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Example sentences for uttering

Suddenly he would begin to rock slightly from side to side, uttering low hoots.
It is difficult to imagine the senders uttering the same incendiary words in a face-to-face encounter.
We are able to express almost anything on our mind by uttering a few sounds in a particular order.
People talk for hours without uttering a single topic sentence.
Depending on the moment, she is capable of uttering any of those responses.
Some individuals confined their practice to the uttering of the affirmation of faith.
She's not alone in uttering such opinions unashamedly.
From time to time, she took out his limp body and stroked his matted fur, uttering soothing thoughts to him.
We already told you about him getting caught uttering a profanity.
His aides-de-camp surround him, zealous and respectful uttering admiring exclamations at each of his strokes.
Uttering a loud cry, she rushed to the door of the apartment the beggar had entered, and locked it.
While uttering the last sentence he was lifting a piece of pie to his mouth, but he let it drop as if out of awkwardness.
He had simply babbled on uttering empty phrases, letting slip a few enigmatic words and again reverting to incoherence.
His organizer can actually recognize his speech in addition to uttering sentences itself.
The uttering and publishing charges were dismissed under the terms of the agreement.

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