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In addition, constantly changing loads and highly variable operating conditions create high mechanical stress on wind turbines.
The curtain adds softness and variable degrees of privacy and connection.
And organize your search based on more than one variable, such as harvest time and lighting conditions.
They may be beginning to bolt with the variable weather we've been having.
Autism is probably many different, highly variable disorders caused by multiple genes interacting in complicated ways.
My guess is that free will is variable depending upon age and experience and the types of decisions that are being made.
No case is on record of a variable organism ceasing to vary under cultivation.
He is a commodity singularly fickle and variable, and not to be grown to order.
The lateral branches of a variable number of the upper thoracic nerves also give filaments to the skin.
To do this, they are buying variable life insurance.
Variable sense of civic duty affects voter turnout.
Nor is it a burden on the utility by being variable as they are already set up for that as loads are even more variable.
At home, seeing the effect that modulating one variable has on the outcome is about the best that can be done.
These cylindrical clouds have variable lifetimes and water concentrations depending on environmental conditions.
At present, no standard method or variable exists to quantify a human or animal's top acceleration.
Intelligence not only exists in various places in the brain, it's variable as well.
The rice was given a stable amount of water and other nutrients, and the only variable factor was the sun.
Since wheel motors make each wheel independently variable, vehicle stability also could be improved beyond what is possible today.
Without locking down and isolating a single variable, there is no true way of knowing whether or not these claims hold true.
The manifestation is quite variable and can involve almost any organ in the body.
The data was enhanced by calculating percentages and adding indexes to summarize complicated data in a single variable.
Many readers have written recently to ask whether they should buy variable annuities.
Due to the terrain and variable conditions, skiing and snowboarding is recommended for intermediate to advanced riders only.
Note that in-season injuries are the biggest variable when ranking offensive lines.
Spending that encourages high-quality student service programs is an important variable related to better student achievement.
Learning becomes the constant and time becomes the variable, rather than holding time constant and letting the learning vary.
It is the single variable that you control completely.
The size of the preference provided is a key variable, the research finds.
Again, this would add another variable to control for.
Animal-breeding experiments have established that physical aggression is in part a variable, heritable trait.
Maternal employment status would seem to be an independent variable rather than a dependent variable.
Her insight is that gender is multiple and variable.
In the world of tenure and promotion, you are the crucial independent variable.
Be wary of research that hinges its major conclusions about an outcome variable on a single self-report item.
Im thinking that this is a variable life policy and yes, the value can increase.
In the case of only one independent variable with two levels, these are equivalent.
Let's say you know that a particular course is going to be scheduled for next semester: that's not a variable.
Only no one value can reach all of these except infinity or a variable variant.
Rather, it's about providing a host of variable opportunities to students who need to improve or gain a skill set.
They should not list a salary range because of it is so variable.
If you choose to conduct your own research, you will need to control for age, which is an active intermediate variable.
It's best to practice with a qualified teacher who attends to the variable needs in the room.
It is a pity, because forecasting exchange rates is probably more difficult than forecasting any other macroeconomic variable.
We embed this strategy in an instrumental variable framework to examine the effect of insurance coverage on outcomes.
The aim, in that case, is to foster a stable rate of long-run growth in whatever variable you're targeting.
Rather it reflects lower rates for borrowers whose fixed-rate deals had expired and lapsed into cheaper variable-rate mortgages.
Suppose, for example, you are worried that interest rates on your variable-rate mortgage are about to climb sharply.
Dogged by dullness and variable quality, they have been losing money for years.
As far as skulls are concerned, there is one confounding variable: climate.
Indeed, the single biggest variable in determining a country's ranking is income per head.
IQ doesn't have to be a completely accurate variable.
The language then would be a dependent, not an independent, variable.
In practice, that speed turned out to be highly variable.
Of course, that's a variable over which governments do have some influence.
First, manufacturing problems are increasingly common, as firms trim costs and import cheap ingredients of variable quality.
One is that blood-sugar level is the crucial variable.
These vary a lot from quake to quake, and that means the damage done by a quake of any given strength is also variable.
Artefacts, though, are so variable that mental shortcuts are likely to be involved.
Traditionally reprogrammed cells are highly variable, making them difficult to work with.
Amateurs have invented new telescopes, kept tabs on variable stars and discovered comets.
For the average sniper, the breeze might be a variable that matters.
No one had ever tried to do ecology in what's essentially a giant test tube, with full control of every variable.
The responsive antilock brakes lack the mushiness found in other hybrids, and the continuously variable transmission is smooth.
Plus, in a business with high fixed costs and low variable costs, what matters is that enough people pay.
These suggest cooler, drier, and more variable conditions kicked in some three million years ago.
Or perhaps our ancestors were as variable in size as humans are today.
However, the time between reversals is highly variable.
Variable clouds, light chop, turning heavier with afternoon winds.
With regards to plumage gloss, but this is variable.
Flight whistle highly geographically variable, given in flight and while perched.
Song: usually begins with several clear notes followed by a variable, rapid warble.
Scorpions typically eat insects, but their diet can be extremely variable-another key to their survival in so many harsh locales.
The team then developed a statistical model based on their data and tested the effects of each variable on contagious yawning.
Undersides are buffy with variable dark streaks, the brown tail has multiple narrow bands.
Song: one or more thin, whistled notes followed by a variable series of notes.
The other variable is that crossing spots are totally random.
Many of today's strobes have variable power so they can be dialed down.
And that's difficult to achieve when the electricity source is variable.
But the scarcity and variable quality of this tissue makes it an impractical therapy.
Smart phones are also becoming devices for watching video, thanks to technologies such as variable-bit-rate compression.
Although every variable is considered beforehand, adjustments have to be made as the game progresses.
Unfortunately, lots of those accessory costs are highly variable by location, so not as useful for nationwide comparisons.
All that would be required would be a program with a variable change compensation chart.
Usually finches that age sing capriciously, but after the injection, their songs became significantly less variable.
For every variable, there is a near exponential, perhaps logarithmic increase in causative factors.
The variable light speed model has its connection to the intelligent design theory.
The other non-linear factor you need to consider is fixed vs variable.
So it's completely not open to authoritarian override, in a sense, and it's not culturally variable.
Worse, those winds constantly ebb and flow, creating a variable supply.
The human coccyx is highly variable but is generally composed of three to five vertebrae.
But in that brief initial moment, a variable speed of light would solve two fundamental puzzles of cosmology.
Some people fixate more on the proxy measures than the underlying variable which it is intended to measure.
The numerical values are betas, which show the relationship between the independent variable and the predictor.
Another factor may be a third variable that underlies both late maturation and low social dominance.
The first is the notion that space-time geometry is a fluctuating quantum variable.
Eliminate the variable of time and it either works, or not.
During this period, the fetal environment is a critical variable.
The other important variable is the interest rate: the higher the interest rate, the heavier the debt burden.
Good teaching is too variable and complex to be reliably reducible to slogans or models.
Inserting a new variable would give both parties additional flexibility in an increasingly arthritic process.
Then there's another variable, the fee structure, which will also influence the physician's decision.
One variable that influenced test scores even more than homeownership: whether a family owned a car.
The variable comes from the butcher, who will ask how fatty you want the pork.

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