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The best part is taking what had been useless and turning it into a valuable commodity.
Every aid worker has a favorite story about useless donations.
It's pretty much useless to have a degree from a college that has closed.
The tracheal mites also impede the bees' ability to fly, making them useless as pollinators, entomologists report.
No matter how fancy mobile gadgets get, they're useless when their batteries run out.
It confounded my senses and rendered them nearly useless.
The console's default controller is absolutely infuriatingly useless for this game.
It's especially useless because people often end up consuming more calories when they exercise.
Beauty's current stump is useless for hunting food, so a biologist has been hand-feeding the bird with forceps.
Heavier fractions contain more sulfur, and too much renders the petroleum useless.
They had no need of something as utterly useless to them as the wheel.
Everyone needs a budget for useless pseudoscientific pap.
Do something you enjoy away from this computer and especially away from this increasingly useless forum.
But shredding these instructions renders them useless.
Strong multipath components can render the primary signal useless.
But some experts worry that global warming may render it useless.
Lights were useless because they reflected directly back into the diver's eyes.
The world is noisy enough without adding completely useless aural pollution to the mix.
Some adaptations, on the other hand, become useless.
Methane measurements are useless since methane cannot alter climate.
By giving away the razors, which were useless by themselves, he was creating demand for disposable blades.
And while it might work for techno-geeks who write code, it's utterly useless for many of us in academia.
Without it machine-guns would be useless because of the smoke.
Some are multifunctional, others are utterly useless.
Writing group is useless if the readers do not give the circulated work the attention it deserves.
But the tongue may be useless against another form of pollution-contaminated water.
These being out of commission, the costly guns become as useless as so much junk.
And yet, each is different in its own special, useless way.
My advice to you when you contemplate offering useless advice: you're not worth the bother.
Although their large wings are useless for flight, they are used for balance and for changing direction as the bird runs.
Another useless experiment tormenting rats aimed at development of yet another pharmaceutical.
It is useless to complain about the media, when the problem was caused by the science bureaucracy and scientists.
There have been several threads on this, but the search function is useless.
With no frame of reference our topographic maps are useless.
Mean-variance is the average of all historical data and is useless in my book.
And yeah, comparing college athletes to pros is a completely useless comparison, for any number of reasons.
The pace of advancement is so fast, that is, that today's devices may appear primitive if not useless a few years hence.
Storing hydrogen during production and burning it during down time is useless.
All online sources are actually useless in this situation.
Comments are useless if you truncate the conclusions.
Do away with useless subsidies to corn growers for the biofuels industry and level the playing field.
Ben you seem to complicate lives with useless harmful head games.
Traffic signals and road construction will be useless.
So it is useless to send or receive radio signals to aliens.
Lifeboats bolted in place and rotting life jackets proved useless.
Villagers will send all their cows out to graze at the same time, and soon the field will be useless.
Coster-Mullen's research project can be construed as a danger to mankind or as a useless antiquarian endeavor.
All the wit in the world is useless to him who has none.
The suppression of unnecessary offices, of useless establishments and expenses, enabled us to discontinue our internal taxes.
Everything may grow and spread there as it will, even that which is useless and harmful.
The u in all these words is therefore either useless or positively misleading.
When appeal to the alderman proved useless, the truckman resorted to strategy.
Whatever is once polluted by it, is for ever useless.
Every single teacher can get a useless education degree, which basically requires a pulse.
The community isn't likely to do such an absurd or useless thing, but it has the ability.
The best storage is useless without rapid signalling.
He had found here in the spinning chair the proof that instinct is worse than useless in the clouds.
They fear unity because with unity and understanding between the races, it makes them useless.
Once a term arrives at that point, it is essentially useless.
The school's site is slick, pretty, and absolutely useless.
They don't understand that good advising is useless if they won't be good protégés.
Here's a list of five things that are useless, and which you should send to the thrift store right now.
Mouse buttons are separated by a useless fingerprint reader.
They're made of wood and fertilizer, so metal detectors are close-to-useless.
Early automobiles often included a buggy-whip holder on the dashboard-a useless fillip that designers couldn't bear to part with.
The ravaged plant then withers and dies, its grains shriveled into useless pebbles.
The credit rating agencies, on which investors normally rely to inform them of such risks, were at best useless.
He's had trouble beating the lingering injury and has been useless in fantasy thus far.
Cyclone shelters are useless if they fall into disrepair.
Eventually, an entire orbit would be rendered useless for generations.
The policies they thought would cover their losses proved useless.
National laws are useless due to regulatory arbitrage.
One of his special creations is a useless imitation of a reputable heart stimulant, widely used by doctors in serious cases.
For a nine-month recovery operation, it was useless.
But he gradually concluded that government is largely useless-and positively destructive when it tries to do good.
Against blinking muzzle flashes on an empty moon face it was useless.
Your weapon that hits targets at the speed of light is useless, completely useless.
Unless the information can be made use of then it is useless.
But suggesting that the technology should be put on hold is not only useless, it's self-defeating.
Wind power with its erratic power flows, enormous land area, concrete and steel requirements has been shown to be almost useless.
Computer controlled gasoline pumps, useless even when a station had its own generator unless one had cash.
But there are too many useless gadgets on the market already.
Unfortunately, for you, this argument is entirely useless.
Furthermore, the second explanation given by the author is useless if you are confused by the question.
Scientists are smart but intelligence without wisdom is useless.
Though the app itself is free, the app alone is useless.
Without a good way to store electricity on a large scale, solar power is useless at night.
The only result is that the battery shorts out and is useless, rather than exploding or immolating as li-ions are known to do.
Yea, my bank does that too, but it's kind of useless in the social media era.
Not too different from paying for useless pills, really.
In other words they're useless for comparing files that may be functionally identical but only a little bit different.
But don't get too smug, because in other ways your sense of smell is practically useless.
Upon thawing, the dead cells would be useless as a basis for cloning.
But this approach yields small, imperfect flakes that are useless for many practical applications.
Only recently have researchers begun to dig up some meaningful clues about this seemingly useless body part.
It seems it is getting easier now but as the publication mentioned its useless for planets because its not certain.
Together, they alter the protein that's attacked by the drug, rendering it useless.
Even terrific plants are useless, however, if there isn't somewhere to grow them.
But the rest of us are lab rats who are fed useless, expensive toxic drugs that do nothing but harm in the long run.
The graph is sort of useless without some information about the frequency of the uses of these words.
But tests are usually for retention of useless facts.
We know that early species of elephant developed weird and pointless-looking dental arrangements quite useless to land dwellers.
They should scrap the useless white elephant as soon as possible.
But they are useless on anything other than a smooth racetrack.
Graduate degree in physics is also completely useless if you have to work in the industry.
That's why they're doing one useless thing after another.
As a rule, prequels are unnecessary and useless, and never more than the last resort of a dying franchise.
Politically, such studies are useless as they should not affect policy.
Teaching it to high school kids would be as useless as teaching them archeology.
The profound truth about philosophy is that it is completely and utterly useless.
If that image is blurry, the magnetic sense is useless.
Blaming the other guy is useless, irresponsible, and fatalistic.
After they are rendered useless, money is paid to haul them away.
Susan's fellow monsters have a feckless charm, but they're all but useless in approaching the job at hand.

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