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It is the only system under which the utmost possible utilization of ground area can be obtained.
It is in the utilization of those things which are scarce that economy is called for.
Solar thermal is the utilization of the sun's radiation to heat water.
Have spoken to many of these staff, this was clearly an under-utilization of their skills.
On the other hand, with the increased demand will come increased economy in the utilization of the wood.
It is a challenge to us to seek further utilization of our own natural resources.
Some instructors and administrators confuse utilization of various electronic modalities with effective instruction.
Prioritizes and manages the utilization of student employees and freelance staff to augment capacity as appropriate.
At every street corner, the utilization of new technology is vivid and accessible to almost anyone.
Patients need to take more responsibility for their health and utilization of resources.
And disparate impact always looms large in the utilization of these sorts of tests.
Critical thinking and creative utilization would become the main priorities of education.
Useful heat utilization for reactors is only in projects now.
Including an inflatable habitat, mining equipment to test in-situ resource utilization, and a couple of robots to run the thing.
Without more utilization of this method we'd probably want to hold off on any new insights.
Taurine needs proper balance of manganese and zinc for it's storage, distribution, and utilization.
The diesel-battery hybrid the company developed instead runs generators for short bursts to maximize energy utilization.
So this makes for the optimal utilization of the cores based on the computing power required by the applications.
And that is one of the advantages of doing things this way--it promises higher rates of hardware utilization.
Server backups are a great example of utilization of this technology.
Simulation is an overwhelmingly better utilization of time and energy.
It is necessary diligently to engage in cultivation of plants and utilization of green wastes.
Until that time there needs to be extraction and utilization of earths resources.
Our economy would be highly sensitive to global fixed investment that can drastically shrink when capacity utilization falls.
Resource utilization by two insular endemic mammals, the island fox and the island spotted skunk.
On the one hand capacity utilization has fallen precipitously and on the other monetary policy has bordered on the irresponsible.
History, cultures and civilizations were significantly altered by the utilization of each new resource.
For instance, our effects are strongest when unemployment is low and capacity utilization is high.
Of course the goals of full capacity utilization and price stability are at odds.
The utilization of transmission has allowed utilities to retire or run less older, dirtier, and more expensive plants.
The key to teacher utilization of technology is ease of use.
And the stage length is a bit high for fleet utilization and yield management.
We will continue to keep track of utilization at our ticket windows.
The company provides health-care utilization review and cost-management services.
The use of case and time management software will allow for the better utilization of existing personnel and resources.
Those higher costs would be offset partly but not fully by savings from lower utilization stemming from two sources.
These are becoming annual problems that can be rectified via the utilization of humane scientific resources.
Utilization review can occur retrospectively, concurrently or prospectively.

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