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White plankton shells vanished from the seafloor mud, shifting its color from white to red.
These animals are often sick and unable to hunt normally, or live in areas where their traditional prey has vanished.
Following the riverbank underground, the team was forced to cross several times when the bank vanished.
These animals are often sick and unable to hunt normally, or live in an area where their traditional prey has vanished.
In addition, insects are small and difficult to find, making it difficult to confirm whether species have vanished for good.
Many of the bodies themselves vanished when they were reburied or left to decompose.
And mammals sat poised to fill the void that soon would be left by the vanished dinosaurs.
Though the mammoth genome might not bring the extinct animals back to life, it could help scientists learn why they vanished.
They serve as time capsules, left unintentionally, for future generations to understand a vanished people.
Resurrecting these vanished people would demand a blend of scholarship and artistic talent.
Recess has, in many districts, vanished from the schedule entirely.
Then they vanished, for reasons that archaeologists are still struggling to explain.
The warm reddish hues vanished from skirts and pants and from blouses and turtlenecks.
Dental, dietary and environmental clues help explain why the world's largest ape vanished.
Ceramic noblemen vanished, however, except as symbols of outdated exploitation.
Everything around you that was familiar has vanished or changed.
It has since vanished, and mineralogists debate whether it ever existed.
The delight has vanished, replaced by the usual dissatisfaction.
The physical past here has almost entirely vanished.
Its rock art belongs to peoples who have vanished without trace.
Over the past few weeks, however, much of that magic has vanished.
The bomb-makers had vanished from the sites several days before the army showed up.
Dodgy populists who hogged the headlines have vanished.
The convicted officer was freed on appeal and recently declared to have vanished.
But the tiny town is booming in a way that its vanished ranchers could not have imagined.
Minutes later, submarine and crew vanished under the sea.
The usually ubiquitous hawkers and traders at the roadside vanished.
Some vanished out of history, along with their languages and beliefs, before they ever came to be named.
Perhaps the climate changed, or once abundant shellfish stocks vanished.
If all the humans in the world vanished tomorrow, all the information would vanish, too.
Empathy has all but vanished in a large percentage of the world.
Sun power would be available until the solar system vanished.
One guess is that during evolution, such hind limbs vanished and reappeared.
As expected with such extensive hippocampal loss, the memories had vanished.
To be sure, manners seem to have grown lax, and many of the amenities apparently have vanished.
She it is that night and day raves and moans, calling for vanished faces.
To think of all the vanished joys that danced around its brim.
If all nuclear weapons vanished tomorrow, the world's current military situation would not be affected one whit.
Lacking the commercial appeal of hybrids, many heirlooms have vanished or are in danger of extinction.
He hung about the farm, bandaged up from his wounds, until the last of the extremities had vanished from the shed.
The past, with its centuries of misery, seems at last to have vanished.
And the gods smiled, as they vanished, clapping their great wings.
But it's not as if these people vanished, dissolving into a population that pre-existed them.
The president's peace plan quickly vanished without a trace.
Dropouts and failures simply vanished into the large market for unskilled labor.
The club's handle and part of the shaft had vanished.
The main argument of the apologists for war has vanished as science has stepped into the picture.
He hasn't, to be sure, vanished from the cultural map.
Conventional sugar beet seed all but vanished from the market.
He was a whisper in the roar, however, as many defenders of the press vanished in the jumble of issues.
There is no way to test this idea experimentally because the plague strains that swept around the globe have vanished.
Someday vanished animals could be cloned back into existence, to rebuild wild populations or to alleviate inbreeding in captivity.
In the morning, he found the notes illegible, the insight vanished.
Within a few weeks her awful itch diminished and then vanished.
In fact, they could be detected only by the subatomic particles they'd release as they vanished.
In some of the pictures you can see little craters in the white stuff, the hemispheric outlines of vanished bubbles.
He suspects that the people may have vanished due to a long-term drought.
But these giants vanished one by one, and scientists have long wondered why.
Some of that vanished water, he says, may still be available for use.
The crystals of dimethyl sulfone turned into dimethyl sulfate as well and vanished from sight.
In fact, he suggests, the strong pressure applied by natural selection during the evolution of our species has all but vanished.
Asylums have vanished and many private health plans now refuse to pay for psychiatric treatment.
Supporting this idea, she found that mirror pain in rats vanished when glial cells were inactivated.
He was legendary as a mobster, and even more legendary as a vanished mobster.
And the dependence on the state that the patrimonial system created has not vanished.
We feel a warm nostalgia for such sure signs as these, the fixed and dependable guideposts of a vanished era.
The horse-drawn cabs had vanished replaced by ranks of limousines.
It lasted for a year and then he vanished mysteriously.
He broke it open and the smile vanished from his face.
All his memories had vanished, and his syntax seemed stuck in the present tense.
Over the years, the river has essentially vanished from the city's consciousness.
The scare words vanished from the lips of politicians.
Bao vanished into the undergrowth, reappearing halfway up a pine tree that was swathed in a large-leafed vine.
They vanished into the oubliette of a binge and woke up alone in a suddenly unfriendly community.
He towered, moved softly and suddenly, usually vanished at any risk of being introduced.
These conversations with her have continued since she vanished.
The fighters who had pursued them ahead of us had vanished, too.
But the illusion of ease has vanished, and his charm has gone with it.
In his life-time he had a few disciples, but they soon vanished, almost without trace.
These vanished marvels never existed, their expungers insist, except by accident.
When one slowed the drum again, the illusion vanished.
Four years after his book's publication, the bipolar world had vanished, as he predicted.
The wine bottles and debris had been swept away, and everyone had vanished.
Not for nothing are a striking number of his poems about nocturnal apparitions of those who have vanished into history.
Most were of the mushroom variety, and soon vanished.
Thirty years have vanished since then, but that image has not.
The recently refurbished structure stands as the best preserved example of technology that has long since vanished.
The major eruptions were believed to be caused by a secondary water source which has mysteriously vanished.
Each one tells us something about a long-vanished age.

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