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He was well-spoken, uttered not a single obscenity and had good teeth.
Finally, having uttered not a single call, they disappeared over the edge of a river gorge and into the forested twilight.
Our first words may have been uttered to warn our family of cats, snakes or eagles.
Recently the guy next to me on the plane suddenly uttered an oath and stood up to reveal that his fountain pen had flooded.
In both these languages the meanings of words are conveyed by the pitch at which they are uttered.
Many of the people that have uttered the above phrase have a new opinion on people with tattoos.
The increasingly blatant nature of the nonsense uttered with impunity in public discourse is chilling.
He has tossed off the top of his head and uttered himself in copious overflows of ghastly bosh.
But from time to time he uttered cynical maxims about academic work and life that have turned out to be accurate.
Perhaps the words aren't so different from those uttered by students around the world grappling with a new language.
We don't use the criminal law to define their lexical denotations as erroneous or to forbid their ideas from being uttered.
The only sentence he ever uttered there was asking to close the window.
The software then generates a transcript of those transmissions, identifying which voice uttered which statements.
But in fact he may never have uttered those precise words, and there is both ambiguity and calculation behind the bluster.
Others carry historic weight as soon as they are uttered.
He became simply a mouth that uttered, a hand that signed whatever was demanded of him.
It is mostly a matter of tone: it is hardly possible to give credence to ideas uttered in the impersonal tones of sanity.
The hello she finally uttered was muffled and throaty.
He uttered a few words, straight as the poplars but far from being so delicate.
Every word they uttered during this long conversation was productive of some new matter of astonishment.
Yet, as the new-comer uttered no word, he knew not what to think.
It befell after on a day that this knight talked with this lady, and secretly uttered his desire to her.
The nymph continued her flight, and left his plea half uttered.
She uttered a loud cry, for although they were greatly altered, she knew and felt that it must be they.
He stretched himself on her threshold, and uttered his complaints to the cruel bolts and bars.
She uttered a great cry, and flew to her brother, and waked him.
They belong to colonists, and yet they are uttered by the citizens of a great and independent state.
Yet the words that seem so artful and lively in print have a way of becoming lifeless and artificial when uttered aloud.
Her friend's name is the final word uttered from her freezing lips.
And he uttered a phrase that you rarely or ever heard from an athlete.
For those present at the crash, no doubt, the words he supposedly uttered must have sounded even more foolish than they do now.
It would never occur to me that she was once a soot-streaked prisoner of the gutter, condemned by every syllable she uttered.
Sometimes uttered by a burly security guard on private property.
He told her the company believed she had uttered the slurs.
Appellant claimed she could produce a witness who would testify she had not uttered the slur, and she was given a second hearing.
Organizational members have uttered concern about students' inability to think critically.
Such realities are one of the means whereby, once words are uttered, the silent self becomes the transactional self.

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