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Likewise, the policy of public ownership of railroads and certain electric utilities met with unmistakable defeat.
Privatization of the large, state-owned utilities is nearly complete.
They cannot rent an apartment or get utilities turn on, they have ruined credit by missing payments on their student loan.
He's managed to get some side work writing for a local newspaper but that hardly pays his utilities each month.
To avoid such a crisis, the utilities commission is now laying a new pipeline in short, easy-to-replace sections.
To fund it, they began collecting money from utilities that operate nuclear power plants.
Turn off utilities at the main switches or valves if instructed to do so.
Check with your local water and energy utilities for programs available in your area.
Intake pipes from utilities and factories became choked with mussels.
While utilities race to install smart meters, some urge a simpler approach for motivating consumers to use less electricity.
Self-sustaining homes could mean the end of utility bills or even the end of utilities.
If you want to stick with the socket theme, look at the standards by which electrical vehicles communicate with utilities.
Established utilities, large multinational auto manufacturers, a global warehouse owner.
County commissioners agreed to provide a building for the shelter and cover the cost of utilities.
Canceling subscriptions, transferring utilities, sending for some of my things.
Indeed they are, but they're essentially tightly regulated utilities.
Most of that spending came from utilities and health care.
Such networks can be seen as public utilities which permit students to choose their teachers or patients their healers.
Big utilities are taking the technology seriously, and are teaming up with wave-energy companies.
It promises utilities to supply them if they need additional power and is paid as if it were keeping physical plants ready.
The state's utilities are bankrupt and consumers are enduring blackouts.
Taxpayers already bear some of the costs of water, shovelling money into loss-making public utilities.
Utilities will be obliged to buy renewable energy and encouraged to build nuclear plants.
All this uncertainty and expense has doubtless put off utilities.
The programming flaw was fixed, and equipment makers urged utilities to take protective measures.
The utilities don't have much time to dither or lobby to argue the law.
Natural capital investments may turn out to be as safe as investments in any other public utilities.
Many utilities allow customers to purchase electricity generated from renewable sources.
For example, a number of utilities have been using natural gas generation as a source of power for peaking requirements.
Such corridors refer to land that utilities can use to run pipelines, transmission cables and other energy-related structures.
Utilities employ a wide array of cables, depending on whether they will be used above- or below-ground.
But transmission lines cost money, and utilities say investing too much more in infrastructure will cost consumers.
Many local and regional utilities offer free basic energy audits.
Invest in sound utilities stocks during a recession.
Motor home camping areas range from luxury resorts with swimming pools and spas to primitive campgrounds without utilities.
Storage decreases the need for utilities to invest in backup power for smoothing out variations in power.
But to receive the stimulus money, utilities will have to install new devices across their entire customer base quickly.
But the study says increasing the amount of renewables on the grid will require smart planning and cooperation between utilities.
Regulators are responsible for ensuring that utilities make wise investments that restrain the price of electricity.
For decades, researchers and utilities have been working on various ways to monitor power grids.
The ability to reduce peak demand could allow utilities to put off building new power plants.
Half of them have standards that require utilities to purchase certain amounts of renewable electricity.
Being able to remotely spot high-risk trees, which are the top cause of electrical outages, is important to utilities.
The markets for energy management and storage have been limited to the energy utilities.
They also provide the software and setup for high-speed compression utilities.
The group will also be testing road signage, utilities, and infrastructure systems used in typical hurricane preparations.
Expect rapid increases in the cost of power from utilities.
The producers and marketers that sell gas to utilities, however, have been laughing all the way to the bank over the last decade.
Certain regulated utilities provide outage information via their individual web sites.
Utilities such as electricity are said to be public services.
Then there are industry changes, such as the growth of a few key airline hubs and the deregulation of utilities.
They're better operators than the former owners, publicly owned utilities, and they can use economies of scale to their advantage.
The government recommended changes so utilities will respond properly to serious accidents.

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