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And since the weaker varieties persist, so does vulnerability to disease.
If you have time to apply for such jobs while applying for other varieties of jobs, do it.
But if he wants to be a good teacher, the best thing he can do is to teach himself about the varieties and vagaries of humanity.
And stainless is now made in a lot of coated varieties that don't show fingerprints so much.
It's easy to hold in any position, especially the all-important standing-on-the-moving-train and lying-in-bed varieties.
Deadly bacteria are the scourge of emergency rooms, in part because there are not enough varieties of antibiotics to fight them.
But manufacturers believe that demand will pick up again if they can develop new varieties, flavors, and uses.
These varieties are lost sight of when seen at a little distance, at a little height of thought.
With respect to many of these forms, hardly two naturalists agree whether to rank them as species or as varieties.
The same varieties of the cabbage do not yield abundant and nutritious foliage and a copious supply of oil-bearing seeds.
Great varieties in style accompanied these diversities in aim.
In the popular literary expressions of the view, these varieties have alternated, or have been indiscriminately mingled.
The varieties of fruits consumed are numerous, and their uses important.
To this belong all the varieties of silent speech and of normal thinking.
Setting aside loan words, which will be considered later, three main varieties of new nouns were thus produced.
Here are hundreds of brilliantly colored beetles of several varieties.
The coffee plants, which can take up to four years to produce their first harvest, are a mix of three varieties of arabica.
In addition to dozens of varieties of fancy chocolates, its attractions include a hot-chocolate and tea room.
Not everyone can appreciate all forms of art, which is why there are so many different varieties.
He worked on breeding custom varieties of hybrid corn.
More and more wineries offer organic varieties to lower their eco-footprints.
In fact, each of the endless varieties of cheese owes its distinctive taste to the bacteria it contains.
In this case any other grouping would still result in dead citrus as there are no immune varieties.
If pesticides are necessary, there are a handful of organic varieties available.
The report also recommends better shading for cocoa plants, access to new varieties of seeds and better prevention of brush fires.
The genetic differences between both varieties are not absolute.
Better irrigation and seed varieties can conserve water and reduce other ecological pressures.
Certain varieties are fast growing yet extremely rugged.
The wild varieties of many edible fruits and vegetables aren't particularly sweet, succulent or easy to eat.
Both tests were done on rice varieties that did not have natural abilities to withstand these stresses.
By keeping the virus at undetectable levels, researchers believe they can slow the spread of drug-resistant varieties.
The usual supermarket offerings are brown lentils, but there are other varieties and they're all worth looking out for.
But many, particularly tropical varieties, explode with bright colors and intricate patterns.
The tide toward tap has boosted businesses that make reusable water bottles, especially aluminum and stainless steel varieties.
Heirloom plants are varieties cultivated by early farmers.
In some years spring rains trigger wildflower blooms amid more than a thousand varieties of plants.
Cultivars, or varieties bred from the vine, account for nearly all of the wine produced today.
Though the ancient lamprey is remarkably similar to modern varieties, there are differences.
Broadly speaking, devices for storing electricity come in two varieties: batteries and capacitors.
He aims to cure not one but five varieties of cancer.
In the air-conditioned capital, meanwhile, lobster is served in a dozen varieties.
However, the gene that encodes this receptor comes in two varieties.
Code-switching has many varieties and many motivations.
Not many appreciate that some varieties have discs and grooves, while others boast sockets with studs.
And consumers will have to accept genetically modified varieties.
Even without new seed varieties or fancy drip-feed irrigation, investment should help farmers.
Spiders make many varieties of silk, and many of these fibers are stronger than steel.
Winemakers create both dry and sweet wines and feature many fruity, full-bodied varieties.
Local farms, in contrast, may grow a large number of varieties.
Hiking shoes come in three basic varieties: lightweight, medium weight and heavy duty.
The risk areas come in four varieties and are based on the expected number of severe thunderstorm reports per geographical area.
Other varieties of cupcakes include almond, pistachio, chocolate peanut butter and carrot cake.
They had three varieties of footwear to choose from, including these zip-up boots.
Many heirloom varieties retail for as much as or more than the latest hybrids.
And since the weaker varieties persist, so does vulnerability to disease.
In the rankest varieties it rarely exceeds eight parts to the hundred.
They prefer milk from heirloom cattle varieties that contain different proteins.
It no longer made sense to raise the old varieties that took more than twice as long to fatten up and never grew as big.
Today rust-resistant varieties have been bred, and the berries are being revived.
Although public anger tends toward cyclical peaks and troughs, its varieties fall into well-established taxonomical grooves.
Turf varieties are selected for density and greener color.
Varieties that grow well in mild climatic conditions.
Varieties that grow well in hot climatic conditions.
For unusual varieties and potato tubers, try these specialists.
Most kinds of corn do best in hot-summer areas, but early-maturing hybrid varieties will grow even in regions with cool summers.
Plus, growing your own means you can choose from dozens of varieties instead of the few that are available in markets.
Tomato varieties that excel in all those categories also tend to be great varieties for container culture.
T here are hundreds of species and thousands of varieties of rhododendrons.
They spend half the year on the road, buying twenty-six varieties of mushrooms from migrant pickers.
The movie is an amused reflection on different varieties of acting and of show-business temperament.
It is a cascade of invention, brilliant in itself and poignant for its varieties of foredoomed idealism.
His job is to range around the country and the world and find exotic fruits, or uncommon varieties of common fruits.
All the same her vagaries must be endured in all their varieties of disorder.
And varieties of secular fascism can occur in all cultures.
Each of the types in turn included half pecan and half cashew snappers, so there were four varieties in all.
Do not use long-grain or parboiled varieties, which do not absorb as much liquid as short- or medium-grain rice.
Drawing on real-world data, his team developed a model showing that hot spots come in two varieties.
Because these people lived long before agriculture, they would have relied on the wild varieties of these species.
Neutrinos come in three varieties: muon, tau, and electron.
Simply by having the machine print random squiggly lines, they've created new varieties of crispy corn snacks.
Yet for all their prevalence, these cold-water varieties have barely been explored because of their inaccessibility.
If it were flowers being considered, there would be one genus, one species and then either subspecies or varieties.
We find that these enigmatic canids are highly admixed varieties derived from gray wolves and coyotes, respectively.
My hunch is there may be differences between marijuana varieties worldwide.
Among the exotic varieties are hairy paper, shiny paper, and paper so ethereal it seems to be made of fireplace ash.
It includes both the dull grey fish and the brightly colored varieties.
If you have ever watched orangutans in a zoo, you may have noted that the males seem to come in two varieties.
There are so many different varieties of danger and complications in caves.
Heirloom vegetable varieties have better flavor and texture than current varieties, but lack disease resistance.
Six different varieties are available in flaky puff pastry fillings.
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New varieties of barley could help solve two national problems: energy dependence and obesity.
Mushrooms are available all year long and although there are many different varieties, selecting any kind of mushrooms are easy.

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