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Based on the findings so far, the concentration of boron varies within the diamond, ranging from zero to eight parts per million.
As for the information contained within the field guide itself, it varies from section to section.
The artistic style varies from book to book as well.
Since there are more than six million cocoa farmers worldwide, the flavor of cocoa varies from region to country to continent.
But their fur color varies a lot, so there are whitish ones, brownish ones and even blond ones.
How much anatomical conjecture and artistic license is required to do so varies from dinosaur to dinosaur.
The height of the supports varies with the design of each feeder to allow room for birds of different sizes.
Water and fertilizer needs differ between the two groups, and susceptibility to some pests and diseases varies as well.
Its fat content varies, but it's usually similar to that of ground beef chuck.
Foliage of seedlings varies in color from dark green through all shades of blue green to steely blue.
Selection varies from market to market, but choices are usually interchangeable in recipes, so have fun exploring options.
The amount of flavor oil needed varies, depending on the type of oil used.
Bamboos usually recover well from snowfall, but it varies a lot by variety.
Their merchandise also varies from store to store--so that if one store is a flop, it won't mar the others.
My ideal meal varies, depending on the time of year.
The sun's energy output varies slightly as sunspots wax and wane on the star's surface.
The computer model showed that the skull of the giant lizard varies in density.
All known pit vipers are venomous, although their potency varies across species.
The process varies in length but often takes a number of years.
The decline in free-floating, microscopic plants called phytoplankton varies from ocean to ocean, scientists reported.
As it turns out, the seismic threat varies widely in the top ten countries generating electricity by fission.
It varies from seconds to minutes to hours to weeks.
Water depth over each shelf varies, as does the distance the shelf extends into the oceans.
Tungsten is yellow, flash is blue, and fluorescent varies.
The amount of water moved, of course, varies with an animal's size and shape.
The landscape varies from high, icy mountains to tundra.
Since these chemical clues are present in prey's blood, the signature in the bats' breath varies with their meals.
The sun varies with the sunspot cycle-more generally, the solar-activity cycle.
Quality of resorts varies greatly from low to high quality.
Even in places where the average cost of electricity is low, that cost varies with the seasons and the time of day.
But the moon wobbles as it orbits, which means its exact distance at those events varies over the year.
Bill usually gray in fall and yellow by winter, but this character varies with diet.
The amount of the sun that appears covered during a partial solar eclipse varies by location.
The sensory form that an act of mimicry takes varies according to the sensory talents of the mimic's target audience.
The meaning of religious belief varies in different places, among different people.
Her writing experience varies from technical writing to hair and beauty, alternative medicine and eco-friendly living.
The thickness of the active layer varies according to the temperature.
The terrain varies between open prairie, tight narrows, and a lush riparian zone where trout congregate in deep pools.
Body temperature also varies slightly depending on where on the human body it is measured.
It must be tough, since we're dealing with a natural product that varies in size and shape.
What is evident is that the body can moderate metabolism to conserve energy and that individual survival varies markedly.
The reported prevalence of snoring varies, and depends on the population studied and the wording of the questionnaire.
The color of this tapetal layer varies to some extent with an animal's coat color.
These findings confirm that biodiversity varies tremendously from region to region.
The length of the gene varies within the general population and becomes problematic only when it exceeds a certain extent.
The answer varies depending on whether one considers relative fuel efficiency or the total number of gallons of gasoline saved.
It s either global and therefor the same all over or it s local and it varies from one point of the globe to the next.
The price of cocaine varies greatly between rich countries.
Comparing regions in different countries is tricky, because their size varies hugely.
Most countries tax petrol, but the extent to which they do so varies enormously.
Educational performance varies widely even among countries that spend similar amounts per pupil.
The impact varies, with smaller rate changes producing fewer distortions.
But which firms they will insure, and on what terms, varies.
But depending on the migrant workers' country of residence, the cost of sending money home varies significantly.
The answer varies according to time and place of origin.
The degree of corporate saving varies from country to country.
The extent to which governments can or should pursue fiscal easing varies.
Yet where the money is going varies across the region.
But even for those lucky enough to be in work, the pattern of employment varies widely across the continent.
He varies colour schemes, spatial configurations and materials.
The income needed to have a third of it left over after meeting basic needs also varies from place to place.
Although the recipes in one book are often similar to those in another, their presentation varies wildly.
The quality of the guides varies, but not widely-they'll all give you a pretty good sense of some of your best eating options.
As this risk premium varies, it might overwhelm the effects of interest-rate changes.
The revenue model varies according to the nature of the campaign.
The consensus about what is tolerated and what deemed offensive or dangerous varies.
The pace of recovery varies, but every big economy has stopped shrinking.
The protection money is collected every few months, and varies according to the ranchers' ability to pay.
The strength of the recovery varies from one part of the world to the next.
So although the ratio of ingredients varies, the objective mostly seems to be a mix with a strong state presence.
Sound quality varies wildly, as you'd expect, but many stations come in plenty crisp and clear.
Network coverage varies from city to city, and your mileage may vary.
The choreographer's job varies depending on what stage the game is in.
Unless you seek out specialty mail-order suppliers, the actual coffee for these machines varies from weak to weaker.
Cars maintained by private owners, so cleanliness varies.
Saturation vapor pressure varies with atmospheric pressure.
The best destination in the state varies depending on what you're looking for.
Additionally, the temperature varies from side to side.
Airfare varies from airline to airline, destination to destination, and seemingly minute to minute.
The data include players who were on the team at the time salaries were collected, which varies from season to season.
