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Point out that tigers have intrinsic value as well as financial value as a draw for tourists.
The combined street value of the bottles currently in this room runs into the tens of thousands.
Don't rule out the bottom shelf, you can find good-value bulk wines there.
Pretty as they are, the skirts' real value is as shelter for wildlife.
We wanted to see how easy they were to put together, how they held up, and if they came at a good price for their value.
The inherent properties of pavers make them a great value for your money.
As risks go, this one might not be as risky as it seems at face value.
Bet this really increased the value of the house, too, especially now that you can see it from the street.
The budget carriers are hoping to ride the economic downturn by offering better value to corporate travellers.
Today the painting's value is measured in the millions.
Before the bombs came, everything of value was moved to safety.
In hyperspace co-dimensions the speed of light has a different value depending on the physics constants of the dimension.
We're using solar-powered drip irrigation to irrigate small plots of high-value crops for poor farmers.
However, the cost of shipping and the estimated value of the donations are usually tax-deductible.
Governments all over the world have protected natural areas of particular value or beauty.
With so many pressing urban challenges, they see wastewater reuse as an added burden with no direct or immediate value.
Students should understand how the culture of each group influenced its perception of the archipelago's value.
All told, he added, the monetary damage done by the earthquake exceeded the total value of the coal extracted in the area.
With the current economic climate, however, discounts and value-added features are rampant.
Purebred pets often come with a hefty price tag, but the value skyrockets when the animal for sale is an endangered species.
If they can learn, teach them to be good and value life.
That's a pretty high probability, but the intensity is well below the reactors' design value.
The trick is to hand off your own gear immediately, while it still has some value.
And increased creditworthiness permits them to invest in higher-yield activities, including higher value-added farming.
They preserve what has a value for them and will destroy everything that has in their eyes no value.
The test measures the expectation that others will value the group over themselves.
The value of collected data about individuals is rarely in the average of any metric.
Tuition is rising, the job market is weak, and everyone seems to be debating the value of a college degree.
Pundits and parents alike continue to second-guess the value of a college degree.
With the t-test, you can write a simple command to get the p-value.
On the original topic, maximizing shareholder value does not exclude ethical behavior.
College career-office staff members often know little about overseas study or its employment value.
Let ignorance talk as it will, learning has its value.
The value of the later folios is comparatively small.
It follows that a value of u and a value of v belong to every point on the surface of the table.
The literature that is of lasting value is an accident.
Whether it be anything of great or small value, with any trifle of whatever kind, they are satisfied.
The sentiment they instill is of more value than any thought they may contain.
Newspapers were not carried in the mails but by favour of the postmen, and the money of one state was of dubious value in another.
It is not until the cow has lost her tail that she discovers its value.
They have a value which is independent of any temporal processes-which is eternal, and must be felt for its own sake.
He knows the value of artistic selection and arrangement, and is something of a virtuoso of the short story.
Yet his work is historically of great value as marking the progress and scope of foreign influences.
Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.
None of them is specially characteristic or adds anything of great intrinsic value.
Taking them digital will unlock their real hidden value: the readers.
The companies thus built their empire in part upon a piracy of the value created by broadcasters' content.
Actual value may vary based on airfare fluctuations and distance between departure and destination.
But the pamphlet is also for the general public, to tell them more about street food and encourage them to value it more highly.
But price controls don't apply to organic and other value-added products.
Certainly, there are private equity deals--and maybe firms--that don't add social value.
Unlike a bond, this security has no redemption value.
In other words, readers continue to believe its stories have some value.
Live through enough bubbles, though, and you do eventually learn something of value.
At execution, the market value of the swap to each side of the swap is zero.
Mentions one case in which a house appreciated in value by almost fifty per cent overnight.
If the value of silver rose beyond the face value of coins, hoarding silver was a natural response.
The nineteenth-century version stressed the value of compensating for disadvantage.
But that doesn't mean that nothing of value has ever appeared there.
However, you should keep in mind that money has value only in a functioning economic system.
But the redundancies it created also had tremendous value when things went wrong.
But without an accurate detector, astronomers could only approximate its value.
Some site picked up the story and ran it at face value: new species are a catchy idea, and cancer is always an interesting topic.
Researchers first recognized the value of turbinals three decades ago in kangaroo rats.
But such scrutiny was not only of limited scientific value, it destroyed the specimens.
Most place little value on the study of vanishing languages.
R-Value is a measure of insulation's ability to resist heat traveling through it.
The correct fare will be automatically deducted and tickets with remaining value will be returned.
Unlike sales tax, use tax is based on the average fair market value of the vehicle or vessel rather than the purchase price.
The recovered lithium salts apparently have little value compared to other types of metals used in batteries.
Placing a value on a company is always a tricky business.
But, the true value of increased energy efficiency is determined by the cost of the available input energy.
The center line represents the targeted value for the critical performance parameter of a product being manufactured.
Others are giving up on making biofuels too, also hoping to break into markets for higher value chemicals.
They ignore the danger from climate change and they ignore the higher value of hydrocarbon as chemical feed stocks.
As the dollar falls in value, the value of the commodity enumerated in dollars rises.
We have many tens of millions of existing vehicles whose value would be lost if fuel were not available to them.
Ethanol is a corrosive solvent with low energy value.
The biggest increases in value are the same sectors that had the biggest decreases in value.
Employers stress that a basic degree remains essential, carefully tiptoeing around the idea that its value has plummeted.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
Science is an autonomous value of adventurous humanity.
Such activity ascribes to art a lesser value than the propositions used to judge it.
Still the value of safer neighborhoods is immediate, while the costs of excessive imprisonment are theoretical and vague.
What's more, they believe they can increase the value of these teams-and they often do-by their own energy and public face.
Because such a country is certain to value machismo over the nerdy qualities that actually win wars.

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