the government could target.
But, difference substances change from one phase to another at vastly different temperatures.
With different policies offering vastly different features, though, consumers must research their options with extreme care.
The cupola resembles a circular bay window and will provide a vastly improved view of the station's exterior.
Two new designs aim to make nuclear reactors safer and vastly more efficient.
Towns shrank and cities grew as gasoline-powered automobiles vastly expanded the possibilities of personal mobility.
No wonder that those needing a kidney vastly exceed the number of kidneys available from deceased donors.
It means that gravity is vastly weaker than intra-atomic attraction.
These two industries are vastly different, as are the people who work in them.
Communication among human beings will be vastly improved, and the world will be a better place.
Vaccines are not perfect, but they are vastly safer than catching the diseases they are designed to prevent.
Largely thanks to the entertainment industry's lawyers and lobbyists, copyright's scope and duration have vastly increased.
It sometimes takes only one shop to change things vastly for the better.
The change has vastly improved the chances that the bill will become law.
The real scandal, it seems, is that much of the world is vastly richer than that.
In other words, those of working age will have to support a vastly increased number of dependants.
Zero regulating is vastly suboptimal to rational regulating.
So if you're trying to get collective social action, you'll get vastly more bang for your buck through taxes.
In a decade's time, many countries thus start to face a huge problem: how to support a vastly larger population of old folk.
The researchers also found vastly divergent health results.
Globalisation has vastly increased the opportunities for such business.
And it is struggling to meet vastly increased expenses.
Vastly fewer people have signed up for the exchanges and risk pools.
The military's vastly more sophisticated system may be a decade or two away from reality, let alone implementation.
Over the past five years, the quality of trial lawyering has gotten vastly better.

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