Since variation varies from location to location, you'll need to get maps for any area you are interested in.
There are several ways to accomplish this, but it varies from state to state.
Because of the variety of elevations within the park, the temperature varies greatly from one point to another.
The shares are bought and sold on a stock exchange, and the price varies depending on demand.
The rental price varies depending on the time of the year.
The new wave of absinthes varies greatly in flavor and color.
Their shape varies-they may be round, square, or flat.
The amount of quality time that students spend with their professors varies significantly, depending on a student's major.
The economic value of a bachelor's degree varies by college major.
As a result, the number of responses received for different survey questions varies.
The overlap between earnings at different educational levels varies quite a bit.
Students write a report about what they learned while on co-op, but the amount of responsibility varies widely.
Enrollment in two-year colleges varies widely from state to state, according to a report being released today.
Demand for new graduates also predictably varies by academic field.
The situation varies substantially depending on where one looks.
The process varies a little from one university to another.
The atomic structure, which varies with each tube, determines the way it conducts electricity.
It also varies in use and meaning in different parts of the world.
The shape, as well as the breadth and length of the ramus of the lower jaw, varies in a highly remarkable manner.
The size of the sinus varies in different skulls, and even on the two sides of the same skull.
The external jugular vein varies in size, bearing an inverse proportion to the other veins of the neck, it is occasionally double.
It varies in thickness in different parts of the body.
Its present value varies according to the market value of silver.
The smaller occipital varies in size, and is sometimes duplicated.
The amount of his writing varies greatly from month to month.
The third property in such objects is, that though the surface continually varies its direction, it never varies it suddenly.
The position of the liver varies according to the posture of the body.
The direction of the pull is different for each joint and varies for each joint according to the position of the bones.
It varies with the length of the coccyx, and is capable of increase or diminution, on account of the mobility of that bone.
The left common carotid varies in its origin more than the right.
The mode in which the plexus is arranged varies in different subjects.
It varies greatly in size, and appears to compensate for deficiency or absence of one of the other thyroid vessels.
Even among people with one type of cancer, the outcome varies depending on the stage of the tumor when they are diagnosed.
Judging from the bootleg videos that sometimes turn up, her basic speech varies little from venue to venue.
The evidence he marshals for this theory varies in quality.
But because the climate varies greatly from north to south, its residential architecture varies as well.
How pedestrians operate on city sidewalks varies by culture.
But its flavor varies greatly according to the seasons.
Friends here tell me they are mostly new, and quality varies considerably.
But the share of bike commuters varies quite a bit across metros.
The level at which each occurs varies by bean origin and blend composition.
The certainty of inferiority is never questioned, but the lacking quality varies as the reliability of the proof is discredited.
As for the earlier reasons, their reasonableness varies.
The date of his birth is veiled in obscurity, and varies much in different countries.
As we've discussed, coffee strength varies considerably, and caffeine content varies enormously among coffees.
The use of milk, cream, or condensed milk also varies from recipe to recipe.
Most of the tenements have not been maintained properly, though their internal condition varies considerably.
The price for a bull varies according to how large the antlers are.
Even though it all looks the same, it of course varies in quality.
Likewise, the net benefit varies with how well the yearly vaccine matches the actual infecting strains.
Yet here again the amount of dental care purchased varies directly with the salaries.
What varies widely is how far people go to achieve it.
So the likelihood of change varies from state to state, as does the specific mechanism.
Behavior actually varies considerably from site to site.
The prevalence also varies quite a bit by population.
The supply of these sources vary with time and space, and the demand for energy varies with time and space.
Not only does height vary within the population, but it varies across populations, and it varies within families.
He has also fine-tuned the microprocessor so that the speed of the car varies.
The shape of the shadow varies according to the position of the light source.
As its concentration varies, so the amount of greenhouse warming varies.
But the timeline for such escalation varies from hours to months.
It varies, but there are some pretty big specific vulnerabilities.
What varies between the three types of cones is the peak response, that is the frequency to which they respond more heavily.
He also wants to learn how motivation varies across cultures.
It also varies with different power demands on the battery.
What's more, the combination of microbes varies from location to location.
Flow varies with edge roughness versus particle dimension.
The amount varies depending on the color of the light.
Tidal power is a challenge because the difference in water height between low and high tides varies widely around the world.
They're based on materials whose electrical resistance varies with temperature.
In particular, the quality of the layered thin films used to make organic transistors often varies at the molecular level.
Peculiarities in coding mean that the processing time--and power--required to decode a block of information varies.
As the article mentions, the fee varies from card to card some charging more, some less.
What's important to realize is what the other guy said, that thermo-electrics efficiency varies over the temperature difference.
The strength of the link between a genetic variation and a disease varies widely.
It varies widely depending on how ideal the growing conditions are.
What it costs to operate your vehicle varies greatly on your choice of energy.
If her shaking varies with ball-in-mouth vs sans-ball, this may be a factor.
Landfill space is a commodity whose price varies from time to time and from place to place.
What is clear is that progress varies enormously from case to case, as does the therapy itself.
Hospitals' experience with this therapy varies widely.
Length of stays in emergency departments varies considerably.
Laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications varies greatly.
On this pristine east coast, topography varies from rugged cliffs to serene beaches, and the views seem to extend to infinity.
Of course, the way people react to cigarette smoke varies enormously.
But what they hadn't yet explained is why its incidence varies so from country to country--and what that difference means.
Within that group of sufferers, however, the condition varies widely.
For the fitness-minded faithful, the terrain varies dramatically from one country and region to another.

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