utilitarianism in a sentence

Example sentences for utilitarianism

One is utilitarianism, the other is categorical morality.
OF the obstacles reformers confront, the toughest may be our mad utilitarianism.
Both advocates and opponents of animal rights also invoke utilitarianism in support of their points of view.
Thus, the doctrine of sanctions fails to establish the thesis of utilitarianism that general happiness is the rule of right.
He therefore rejects both legal positivism and utilitarianism.
The first would accept his utilitarianism, but deny that it leads to his conclusions.
Both dictators treated captured enemies with deadly utilitarianism.
Utilitarianism, in its various forms, attempts to do so.
Cobbled together out of scraps of scientism and utilitarianism, it barely deserves the name of a philosophy.
Between them, they came up with the ethical theory known as utilitarianism.
The author, using the moral theory of rule utilitarianism, attempts to settle the debate on capital punishment.
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