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What a brilliant adaptation of a vast range of subjects and periods.
Local journalists and insiders claim the vast majority range from total washouts to outright frauds.
The painting contrasts the vast number of bison swimming across the river with the handful of explorers in a rowboat.
But it is more illuminating to think of them as stars in the sky, scattered more or less at random over a vast canvas.
There are pockets where that's not the case, but not in the vast majority of the country.
As it turned out, the problem wasn't over-projection of the audience but vast under-projection.
The galleries' holdings are so vast that they are best sampled over three or four days.
And the government's vast investment in innovation is more than offset by its failures.
The world now contains unimaginably vast amounts of digital information, which is growing exponentially.
Its firms are giants that until now have been inward-looking but are starting to use their vast resources abroad.
The vast majority of cases are settled, which can take years.
They provide cash machines, debit cards and credit cards, enabling the vast majority of commercial transactions to take place.
But the vast majority are skilled professionals or managers who have been careful with their money.
He controlled vast crops of coca leaf, the raw material for cocaine.
Its vast online shop, selling much more than books, may be a draw.
As vast as the oceans are, almost no waters remain untouched by human activities.
Volcanoes, with their vast outpourings of greenhouse gases and sun-screening ash clouds, can affect climate.
Answer: the vast majority, especially graduate degrees.
It is the vast volume of it, that cause us all the trouble.
The vast majority of patients are isolated cases with no known family history of the disease.
The skeleton was a thriving oasis in a vast, desertlike expanse.
Vast frontiers of land and ocean offered infinite resources.
Such arguments are quite pointless given the vast intertwining of the two in psychiatric disease.
Meat consumption is rising worldwide, but production involves vast amounts of energy, water and emissions.
Plasma forms by charge separation and thus causes electrical differences across vast distances of space.
Vast tracts of tropical rainforest have been replaced by palm oil plantations for food and biofuels, satellite imagery reveals.
There are, however, few good fossils available compared with the vast biodiversity around us.
The vast majority of them have the same identical nucleotide change.
There is a vast distance between positive thinking and fantasizing.
But a new study says that the vast majority of species on the verge of extinction is in fact humble insects.
They were the primary transportation source for the empire, which had a vast mountain road system but no wheels.
Unlike cats, bears aren't typically territorial, roaming instead over vast areas that would be impossible to patrol for intruders.
Apple's expansion into portable electronics has had vast ramifications.
To maintain a democracy of effort requires a vast amount of patience in dealing with differing methods, a vast amount of humility.
The pursuit turned out to be long and tortuous, leading at last to the vast forests of scholastic science.
Worlds of fine thinking lie buried in that vast abyss, never to be disentombed or restored to human admiration.
There are many spices and vast mines of gold and other metals in this island.
Despite those vast price increases, students continued to line up for admission to one of the nation's colleges.
It's among this vast group of aspiring colleges where the real disruption of the higher-ed market is likely to happen.
The vast majority of climatologists, who happen to disagree, this party considers to be hucksters and cheats.
But other colleges and universities, the vast majority of them, can provide other options.
But the vast new effort is indicative of a broad trend up and down the region.
The vast output of regulations and reports by public bodies remains largely inaccessible to the citizens it affects.
In addition the vast majority of new scholarly books are not available as ebooks.
The vast majority of students want that educational experience.
Behind my mountain fortress was a vast desert, with nothing but cactus and a few scraggly bushes as far as the eye could see.
These creatures are grown in vast sheds with no natural light over the course of six to seven weeks.
The intimacy of those photos stands out from the vast sea of portraiture.
To the vast majority, science is solely about answers-the material that's sandwiched between the covers of their textbooks.
Mud-brick towers tilt crazily on a vast, sunbaked mound, amid the crumbled debris of antiquity.
But there would be an open frontier and a vast wilderness beyond.
But as the graph below shows, there were vast variations between education levels.
There are plenty of places to hide in this vast briar patch of dos and don'ts.
The family room has a vast stone fireplace made by local craftsmen.
She never minded the vast hotel or dinner bills as long as everyone was happy.
The garage, with its vast and open knife-edged floor plates and soaring wedge-shaped buttresses, has become an instant icon.
They are also, to a vast extent, borrowing from foreigners.
It is at once a comprehensive military and diplomatic account, and a vast picaresque.
The vast newsroom was quiet-the place does not really come alive until about ten-thirty-but there was a hint of apprehension.
But that would have cut the company off from the vast majority of computer users.
The vast majority have only one paid employee: the owner.
On closer inspection it is a vast human skull, still bloodied.
When they do, they release vast amounts of energy as a solar flare.
Albatrosses are superb long-distance fliers that can scour vast tracts of ocean in search of food.
Nevertheless, the vast majority of antibiotics used on farms today are added to animal feed solely to stimulate growth.
We're seeing this vast smash-up caught in the act, a galactic collision already in progress.
The vast majority of physicists today believe that the subatomic realm really is, in some sense, unknowable.
Nature is clever, vast, and has had a long long time in the lab to experiment.
Vast stretches of seafloor mud are littered with these things, which bear a striking resemblance to horse droppings.
But some of it--quite a lot of it, actually--gets caught up in that vast swath of dust in between.
Even though it forms vast, sprawling networks, it still remains as a single cell.
The vast number of mutations show that much of the genome is conserved, but portions are poorly conserved.
As the wind has shifted the plume has changed direction, covering vast swaths of land with volcanic ash.
Vast amounts of the clean-burning fossil fuel have been discovered in shale deposits, setting off a gas rush.
Currently fungi do exactly this, a vast number of species break down plant material in the wild.
The vast majority of these people receive a replacement cornea from a human donor.
Because the vast majority of these organisms cannot grow outside their host environment, they have been difficult to study.
Undoubtedly, vast business market holds true for composite material technology for the future.
That, however, is expensive and would require vast investments in refineries.
For the vast majority of users, the answer is a qualified yes.
The vast influx of gold and silver was no different than the inflation of a fiat currency.
We are literally swimming in a vast ocean of energy, lots and lots of clean energy, much more than we'll ever need.
The researcher believes it could have destroyed vast areas of farmland.
Users cannot control a vast personalized data collection system designed to empower the largest global brand advertisers.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
Their hug-me arms waver in the hot, wet air, as if they are attempting to embrace something vast and invisible.
Kim himself is reputed to have a vast collection of foreign movies, some of them blue.
The government, therefore, might be missing opportunities to better leverage its vast buying power.
Traveling through this vast wilderness you will discover craggy ridges, glacier carved valleys and fragile flowers.
Still, life is long, and there remain reasons for concern about this vast social experiment.
For example, the vast majority of respondents ranked agency issues among their top three concerns.
The vast majority of juniors aren't remotely ready for college.
But in the vast majority of cases, the play is written before the director gets attached.

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