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Example sentences for vain

Pray for unity and world peace, so that these precious losses will not have been in vain.
When vain folks sign up for a service so they can be rated by a group of narcissistic pretty people this is bound to happen.
The robot nosed around the seafloor in vain looking for the elevator.
The dead's survivors insisted that their soldiers had not died in vain.
If this was the outcome, all the sacrifices had been in vain.
Show giraffe trying in vain to reach a piece of fruit high on a tree branch.
Of course, he is a hint too vain for the prescription.
One searches the letters in vain for thoughts on the place of the writer in society.
He himself notices how he gets off the track, and he tries in vain to bring himself back.
Eve, come away, and let us not believe these vain delusions.
Piers called on the knight for protection, but the knight's efforts were vain.
Sales have fallen sharply, as developers wait in vain for demand to pick up rather than flogging their properties at a discount.
If the poor countries do nothing, the rich countries argue, their own expensive efforts will be in vain.
Yet all the attention would seem to have been in vain.
Stores hoping to increase loyalty are starting to promote giveaways and improve service, but often in vain.
Many of my efforts often on behalf of large commercial interests, regardless of skill or enthusiasm, were in vain.
Academia and industry hunt in vain for few genius scientists and breakthrough inventions.

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