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Carvers and stone sculptors have left utilitarian objects and artworks of surprising aesthetic quality.
Although they are fascinating from a purely scientific point of view, their utilitarian value is not so clear.
It cannot be placed in a utilitarian context, because its violation of human dignity is so grave it is an absolute evil.
Many doctors notice them only in the casual, utilitarian way that one might notice a waitress or a bartender.
Knowing how to extract and control metal was paramount for utilitarian and decorative purposes.
Damage to the prefrontal cortex increases utilitarian moral judgements.
Conservation is a moral question, and probably not a utilitarian imperative.
These utilitarian beasts of burden are expected to do one critical thing without fail: wake us up in the morning.
So, the utilitarian-inspired mechanical horse instead became a fancy toy for aristocrats and the rising bourgeoisie.
Inside, it's a typical start-up, minimally equipped with utilitarian office furniture.
He worried about broken families and out-of-wedlock births, but entirely from a utilitarian rather than a moral point of view.
The world of manufacturing industry is much more utilitarian, libertarian, cosmopolitan and multinational than you think.
There are also strong utilitarian arguments for allowing the regulated sale of certain organs.
The same people get informed and the utilitarian principle is observed.
On the rack that phrase translates to a utilitarian mode of dress aimed at a steadily homogenizing global market.
But texting and the utilitarian mind-set are naturally corrosive toward poetry and imagination.
The sheen has come, in part, because the degrees are newly specific and utilitarian.
The arcades were soon replaced by larger, utilitarian department stores.
Of the major chains, the store has regularly done the best job of being utilitarian but not dull, casual but not loose.
Rather than serving a merely utilitarian purpose, doormen serve a social one.
Copyright does not protect the mechanical or utilitarian aspects of such works of craftsmanship.
Archeological evidence suggests that utilitarian earthenware was made at this site and that it was fairly well crafted.
Stoneware was the basic utilitarian ware of the nineteenth century.

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