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It is meant to complement the usual fare of detailed pieces that are typical for this blog.
More than half the colleges in a new survey report that more students than usual are asking for additional financial aid.
The usual accelerators of recession are absent-but so are the brakes.
Today he has a cold, and the circles under his eyes are darker than usual.
Thus, this sequence is as legitimate as the usual one.
And yet, when you think of it, this remarkable piece of cloth fails many usual tests of value.
But the usual critiques fail to recognize its potential for experiential learning.
Usual advising, committee, and other non-teaching duties.
It may not amend the plan or vote on individual items, as is usual.
That's because our cosmic neighbor will be much closer than usual.
Once the piece is done, the musicians disperse, and its business as usual at the station.
Instead of the usual red flag, a lobster claw signals that there's mail to be picked up.
And remember that high elevations make hiking more difficult than usual.
The search has the usual bells and whistles to refine searches and a nifty map.
But it also means that college doesn't provide the usual escape from the realities of the job market.
Appearances aside, producing this image was technically more challenging than my usual fare.
Flashy capes and skintight garments are the usual accouterments of comic book superheroes.
Rosy lilac is the usual color, but white and purple selections are available.
His debut as director comes with the usual existential despair, absurdist humor, and intellectual mischief.
The culprit is the usual one, water, but almost everything else about this forthcoming renovation is surprising.
Companies would then buy cheap credits and continue doing business as usual rather than cutting their own emissions.
It seems to me that you are angry that people are not producing science that is up to your usual standard of truth.
Below, a note advises check writers to use their dental records in lieu of the usual forms of identification.
He is not about business as usual and neither was his symposium.
The usual reason people support awful leaders is that all of the alternatives are worse.
Besides the usual slowdowns, this was a pretty painless story.
So creative compared to the usual macro insect images.
It was a busy year, both for the usual suspects and some volcanoes that erupted seemingly out of the blue.
These services are vital for improving student learning, but they are a relatively small part of the usual teaching-center.
Rainfall is at a fraction of its usual levels, heat at historical highs.
She was an artist and had a studio nearby, and she had gone out for her usual lunchtime walk.
Many critics complained over the years that he was not really a historian, but the usual alternative category was polemicist.
He filled it with smooth rock instead of the usual rubble.
Lovely in combination with lavenders in the more usual hues.
And for field producers, a suit and tie is not usual attire.
It was early in the tourist season, and a particularly cold austral winter had resulted in even more sea ice than usual.
Fish and reptiles are their usual prey, but a human works fine, too.
Your family wants more than the usual share of your attention.
They specialize in customers who need accommodations longer than a usual hotel stay.
With all the heat produced from cooking a giant feast, your house will be warmer than usual.
Because you are standing, you get a full body workout instead of the usual giant calves of serious cyclists.
As usual with the onset of summer, the high country was in vertical flood.
He then stays awake until his usual bed time the following evening.
And then it's on to the usual calls about alien-human hybrids, spiritual visitations and global conspiracies.
There's even a hole ready to be filled with your smartphone, for the usual kind of cyclo-computer shenanigans.
Ten years ago his usual catch would have been enough to feed his family for a day.
Eating something fatty at the zig-zag rainbow vision distortion stage seems to prevent the usual blinding headache and nausea.
In keeping with the times, both galas were lower-key affairs than usual.
The meltdown forms clouds that can make more snowfall than usual.
The usual explanation for the existence of the premium ran as follows.
And to curb my usual exaggerated and unjustifiable optimism and empathy.
Kids are an exception and can discreetly drink and eat as usual.
Nicotine addicted alcoholic reproduces in the usual manner.
Some voters, it seems, were turned away by polling stations ill prepared to cope with a turnout that was higher than usual.
When the fingers slipped up, they paused a split second longer than usual before typing the next letter.
No doubt after another five minutes of research the usual suspects will be announcing human influence over this process.
The surprise is how many of the reactions crossed the usual political boundaries.
The solution lies in looking beyond the usual suspects.
The usual teaching load is eight courses per academic year, with the possibility of optional summer teaching.
It is a scary leap to take, and not my usual strategy in life.
As a result, the regime could not simply round up the usual suspects.
They will look at top free agents, but they might end up getting outbid by the usual big spenders.
Idiomatic or usual form of speech, not meant to be offensive.
The usual accompaniments of moral exaltation and physical convulsions showed themselves.
IN the course of the next day the first of the usual betrothal visits were exchanged.
The usual symptoms of the literary impulse are all to seek.
When a question is considered informally, the proceedings should be kept as usual, as the only informality is in the debate.
