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Open shelves put dishware and utensils you use every day within easy reach.
And there are compartments and drawers for dishware, utensils, and appliances.
Instead of plastic disposable utensils, the company now uses recyclable ones.
Remind your favorite take-out place to leave out the plastic utensils when they pack your food to go.
He sold all the kitchen utensils, all the knives and forks and spoons, all the dishes right down to the sugar bowl.
Those surface treatments can be damaged by metal utensils, eventually wear off, and can be toxic if they get into your food.
The first application was nonstick coating on frying pans and cooking utensils.
They found lots of wood-huge posts and roof timbers, and also utensils.
From takeout food to office parties, plastic utensils are everywhere.
The wreck and its debris field contain a diverse collection of tools, cooking utensils, and personal effects of the crew.
Give the students paper and writing utensils and ask them to draw their own waves.
Furniture, earthenware, and even kitchen utensils are made by local craftspeople.
Cover the cans with craft paper and use them in the house to organize office supplies or kitchen utensils.
In addition, no writing utensils or other sharp objects are allowed.
When working with herbs, be sure to use nonmetallic utensils and containers.
Don't use metal bowls or utensils, which can react with the henna and cause color changes.
Some samurai prized their tea utensils as much as their swords.
With each cooking experiment, the number of ingredients and utensils in our cupboards multiplies.
Everything except soup comes on disposable dishware with plastic utensils.
Soup-stock making is rendered easier by use of proper utensils.
These utensils would be placed on the fire, and in ten or fifteen minutes breakfast would be ready.
Use only clean utensils for eating or handling foods, especially when handling eggs and poultry.
If there is a place for your cooking utensils in the caddy, store them there.
Place eating utensils, camp stove, food items and pots on top of the clothes.
All the cabins come with a sitting area, full kitchen with cooking utensils and satellite television.
Make sure your checklist includes pots, pans, dishes and utensils.
Cabins have a stove, a refrigerator, a microwave and dishes and cooking utensils.
The cabins' full kitchens include linens, basic cookware and utensils as well as refrigerator and range.
Cooking utensils are provided as are utensils and dishes for up to eight people.
Each comes with air conditioning, cable television and a kitchen stocked with a supply of linens and utensils.
Cabins include full kitchens with refrigerators, cooking utensils and bed linens.
Each cabin comes with a small kitchen complete with utensils, a stove, a refrigerator and linens.
Bed linens, towels and dishes and utensils are provided.
The dining rooms contain a table and chair set with full utensils and place settings, as well as a floral centerpiece.
Highlights include a hot tub on a screened deck, large kitchens with all appliances and cooking utensils.
Cooking utensils and foodstuffs must be properly stored when not in use.
The hotel has full kitchens with cooking and dining utensils, a library and a tennis court.
Suites include fully equipped kitchens complete with a stove, microwave and refrigerator, as well as utensils.
All nine cabins have kitchens with cooking and dining utensils, dish towels, linens and hot and cold water.
Amenities include a kitchen with utensils, spices and local cookbooks.
It is fully furnished with linens and kitchen utensils, and there is a deck with views of the mountains.
Kitchenettes with a microwave, two-burner hot plate and kitchen utensils and pots are also available.
Suites feature full kitchens, living areas, work areas and utensils for cooking and dining.
In keeping with the medieval theme, there are no utensils available so you will be eating with your hands.
Plan to bring cookware, utensils and other cooking gear, as if you were tent camping.
Campers must bring linens, sleeping gear and cooking utensils.
The eatery also uses only eco-friendly utensils, food containers, cleaners and supplies.
The rooms also have working space and come with dining and cooking utensils.
Cabins have bathrooms and bedding, but you must bring your own utensils and towels.
Accommodations come with kitchens complete with cooking and dining utensils, refrigerators, microwaves and stovetops.
Kitchens are fully stocked with utensils, refrigerators and stoves.
In-room amenities include a kitchenette including dining utensils, free local calls and large work desks with data ports.
The kitchenette includes utensils while the bathroom is stocked with towels and other necessities.
Rooms feature kitchens with a refrigerator, microwave, stove top and cooking utensils.
Either way, old or new, our eating utensils tell us about our social history.
They make a line of high quality knives and other kitchen utensils.
When picnicking or cooking outdoors, take plenty of clean utensils.
It is especially important for anyone with a sore throat to wash his or her hands often and not share eating or drinking utensils.
Carefully wash all produce, kitchen utensils and countertops.
Do not use metal containers, foil, or utensils in a microwave oven.
Food handler permits are required for all persons who handle food, utensils or food service equipment.
Hanging boxes were also made to hold kitchen knives, tableware, and other utensils.

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