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Given that the study was done by collating self-reported data, it was utter nonsense.
The red-faced monkeys frequently utter what researchers have dubbed coo calls to maintain vocal contact with one another.
Most of them appeared to be snoozing contentedly despite the utter lack of privacy or personal space.
It's on those cloudless star-sprinkled nights that they begin to understand the true meaning of utter, mind-clearing silence.
When you deconstruct it to a level of utter submission you realize you've been on an adventure.
It was a complete and utter violation of that sanctified calm.
Fay said blistering things of the sort that only a drill sergeant, or an especially corrosive fifth-grade teacher, might utter.
The scream he gave out was one of utter fear and pain.
At last they made a great fire without the city, and threatened to cast her into it, if she did not utter certain impious words.
Climb up in sight climb in the whole utter needles and a guess a whole guess is hanging.
Let not the tongue utter what the head must pay for.
The results are in: austerity policies have been an utter failure.
The dramatic events of the past week have shown it to be an utter failure.
He managed utter astonishment, but he caught my wink, and winked back.
In any event, the election is not yet an utter catastrophe.
It also had its faults: a certain heavy-handedness, and a tendency for the characters to make speeches rather than utter dialogue.
It is utter nonsense coming from physicists who do not understand their own theories.
The slow, daylong baking that followed transformed those large cuts of meat into utter succulence.
Pour that into an avocado half-shell-the effect is pretty utter.
Within the past five years the question of nourishment has risen from utter desperation to comparative plenty.
The utter failure of mainstream economics is staggering.
His ease with the science is the key to the book's delight, for it lets him swim and frolic in the subject with utter confidence.
She practiced gun-handling and learned how to use the swords and butterfly knives wielded with utter authority on-screen.
Community colleges and nonselective public colleges seem to have minimal inflation, or an utter lack of it.
His approach was to never utter a word about the event.
He threw gasoline on the fires of that hatred with utter abandon.
It was complete and utter overkill for an airport of that size and traffic.
For me, it was a case of utter failure, of incompetence among journalists.
It's fine to use words you would never utter aloud-as long as they are exactly the right words.
And then with the nightmare you sit bolt upright in bed in utter terror.
In other words, it will be complete and utter nonsense.
The strange thing about my utter lack of education in management was that it didn't seem to matter.
From the perspective of the people, a known dictatorship with obvious bright lines is often preferable to utter chaos.
The kids they're teaching would be better off with an utter neophyte.
It was the perfect picture of utter spirituality and utter degradation.
The film is an utter delight, a tidal surge of joyful nostalgia cunningly repackaged and updated.
He's absolutely right--pulling the thing apart is going to be an utter disaster.
The point is not to prohibit the personal, but to examine it with utter ruthlessness.
Few people will ever utter these sorts of lines in real life.
The difference between a brilliant idea and an utter failure is that squishiest benchmark in business: the whim of customers.
In a world of utter lawlessness, that's something to hold onto.
Others were left with utter frustration and disbelief that their seasons had ended this way.
All sorts of arcane measures show fewer investors expect utter financial calamity.
We stopped the car on the way back to the hotel and got out-to stand in what seemed to us the rarity of utter quiet.
It happened twelve years ago, that moment when his personal career stats suddenly dropped into utter liability.
Both were torn between self-expression-even self-glorification-and utter self-erasure.
In utter words, you are deserving of great patience and persistence and you got it.
If they had reproduced starkly the utter bottomlessness of the thing, anything might have happened.
She looked down at her stubby fingers and up at me with an expression of utter panic.
We're in utter denial, in a way that sometimes borders on humorous.
In an instant, their expressions change from shock to disgust to utter contempt.
What sickens me about left-wing people, especially the intellectuals, is their utter ignorance of the way things actually happen.
To turn away from those origins, however, has always seemed to me an utter impossibility.
But so foreign is this idea to them that they stare at me in utter disbelief.
Still, one that rely heavily on facts, this is utter nonsense.
It is true that this is what you said, and it is still utter garbage on a second or third iteration.
The cardboard cutout of the movie star squints back in utter disgust, as if itching to gun him down.
And as for your opinions not being welcome here, that is utter nonsense.
To evince utter disregard, the mind must not only disregard the safety of another but be devoid of regard for the life of another.
Not long ago, those words would have been unimaginable for me to utter.
It came about the old-fashioned way, through utter policy failure.
To have challenged a vast materially and financially endowed nation was an act of utter desperation.

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