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Plenty of people get away with using fanciful names.
There are lots of tasks that can be handled quickly by using the command line.
There is plenty of water to go around and human beings are not using all that much.
Hydropower is electricity generated using the energy of moving water.
Using scaffolds and a patients own cells grown in a laboratory, researchers are building replacement body parts.
Enhance your landscape by using urns strategically.
The team of scientists is studying the nearshore environment in a new way: using otters as an indicator.
His version can be done against a wall or using a chair as well as on one's head.
Before using recycled wood, you will need to prepare it.
Primates can now move and sense the textures of objects using only their thoughts.
Using a roller, press the photograph onto the paper.
Try these fresh, flavorful recipes using ripe fruits and vegetables from summer's harvest.
The bio-printers are also capable of using other types of cells and support materials.
Discuss how students can examine an object using these question words.
Create a headboard picture frame by using decorative molding from a home improvement store.
We spend a lot of time and bandwidth using client apps and closed platforms.
Insiders and profiteers are increasingly using oil revenues to take over service industries.
Researchers propose a novel approach to producing biofuel using diatoms.
If you're using containers with individual cells, plant two seeds per cell.
You've probably even tried to use it to download a file using a link somebody sent you.
The rest are no better or worse at using technology than the rest of the population.
We also see several vehicles in the shop having major mechanical problems from using the ethanol blend.
Using a complete fertilizer for every garden purpose seems sensible, but in fact it isn't always the best choice.
So using a period gives a certain air of finality to a statement.
Using algae in a closed loop system is not vague or even hypothetical.
They would go up using a mechanical ascender, a device that actually clips onto the rope.
Using a nutcracker or wood mallet, crack the shell of each leg and claw section.
Many kinds of objects can have their height measured in many ways using a simple, aneroid barometer.
But some success has been achieved in using pigs' heart valves and in treating patients whose livers stopped functioning.
It causes a menu of options to appear on the screen, not all that different from using a mouse to click on a drop-down menu.
When you're done cracking and snacking, try these ideas for using walnuts in the kitchen.
If you want them all to have the same amount of time, you can select multiple frames using the shift key.
Using its data, researchers have made giant leaps in unraveling mysteries of the universe.
It makes the network easier to start using and has certainly increased its visibility.
The finding strongly supports the hypothesis that migratory birds use their visual system to navigate using the magnetic field.
Pick a windless day and sow seed evenly, using a drop or rotary spreader.
Using a large aperture opening will limit the focus plane to your friend's face while the barn blurs in the background.
Squid move using jet propulsion, contracting their bodies and forcing water through a moveable funnel beneath their eyes.
Get tips for using your own family heirlooms to find your own personal style.
Once you've determined what you'll be using of the original track, it's time to begin adding your own audio to the mix.
Experimenting without fear is another key idea for using the digital darkroom.
Using the climate map as a guide, print out a world map and photographs of four of the world's climate zones.
But if you are using sweeter a recipe with lots of oats you might consider replacing water with milk.
Level the sponge cake off at the top using a slicing knife.
Water can also be split into hydrogen using electricity, in a process known as hydrolysis.
Then have them try again, this time without using their thumb to grip the pencil.
Instead of using limited fossil fuels, bioplastics are made from biopolymers.
Using the resource web template as a guideline, ask each of the groups to develop their own resource web on the paper.
Apply two cheeks on one side of the head using blush and a cotton swab.
Observers watched people in stadiums and other places to see if they washed their hands after using restroom.
For several reasons, though, researchers are wary about using the web in more formal research.
Most people say they wash their hands after using the bathroom.
Researchers are using this ultrashort-pulse laser to destroy the protein shell of viruses.
Rather than comedic persuasion, these scientists are using a dot of laser light.
Hybrid vehicles avoid that loss by using the electric motors that drive the wheels as brakes as well.
Have students work in groups to create layered maps of their school or town, using transparencies for the different layers.
Using a single fallen tree, artists can evoke an entire landscape.
Please help us achieve our goals by using the appropriate containers provided throughout the event.
Using natural light and organic materials also blends the essence of the outdoors with the indoors.
Most had grand plans for using such frequencies, after going digital, to sell information services to the public.
Using this directed vector, researchers could deliver toxic genes straight to the cancer.
Using the sun for cooking reduces the need for the coal, wood and natural gas that power traditional stoves.
Objects such as chromosomes and proteins are way too small to pick up or flip over using your fingers.
Overworking the dough and using too much flour can make pie crust tough and dry.
Science has also evolved in this way, using individual contributions subject to peer review.
Using comic books to explore the issues and history of nuclear power.
Using an oven thermometer ensures that the oven is at the correct temperature for baking.
By using an amplifier device, they're able to push radar waves through walls up to eight inches thick.
But eventually she longed to branch out, using other kinds of plants.
Frittatas are a great solution for using up all those leftover vegetables at the end of the week.
If you're digging a large bed, consider using a power-driven rototiller.
Check that it is completely vertical, using level, then backfill to hold upright.
Using florist's picks, attach prickly pear pads securely to the wreath, round side up.
Using precooked shrimp is an easy way to beat the heat when making dinner.
Spread mixture on plank, and make nests and border of duchess potatoes, using rose tube.
The inconveniences that have been noted in calling and using counsel are three.
Drain, and again cover, using equal parts cold water and milk.
Cost can be eliminated by amateurs using garden or field flowers.
Dampen the mix before using it by pouring it into a clean bucket, then stirring in enough water to make it moist but not soggy.
