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There are valid legal and moral issues here, but there were also real-world questions without good answers.
Military discounts are not valid on all sailings and may be limited to a certain number of cabins.
The license must be valid and remain valid for the entire time they wish to rent the vehicle.
Most hotels require a valid credit card number to hold a reservation.
When so taken up, it is not to be abandoned without reason as valid, as fully and as extensively considered.
It is no valid objection that science as yet throws no light on the far higher problem of the essence or origin of life.
However, the reference is valid and useful in the context of the article.
The findings, they say, raise serious questions about the use of student evaluations as a valid measure of teaching quality.
If you're still in contract negotiations, you still need one of those valid excuses.
If you felt they were rude on the phone, that's certainly a valid reason for not wanting to work for them.
Many concerns about the intellectual quality of digital publications are valid, and digital content can be easier to plagiarize.
The fact is that a lot of college students don't have a valid, logical reason for enrolling in college.
While safety is a valid concern, it is one that might be overcome by better drug design.
If the dean decided that the reasons half his department voted no were valid, then it's his prerogative to vote no as well.
Cannot be combined with other offers and not valid on previous orders.
Or she may have poisoned a valid claim by embellishing it.
And each scare, whether valid or dead wrong, has the potential to jolt the nation's diet.
Even filtering out contaminated sequences would likely eliminate valid sequences and would not likely reinsert omitted sequences.
Tolerance arises from a suppose possession of knowledge which may valid or not.
The lower contrast is not a valid conclusion with so many other relevant variables not held constant.
There wouldn't be valid destination prior to that moment.
It seems that our perspective is as valid as not having one at all.
Initially it would seem to be a good idea but there is also a valid argument against the practice.
It's perfectly valid for us to pay the cost of those emissions.
The only truly valid objective is to minimize all human suffering.
Those text are no longer valid as more and more sites are discovered and more pieces of the puzzle are uncovered.
In any case in order for the theory to be valid the results must be reproducible.
The idea of optimization through interaction may be valid here but this is not quantum mechanics.
Their work was regarded as one of the first scientifically valid research projects that clearly showed such an advantage.
Romantic comedies about the holiday season embrace this totally valid message, but take it farther.
Today, the question remains as valid as it was last winter.
The public accepted photography as a valid medium for artistic expression.
Whilst your article makes some valid comments, it misses two key points.
Political expedience is not, however, a valid argument in court.
Frankly, as far as the airline cares, it isn't enormously important who is travelling with the valid ticket.
Its economic model is valid, even if it needs reform.
The problem is that the valid criticisms are buried under a heap of error, muddle and deliberate distortion.
The big problem is that it's used to disparage a candidate rather than be a valid discussion point.
Linearity, even when plotted on log paper, is an approximation that is only valid over a limited dynamic range.
One registration will be valid for two years, so regular visitors will not need to register every time they plan to fly.
Laws were compiled into official tomes, contracts were written down and nothing was valid unless put into words.
Of course, these are both equally valid and beautiful ways of playing music.
They write well enough, but they lack the talent and the experience to make valid judgements regarding art.
We're reminded that many people still regard the bicycle as a toy and by no means a valid form of transportation.
Being closed mouthed is apart of our culture for many valid reasons.
It's a more valid barometer of how they would behave than looking at the last seven years.
It didn't matter whether the criticisms were valid or not.
If he can make them believe that they are not possessed, then he's still providing a valid service.
He actually does have a valid point of view-the reality of it is that his brother was a much worse king.
As valid as many of their arguments are, it's difficult to take them seriously.
To play in the beta, gamers will need a valid beta key.
Five winners will be chosen from all valid entries and contacted via email.
He makes a point which, although valid in itself, does not undermine the logic of my arguments.
There are also the valid concerns of politicians who have to make decisions in a timely way.
It is quite valid, interesting and shows realistic chances of getting certain disease for my genotype.
If the work is valid, however, it could have a major impact in other areas of science.
The argument may be valid but that does not make it sound.
The only somewhat valid point you make is that the longevity of lithium ion batteries has not been proven.
For this to be valid, one's information must contain a true cross section of society for its opinions.
Apple banned flash for performance reasons, which is a valid criticism of flash.
There are a number of valid responses to these arguments.
And, of course, it's a criminal offense to possess anabolic steroids without a valid prescription.
Ideological conviction is not a valid defense for perjury.
For all of the talk about negotiating tactics, all sides have valid and strongly held views on the issues.
Such claims add up to a quite valid defense of a certain literary genre, but the genre in question isn't memoir-it's the novel.
The exact lyrics are a bit off-color for this blog, but the two singing clowns certainly ask some valid questions.
Where valid claims overlap, the countries themselves are to settle the boundary dispute.
If the fossil evidence can be trusted for ancient crocs, it should be valid for extinct dinosaurs as well.
Both choices might irk some readers, but only one has valid reasons behind it.
But while magic is still not scientifically valid, you can apparently get something from such relics-if you believe.
Yet behind the neurophysiologist's exaggerations are valid, urgent concerns.
All the science was valid, however way he proposed it or was misunderstood.
Human growth hormone might be a valid option instead of steroids to make stronger astronauts.
Your reasons are all valid but secondary in my opinion.
One cannot still cite the conclusions of that trial as valid, when those conclusions have now been decisively overturned.
But that approximate description seems extremely valid and useful, including all of the phenomena in the observable universe.
But they often fail to even consider valid hoax arguments.
These were pointed out to me by a reader who makes several valid points, but then falls into errors of his own.
Your reviewer, whoever he is, is apparently clinging to a theory which is no longer valid for our country.

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