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Example sentences for validation

Politicians chase the media for validation of their power.
Thank you for the kind words and for the validation.
Keep in mind that estimation and validation of these models is one and the same thing.
The teams train for a total of four weeks in the airport before they are given their validation test and, hopefully, graduate.
Let's await validation of the results first and then we'll see.
Dogs can be work- with their need for attention and validation.
They talk about their troubles, and call up their friends for validation.
Some senior professors say the process has brought them validation and appreciation.
Arrangements for delivery of prizes will be performed after winner validation.
No independent validation of participants' dyslexia diagnosis.
The link you posted shows no examples of validation on temperature data.
At the broader level, it's a validation of the broadband video market as a whole.
But it is no longer in the control of centralised systems of validation and approval.
It allows professional communicators to get feedback and validation on what works and what doesn't.
Actual validation of climate model results would take decades, if any validation were seriously attempted.
OP asks for opinions but is really seeking validation for a decision already made.
Computational processes must be validated and the validated process must be held fixed until a next validation occurs.
Validation here has nothing to do with judgment and everything to do with empathy.
For religion, there is no corresponding means of validation.
Straight couples get this validation every single day from the state and government.
Her studies and information she provides about the brain gives validation to vision therapy.
Let me be clear: my criticism was never of you or the validation of your position.
Having connections with people at more functional places can be crucial for reality checking and positive validation.
There are also some handy validation tools to make sure your spiffs are well-formed.
At the same time, such a comment is a validation of the fact that others are aware of the problem.
It charges the present with a vivid validation of our own aliveness.
Then there are comments, another form of validation.
We built a rigorous drug validation program and brought new standards of quality to our field.
Economics is fabulous and fantastical for postulating its conclusion then fabricating statistical validation.
While some people may view this as a weakness or some sort of failing, it is a validation and testament to the process.
Emotion doesn't play as big of a role in validation.
Common descent is not a validation of natural selection.
The researchers did not have sufficient funding to repeat the validation test at six months.
It's validation that we've successfully reinvented the select-service category.
Now more than ever, the world needs validation that good wins over evil.
First comes the validation process, which could take months.
Without rigorous validation, models can mislead, as small errors expand into large ones.
When a generalization theory, or principle are recognized they become clearly defined so that they can be tested for validation.
First, that lack of proof of existence does not prove nonexistence, it proves the impossibility of scientific validation.
It takes years of intense, dedicated and painstaking research, and constant verification and validation by other researchers.
It is worth noting that the desire for validation may have had a different quality than the desire for a drink.
Consumers may see it as a validation of the claims, or even bullying.

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