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But the agreements were vague, relying more on good will than on concrete obligations.
Nor does the emotion thus evoked end in vague mystical exaltation.
They elude the ordinary reader by their abstraction and delicacy of distinction, but they are far from vague.
She was always full with mystery and subtle movements and denials and vague distrusts and complicated disillusions.
It would be easy to say that she was a conventional beauty, but that would be a poor description-too broad and too vague.
Lately, though, his supporters have been experiencing a vague sense of disappointment.
The early poems are frustratingly obscure, addressed to vague nymphs by a speaker entranced by his own coldness.
Critics say it should be put somewhere else, though they tend to be vague about where.
There is a new posting in my field that is really vague.
Avoid vague sentences that seem as if they could describe anyone in your field.
He then pulled out some vague excuse about thinking he'd taken this course before, but not being able to prove it.
The map should be more accessible to those who have only a vague idea of what they are looking for, he says.
Many would argue, however, that our knowledge of how the brain works is still pretty vague.
Casting vague opinion, often antiscientific in intent, is inappropriate comment.
The explanation is pretty vague for me when it comes to build a connection between the silence thing and the autism.
They were basically so diverse and so vague that it was impossible to measure anything.
Instead you write vague allegations and then conclude, they're wrong until they prove you are.
Some of their tenets are a bit vague surrounding what they consider acceptable fruits and vegetables.
Sorry to answer a question with a question but you seem pretty vague.
The whole mind and its relation to consciousness are too vague philosophical concepts.
For the rest of us, the vague contours are provided in the morning paper.
It feels vague despite the clamorous, overblown style that gives it the illusion of stature.
And the trouble in this case is fairly routine but the motivations for all the fireworks are vague and confusing.
In any country, such vague terms would be a frightening license for government intrusion.
To describe a composer as a twelve-toner these days is much too vague.
But as environmentally friendly labels have proliferated, the meaning of those claims has become increasingly vague.
It may help to consider the current definitions of a galaxy, which are surprisingly vague.
The vague announcement may include large sums already earmarked in the budget.
The new law is troubling in two respects: some parts of it because they are so specific, and others because they are so vague.
First, federal statutes are often so poorly written and so vague that they are in effect incomprehensible.
What caused the controversy was not so much the content, which is vague enough for almost everyone to agree with it.
The opposition is inchoate, its leadership unknown, its aims so far vague and various.
Vague talk is going round of a resignation threat but this may be a negotiating tactic.
Amazon has also been criticised for providing only a small amount of rather vague information about the outage.
Critics say this is impractical, vague, and over-ambitious.
The boundaries between markets are vague and transitory.
The new ban, with only vague provisions on penalties for smokers or public venues that tolerate them, is barely being heeded.
Two of them support action on climate change, but are vague about how.
For better or worse, though, religion is much more than a set of ethical principles or a vague sense of transcendence.
There were some bigger ideas too, but they were always left vague.
His ideological commitments were vague, and often defined for him by others.
Prioritize the tasks and find out what any vague wording really means.
Pioneer was almost equally vague when it came to release dates.
As yet scientists have only a vague notion of how the entire process works.
Details of what transpired are vague-the principals aren't talking, and no cameras were present.
Some friends of mine had a vague relationship with a small-label dude who caught my attention at a party rattling on about lo-fi.
In a vague sort of way, the player understands the task: find out what happened.
It came to be known as the jukebox only later, although the origin of the word remains a bit vague.
Not only does the headline not name the volcano, but then it is completely vague.
Gradually, however, she began to have a vague sense that the expected changes weren't happening in her.
Fuzzier shadows--cast by a hand held over a table, for instance--translated into a vague, eerie glow.
And the whole thing had a vague hint of daftness about it.
But on the question of where the first self-replicating molecule came from, origin-of-life theorists are a little vague.
The other is so vague that it could be absolutely anything.
But he's not sure what those connections are, so he apologizes for being a bit vague.
Usually only religious people or ufo believers make vague statements about such things that make them sound crazy.
The phrase itself is inherently vague and unhelpful.
Given such heterogeneities, leaders must be vague, ambiguous and inconsistent.
Bush has been vague in his support for legalization.

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