But in the election of the officers of a society it is more usual to have the nominations made by a committee.
The entertainment was splendid: but nothing could make the saint neglect his usual devotions.
The warm water drives the fish to deeper waters or farther away from usual fishing locations.
She expected to do so in the usual way, by slowly accruing results that would eventually alter the landscape.
There are the usual charming street photos, some gorgeous birds, plenty of bugs on flowers.
Global warming only twists the knife by making usual stopover sites even less hospitable.
It can be diagnosed by checking blood at birth, but that has not been the usual practice here.
Many who practice meditation are aware that consciousness can be free of the usual verbal chatter of our minds.
Humans and animals only maintain mental equilibrium when their usual references are undisturbed.
The strange tortoise's shell is flat underneath and not rounded at the belly as usual, he says.
Those include upwelling of nutrients and warmer-than-usual ocean waters.
Otherwise it seemed to have only the usual problems of poor preservation of mud-brick.
To properly diminish your glycogen levels, incorporate longer-than-usual workouts into your program.
But even in these straitened times, the city-state has rolled out this latest bauble with its usual flair.
But, as usual, it's what's on the inside that counts.
It manages to merge the two by positing a set of extra dimensions beyond the usual four.
The usual schedule of exhibitions, education programs and events will be staged at various off-site locations.
She seems more nervous than usual, and is straddling something rather than sitting on it.
The rains failed, and many more elephants died than usual, both of drought and from poaching.
There was also a funky smell, not the usual lovely sea smell that lobsters carry.
Lemurs are by and large peaceful, but they still display the usual primate fixations on rank and reproductive opportunity.
It's also delicious, even more deeply flavored than the usual stuff.
Compared to his usual fifties-dad, uptight demeanor, he seemed almost relaxed.
Freddie was uncomfortable in her fancy dress, wishing she was wearing her usual old blue jeans.
Airier and dreamier than the usual, it generated a subtly different atmosphere.
Antipasti run the usual gamut of calamari, baked clams, and mozzarella sticks.
It was fall break, and there were six libertarians in attendance, down from the usual ten.
As usual, he was right: four years later, it did end up as the last line of the novel.
As usual, there were enough famous faces in attendance to render the stars themselves starstruck.
Joey, as is usual in moviemaking, will be played by more than one horse.
She spent a lot of time in bed, but not for the usual reasons.
Mason, whose six-foot frame belies his pixie-ish personality, was wearing his usual jeans and long-sleeved button-down.
As usual his grayish hair is closely shorn, his eyes sparkle, and he is grinning widely.
The usual problems were cited-falloff in corporate sponsorship being, no less usually, the principal one.
It was the usual something: she decided they would open a restaurant.
The usual procedure is to compress a simple mixture of these ingredients into tablet form.
The prototype version uses more radiation than usual and isn't yet approved for human patients.
That's why the oldest coolest stars don't follow the usual pattern of cooling.
One provides the usual updates on friends' activity.
In fact, transplantation of cells creating insulin have been tested, but the usual rejection problems occurred.
In the future, virtual worlds will mingle with your usual workday activities and communications devices.
Those in favor of business-as-usual will discover that the automobile has a bleak future.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
As usual, cinema stars endorsed some of the fattest pay checks.
He failed to get the usual hay in his late morning feeding.
But the commander-in-chief will be his usual loquacious self.
Before you endure the usual groans from bored burger eaters among family and friends.
Let him go comfortably to bed expecting to wake up in the morning as usual, and not wake up.
But as usual in such cases, there was much more in the way of causes lying beneath the surface.
As one of the magazine's star writers he was paid ten dollars per page, instead of the usual six.
She reverses the usual, she hitches her star to a wagon, transfixing homely daily phrases for poetic purposes.
Usual dietary intake is the long-run average daily intake of a nutrient or food.
As usual, that last bit shows where stars are actively being born.
When deprived of usual light cues, the body's biological rhythms continue running but fall out of sync with the outside world.
Not everyone is pleased by this departure from the usual cosmological thinking.
Other than that, she has no recollection of having eaten anything at all different from her usual fare.
The reaction is the reverse of the usual matter- antimatter annihilation: the blaze of energy becomes matter.
They must have come from a well-to-do neighborhood out of the usual service area of our er.
Activated by light, it solves several of the problems inherent in the usual methods.
In adults, the usual symptoms of intestinal obstruction are vomiting and severe abdominal pain.
At night or on overcast days, the meter indicates that the house draws current from electric lines in the usual manner.
The usual treatment is a topical antimicrobial agent.
We put her through the usual tests, but nothing showed up.

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