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Most nondairy milks are sold in vacuum-sealed cartons and are shelf-stable for as long as a year.
Many blowers, both gas and electric, come with attachments made to vacuum up leaves.
Also, the pavement can be vacuumed with a commercial vacuum truck if need be.
It needed to function in a vacuum, and it got the job done.
Once introduced to the vacuum cleaner, its mechanical nature may overexcite him and cause him to proceed with inappropriate haste.
Many of them could resist the suction of even our industrial-strength vacuum cleaner.
Then the same suction action which created the vacuum also serves to keep the prey trapped there.
He answers that it possibly could be done by taking advantage of gravitational vacuum fluctuations.
One was the space suits astronauts wear when working in the vacuum and extreme temperatures in outer space.
Under the right conditions, a partial vacuum, you can form diamonds.
Myths inhabit the national consciousness the way gas molecules fill a vacuum.
Today the nuts are dried and graded, and some are shelled, before being packed in vacuum-sealed bags for shipment.
Neither music nor melodies arise or exist in a vacuum.
It is the voice of a writer in a vacuum, who seems almost robotic, lifeless or empty.
Commerce abhors a vacuum, and it appears that this beguiling island cannot indefinitely resist development.
In the halls were plugs for the vacuum cleaner, and in the living-room plugs for the piano lamp, for the electric fan.
It would require a vacuum in the soul, an utter impossibility.
Students go back to their dorms to work on problem sets in a vacuum.
It thrives in a vacuum of consumer information that might give everybody an irrefutable reason to go somewhere else.
For one thing, he rarely cracks jokes in his taped lectures, because such quips seem strange in the vacuum of the studio.
But ideas don't take hold in a social and political vacuum.
However, while this solved things for me, it did nothing for the vacuum that my departure created.
While it is true that the author of a blog decides what she publishes on her blog, she does not blog in a vacuum.
The hardware and software developers, after all, are not working in a vacuum.
Of course it's not, because it takes much longer to learn how to use a computer than a vacuum cleaner or a microwave oven.
Vacuum the luggage again to suck up the dead bedbugs, then discard the vacuum bag immediately.
Vacuum the suitcase inside and out, making sure to get into all corners and the bottoms of all pockets.
The worry is that condensation from a crankcase ventilation port could seep into the brake system vacuum port and freeze.
Vacuum the floor if necessary, keeping the windows open and forced air turned off.
When it does, it produces a vacuum effect that sucks coastal water seaward and exposes harbor and sea floors.
Before the discovery scientists regarded interstellar space as a vacuum.
The cells in the bladder then begin to pump water out again, creating a new vacuum.
Most of the seafood you buy frozen comes prepackaged in a vacuum-sealed bag.
Allow it to sit until the baking soda has soaked up all of the moisture, then vacuum.
Once food is safely in the stomach, water that was sucked up in the vacuum process is expelled through the gills.
As colonial powers withdrew from the continent, they often left a power vacuum that allowed old tribal conflicts to resurface.
Within it, the buzz of activity will continue to grow and fill the vacuum.
Then head over to the appliances section: five of the same firms offer everything from vacuum cleaners to rice cookers.
Thus vacuum energy and dark energy might be the same thing.
The debilitating vacuum of the past eight months should at last be filled.
Given the local vacuum of power, this is the best idea around.
The ideal lifting medium is, in fact, not a gas but a vacuum.
The vacuum stopped the apparatus losing heat by convection.
But they had gone to prison for their beliefs and in the moral vacuum of late communism they were their nation's beacons.
In the absence of competent chaplains, extremists fill the vacuum.
The team sends a laser beam through a vacuum that sits in the centre of a powerful magnet.
They are desperate for someone to fill the vacuum at the heart of government.
But the real problem is less the quacks themselves than the health-care vacuum in which they flourish.
Pull the money out, and it creates a power vacuum for other money to move in.
If convicted, he would have stepped down, probably leaving a leadership vacuum.
Where there's a market there are profits, and others will come to fill the vacuum.
There's a new, golden vacuum tin for this cake, complete with key opener.
The main reason for this vacuum is the harshness of the terrain.
The food is increasingly pre-digested, whether it's vacuum-tumbled or injected with sugar and fat marinades.
We took a swim and then mastered the vacuum toilets and a shower that begged you to take the quickest rinse of your life.
When opened up flat, the suitcase has a vacuum bag at the bottom.
Fortunately, cellular providers are stepping up to fill the motivational vacuum.
Vacuum tubes were bulky, unreliable and consumed too much power.
