usurious in a sentence

Example sentences for usurious

Among the earliest changes they wrought was to reduce usurious interest rates, and build a few hospitals and roads.
For every deadbeat borrower, there is an equal and opposite imprudent and usurious creditor.
Interest rates have risen to the usurious range and should be again regulated.
It's time to make them stop gouging us with usurious and unfair interest rates on credit cards.
Company officers that charge such usurious rates should be jailed.
Stop these usurious practices of the credit card companies.
Please stop these credit card companies from these usurious practices.
As the statutes now stand, however, a real estate loan is usurious if the interest rate exceeds eight per cent per annum.
In the last few years, the number of payday lenders and other usurious lenders have soared.
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