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Within the bathroom, the cantilevered shelving defines the shower area without walling it off from the vanity.
Zach is tall, so he installed a kitchen-cabinet base instead of a shorter bathroom vanity.
Now two biologists suggest that these luxurious tresses have a higher purpose than vanity.
Globe shapes work well in bathrooms and above vanity mirrors where aesthetics are important.
They can be used in bathroom vanity lighting, track lighting and recessed lights, and as chandelier bulbs or outdoor lights.
And they wind up euthanized when people, out of vanity and hubris and ignorance, want a wolf.
There have always been a few people whose pride and vanity is inseparable from their public displays of pique.
The sheer arrogance in this conversation is repulsive and sickening and wreaks of vanity and fear.
They are in a position to do so much for so many and much of it is squandered in vanity construction and self-serving projects.
But my caring more about their performance in my course than they do would be a kind of vanity.
No more conspicuous consumption to buff our collective vanity.
Of course, contract riders didn't start out as exercises in vanity.
It seems to me to be a pure product of vanity from the authors.
The level of vanity and the pompousness is stunning.
Masterpieces from forgotten civilizations are ravaged by time, elements and human vanity.
Masterpieces from forgotten civilizations are ravaged by time, elements, and human vanity.
Before them, exercise had been the habit of a few, motivated by health first with vanity a distant second.
The first of these is vanity and the second is soldier ants.
Surprisingly, the more productive of interest is vanity.
Testosterone, vanity and greed are poor ingredients for successful merging.
Little, however, beats vanity and anything that hints at anti-ageing.
His vanity in always wearing the baubles awarded by foreign powers was ridiculed by his superiors.
It is more for vanity than anything else when you are a major corporation sponsoring sport.
It is total meaningless, except satisfying with your poor vanity.
While vanity sizing may be one factor, obesity rates also play a part.
Babbling, foolish vanity, and vain curiosity have the same parentage.
It is a vanity to persuade the world one hath much learning, by getting a great library.
But the respect which he met with was to him a true affliction: he regarded it as a snare, and a temptation to vanity.
Ay, and bring back vanity and affection to last them the whole year.
Each time his physical vanity suffered a defeat, he would be forced to embark on a new existential gamble with his life.
With the excusable vanity of genius, he had high expectations for its reception.
Success is almost as isolating and nothing points out vanity as well.
It caters to those who feel guilty at spending money on vanity or who enjoy being abused.
The low are raised high in this dark work about human vanity and vice.
Vanity plates are available in either the standard wave or optional sailboat plate design.

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