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The warm sea water is pressurised to transform it into vapour which drives a turbine.
All water vapour clouds retain heat at night and reduce heat from the sun during the day.
Similarly, methane has no effect on climate because photons that methane blocks are already totally blocked by water vapour.
These are boxes containing air that is super-saturated with water vapour.
They then condense the vapour-a process that requires electricity.
The energy is used to heat the brine, partially evaporating it, and to condense the resulting water vapour.
Use it to power a car, for example, and water vapour is all that spills from the exhaust pipe.
Hotter air holds more water vapour, and so can produce more rain.
Concentrated seawater is left at the bottom of the chambers, and freshwater vapour condenses above.
Conversely, condensation from vapour to liquid liberates heat.
The fuel cell takes hydrogen and oxygen and combines them into water vapour, producing electricity in the process.
Fuel cells combine stored hydrogen with oxygen from the air to generate electricity, water vapour and no harmful emissions.
It warms the surface and increases the amount of water vapour that the atmosphere can hold, which in turn warms things further.
Woodlands are usually better than other ecosystems at getting water vapour into the air.
The vapour from that fluid then spins a turbine to generate electricity, while the water is reinjected into the well.
In a sense, it has seeded the cloud, allowing the droplets-the services that make up the electronic vapour-to form.
Being hydrophilic, ethanol absorbs far more rust-causing water vapour from the atmosphere than petrol.
As air climbs the mountain it cools, encouraging water vapour picked up from the warm ocean to condense.
Sodium vapour street lamps illustrate this point fairly well.
The water sourced air conditioner backpacks should have produced frequent explosive vapour discharges.
Obviously not, but water vapour is a greenhouse gas.
The substance can be absorbed into the body by inhalation of its vapour, through the skin and by ingestion.

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