It seems that there is a vacuum in the aisles of my local grocery store, and it sucks up variety.
The transistor went on to replace bulky vacuum tubes and mechanical relays.
Markets do not operate in a vacuum and do not tend toward equilibrium.
But where there's a vacuum, there's also an opportunity.
And not because she was so easily reduced to tears by an on-the-fritz vacuum cleaner.
The intellectual actions of these extreme free marketeers do not take place in a vacuum.
The beans are then rinsed with water and vacuum-dried.
Now these implants are stored in a vacuum or inert gas, which prevents the destructive oxidation.
However, education policy is not made in a vacuum, and cannot be.
But in reality, third-parties only thrive when there's a political vacuum to be filled.
They will compete to fill the vacuum created by his departure, and that will effect how well the team will work together.
Media judgments, of course, do not occur in a vacuum.
What's more, policymakers have no idea who can fill the vacuum.
They faked auto-annihilation and worked underground on weaponry based on false vacuum.
As the superheated air cools it produces a resonating tube of partial vacuum surrounding the lightning's path.
The elements are heated and deposited on a surface in a vacuum.
But don't linger in the interstellar vacuum or hold your breath.
Another method, freeze-drying, involves drying the microorganisms under a vacuum.
But nothing can emerge from a vacuum, if indeed it is a vacuum.
In a vacuum free of gravity light would travel faster.
Life goes on to fill the vacuum left by a species that disappears.
Anti-gravitating negative vacuum zero point pressure dark energy is the opposite.
Energy could appear out of the vacuum and remain permanently in the universe.
Peak and his team have also learned that powders in a vacuum trap heat.
As the universe expands and cools, tiny bubbles of this new kind of vacuum might appear and spread at nearly the speed of light.
The paper's primary aim was to explore one of the deepest mysteries of modern physics: the vacuum-energy problem.
Physicists have theorized that quarks are constantly popping up in the vacuum of empty space.
Optical tweezers won't work in the vacuum of space, for example, but could be useful on a planet with an atmosphere.
It says that you cannot cross the light-speed barrier: you can't accelerate to and past the speed of light in vacuum.
When she fights, it is in an emotional vacuum and always in self-defense.
But all of these examples are somewhat artificial, because they involve decisions that are made in a social vacuum.
Inside the mountaintop lodge they installed a small computer lab and extended tubes outside to vacuum up the air.
Technicians bolt the section into the gun's target tank, then pump out the tank's air to replicate the vacuum of space.
Smelting can be adapted to micro-gravity and vacuum.
In the clear vacuum of space, it could avoid the distorting effects of our own planet's atmosphere.
Cleaners came to vacuum the tent while the discussion was taking place, and later a goat came wandering in.
It did leave a big vacuum, because he was really heavy in those shows.
But these remarks, which appeal piously to history, are made in a historical vacuum.
He felt the tickling vacuum that always accompanied the urge to write.
One recourse to this perceived spiritual vacuum has been that people are getting more and more interested in religion.
But the object of my criticism is not the study of ideology per se, but its study in a vacuum.
Instead they sent up a sort of vacuum cleaner filled with a nutrient solution containing a radioactively labeled simple sugar.
And, of course, gene expression never occurs in an environmental vacuum.
In this case, it's a thermochemical one between water and salt that takes place in a vacuum.
They asked if they could take the hose from the station's automobile vacuum cleaner, but the attendant refused.
The national obesity epidemic did not happen in a vacuum.
But this would only possible if terrestrial bugs can survive the intense vacuum and radiation in interplanetary space.
Thirty years ago, a decision-maker might have invested heavily in the further development of vacuum-tube technology.
Technicians test the two spacecraft in a thermal vacuum chamber.
The structure will also need to be sturdy enough to maintain a vacuum inside the device.
These new computers will eventually make a stand-alone desktop system look as anachronistic as the vacuum tube.
The rapid sweep left a vacuum in its wake, and politics abhors a vacuum.
Since the fluid of the sample is inside the cantilever, it does nothing to dissipate its vibrations in a vacuum.
The engineers take dozens of blades and stand them upright in a vacuum chamber.
The irony is that this is essentially updated vacuum tube technology.
At these times, to keep the ratio of fuel to oxygen optimized, a partial vacuum is created in the chamber.
Braking of the space crafts caused by the vacuum fluctuations.
The cosmological constant is a number that determines the energy density of the vacuum.
Opposite shoes need not vacuum free fall identically.
To use the vacuum, suck on the tube that is covered with gauze.
Use the vacuum's hose attachments to get between the fins.

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