vaporizer in a sentence

Example sentences for vaporizer

Natural marijuana, especially when inhaled through a vaporizer, is more effective and safer than its component chemical compounds.
We figure you're bright enough not to fire up your vaporizer at work.
The reality is that the e-cigarette was inspired by the vaporizer which was invented by and for potheads.
Humidifying the air with a vaporizer or drinking fluids can offer some relief.
Increase the humidity in the air with a vaporizer or humidifier.
Anesthetic vaporizer is a device designed to facilitate the change of an anesthetic from a liquid to a vapor.
The user's choice of liquor is poured into the vaporizer.
Here, the simplicity of a conventional vaporizer may be preferred.
Vaporizing liquid oxygen produces frost on the vaporizer fins and often creates local fog.
Use a cool mist vaporizer or saline nasal spray to relieve congestion.
The supply of propane to the engine is controlled by a regulator or vaporizer, which converts the liquid propane to a vapor.
The steam vaporizes the working fluid of a closed-cycle loop on the other side of an ammonia vaporizer.
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