utensil in a sentence

Example sentences for utensil

However, the seller must collect sales tax when selling these items with an eating utensil.
There is no risk from short exposure such as after a fast kiss or when sharing an eating utensil.
She recommended the construction of cupboards, shelves and drawers adapted to each sort of utensil.
But whichever kind of writing utensil you choose, be sure that you can grip it comfortably.
Kitchens are fully equipped and contain almost any appliance or cooking utensil you might need.
Any utensil or surface that comes in contact with raw meat should be washed thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
The sink must be capable of accommodating the largest utensil to be washed.
Servers should use the correct utensil and measure portions accurately.
Lights in all food preparation and utensil washing areas are shielded.
If you operate a pushcart, and your menu is limited, you don't need utensil sinks on the cart.
For example: good table manners may start with using the right utensil and never speaking with your mouth full.
The utensil wash sink shall not be utilized for washing hands.
Hand-washing must be practiced in addition to utensil and glove use.
He writes about using household tools when you lack the proper cooking utensil.
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