Eat only the petals, and taste each flower before using, as they can sometimes be bitter.
Raccoons are particularly nasty, and they're particularly clever about using their little nasty hands to get into your coop.
So by using blue and yellow light, scientists are able to speak the language of the brain.
The floating platform allows the researchers to collect data using the canister at various points all along the river.
Using a mild bleach solution to solve this worked for a day or so and then smell got worse.
Interest returns in using fetal cells to repair damaged brains.
Sharks sniff out their prey using the timing of scents, not concentration.
They haven't been able to solve the protein structure using standard computational methods.
Perhaps, using a thermocouple would be more efficient than using a photovoltaic device in the solar collector.
Nuclei of the atoms of the universal objects act as furnaces using these packets as fuel and radiate energy.
The group is now also making dots of different composition than cadmium selenide using the same fluids.
The operation is guided by a couple of workers using ropes attached to the pulleys.
Using the puppet, tell the students that they will be meeting a new friend.
Using plastic rather than silicon is also more compatible with manufacturing processes that use other plastics.
Automakers have started using hybrid technology to boost power rather than efficiency.
Now a way has been found to make greener tyres by using genetically modified bugs to produce isoprene biologically.
Some small businesses are already using social networks to generate new ideas.
To change this, he is developing a process using only renewable energy.
Ants solve their own version using chemical signals called pheromones.
In practice, this negative effect can partly be made up by using plant and machinery in areas unaffected by the disaster.
But even that is not enough for some people, who are creating custom data feeds using a developer kit.
But their notoriety dissuades firms from using them.
But part of what keeps people using these geo-services are the incentives systems linked to the products.
The motion sensors are painfully slow, and the novelty of using them is quickly replaced with frustration.
We can't triple yields again with the technologies we're already using.
To defrost, thaw in the refrigerator several hours before using.
If using a foil-lined pan, cool brittle to warm in pan, then peel off foil and transfer brittle to rack to cool completely.
If using nonstick liner, cool brittle completely in pan.
Run a thin knife around edge of terrine to loosen, then lift out of terrine using banana leaf.
Lots of scientists felt they had to describe tastes using one of the four categories.
They are barred from using your personal information.
Others have built their own instruments, using artificially aged wood.
It will continue to expand as major manufacturers develop a range of high-speed trains using technology based on non-fossil fuels.
One has to figure out a clever way to do this without using a lot of energy.
So it's no surprise that the largest televised spectacle in the world has a history of using jetpacks.
Using a sharp rock, he etched images of the birds on fieldstones.
Sounds pretty dangerous using geothermal to keep your eggs warm.
His infractions included conduct unbecoming an officer, using intemperate language and being drunk on duty.
The neighbors slowly began using the pool although the house beside it was now empty.
She rinsed out the rag she'd been using and hung it on the rack inside the door under the sink.
But then you call back, using a different voice, and suddenly there is a party.
It's able to seal itself inside a hollow coconut husk using its suckers to hold two halves of a shell in place.
It's possible that the birds were using other cues, such as smell, to tell between the infected and healthy caterpillars.
Researchers are again using mind-bending drugs as a means of treating mental disorders.
Using a computer, he began sampling lunar orbits, searching for the place where the instability and chaos began.
Our brain continuously constructs our sense of self using information from our eyes, skin and joints.
Engineers are using leading-edge physics to try to make photovoltaic cells a mainstream power source.
Instead of using helium you could use hydrogen in the airship and also use it for fuel.
It's done logarithmically, using factors of ten, and does a pretty good job.
Regarding your question about profs using rubrics, regrettably, the overwhelming majority do not.
Grading essays much faster by using a well-crafted rubric and fewer comments.
After using the course model in its latest iteration, he reported perfect attendance.
Drugs could be slipped into living cells using a light-sensitive capsule.
Cameras built using flexible electronics could find many uses.
Since there was no rule against automating the process, a few teams quickly realized they could compete better by using bots.
For tech enthusiasts, the notion of millions of people willfully using a decade-old piece of software is baffling.
To ask a general question, e-mail us using this form.
Avoid disposable batteries by using your outlets whenever possible.
He had a talent for both math and art, and began to design his own maps using a graphics program.
He was using certain themes and using words in a certain way.
It's about simplicity and consistency: using the right tools, and being consistent, exfoliating without irritating.
Using a spoon, deposit dollops on tuna on the dried seaweed.
Yet somehow he'd never thought of what the stranger suggested, using ayahuasca to communicate with the dead.
Now she is using that power in a fundamentally different way.
In part she is using it in the service of her own ambitions.
Roses, she says, had been using her foundation to promote his own ambitions.
Using temperature to study stream-ground water exchanges.
Perhaps a civilization so advanced doesn't need to colonize: it can do anything it pleases using its own solar system's resources.
In trials using atropine as the placebo, there was no difference between the antidepressant and the active placebo.
When families' incomes fall below a certain level, they should be sent checks, using the money as they see fit.
Later this year another viral vector, this time using a virus called adenovirus, will enter advanced clinical testing.
For example, economics today is largely taught using mathematical models to describe outcomes under different conditions.
And that means using tools that have largely fallen into disuse.
And there have been hedge funds that have been using leverage excessively and some of those have gone broke.
Turns out they're using him to get a younger guy who already has a decent record as one.
She spent weeks using a treadmill to regain her strength.
Here are a few favorite websites with great accessible ideas, as well as a crafty software program we've been using for years.
Calluses on your hands can result from the repeated pressure of using tools on the job, around the house or in the garden.

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