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With all the science available, and all the real time technology, the vagueness of language still dominates the social studies.
Not in the writing, which is on a decent level, but in a certain vagueness.
The plan's vagueness reflects how hastily it was put together.
The vagueness of the bail-out promise was no mystery.
Along with the vagueness of the plan, this is why financial markets did not react to it with much glee.
The vagueness of the legislation means that the authorities may prosecute for lavish entertainment as well as more blatant bribes.
Amazon irritated its corporate customers with the vagueness of its early updates.
It concludes that the vagueness of this statement leaves it open to capricious enforcement.
All the fidgeting, the tomfoolery, the vagueness and lack of concentration vanished the moment that he stood or sat at an easel.
Its vagueness allows us to imagine all kinds of diverse scenarios, depending on our political sensibilities.
We express no opinion on vagueness or any other question not mentioned in this opinion.
The statute has been upheld against vagueness attacks.
The test for vagueness of a criminal statute is whether it gives reasonable notice of the prohibited conduct and its penalties.
The ordinance's vagueness makes a facial challenge appropriate.

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