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The utterance is, after all, the important part of the act.
In no public or private utterance was it ever admitted that the three powers had at any time been grouped along different lines.
Three instances in which freedom of utterance is said to have been either denied or imperiled are cited.
Particular stress was laid on the importance of the one-term utterance.
Scored for piano quartet and soprano, the work is lyrical in its utterance and spare in its rhetoric.
Yet the left continues to elevate her every utterance so that they can mock and deride her.
There is no lack of spontaneity in her actions or in the utterance of her lines.
Hey, every politician blows a word now and then, especially presidents who have every public utterance recorded and transcribed.
The result was that the dominant imitative tendencies almost succeeded in stifling in them all original utterance.
But if the receivers take it still without utterance, the mind may soon grow a burden to itself, and unprofitable to others.
Therefore all great and true poetry is the utterance of an inspiration.
He rarely allows his characters to utter such feelings, even though he gives them cause for nearly any utterance.
It would be a poor philosophical utterance, ignoring the contingent facts of the existence of evolved beings.
They are the architectural utterance of the new industrial age.
Whatever its source, the utterance struck me with the impact of a moment of splendid transcendence.
Every utterance from someone not of the fold is either outright derided, ignored, or picked apart for its inevitable falsities.
To that cryptic utterance there was no effective rejoinder.
Utterance is difficult enough, but trying to articulate from the depth of feeling is almost impossible on the spot.
The charm of that utterance should not blind one to its truth.
Their musical intervals can be distinguished but with difficulty, on account of the rapidity of their utterance.
The opinion is literally honeycombed with demonstrable errors, and a spirit alien to judicial utterance permeates the whole.
As an athlete, every waking move, utterance and action one takes is put under a microscope.
Phrases might falter nervously mid-utterance or remain nailed to the ground.
He is constantly exclaiming against music of huge proportions and pretentious utterance.
Day to day breathes utterance and night to night pronounces knowledge.
Everything in this picture is pitched at the level of public utterance.
And utterance and thought as clear as complicated air and moods that make a city moral, these he taught himself.
On remand the excited utterance admission was not addressed.

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