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Many universities have put their career information online, and these sites are useful for anyone seeking an academic job.
Yet for all its weirdness, antimatter is real not fictional, and has already proved useful in medicine.
Ohm's law is useful to explain currents in copper wires.
He was also a useful antidote against a certain strain of biological romanticism.
Table-high fireplace is as useful as it is romantic.
The capacitive stylus has turned out to be surprisingly useful for a lot of things, but up until now it was never a flirting tool.
The program there helps him broaden his skills in entrepreneurship, among other skills useful to an aspiring scientist.
But, it turns out, a solar sail need not always be particularly large to be useful.
Some people consider hedgehogs useful pets because they prey on many common garden pests.
Perhaps it's my way of rebelling against a world in which everything must be useful.
Useful for splashes of garden color and for cutting.
Though useful for creating vigorous hybrids, the process frustrates breeders who wish to duplicate prize plants.
As long as there are real enemies in the world, there will be useful dramatic versions of them in our heads.
The question is whether anything useful can be said about that process at the level of the economy as a whole.
These clues are useful in determining how closely the animals are related to modern species.
Made up of long hydrocarbon chains, it can be broken down into a slew of useful substances and products.
But no matter how useful computers become, they won't replace human fossil hunters anytime soon.
Pretty and useful temporary carpet more add to my plant list.
The new breed of experimental, low-powered laser weapons may or may not become useful on the battlefield.
There is no broader social measurement tool that officials would agree is valid and useful.
And the cross was a militarily useful symbol that had figured dramatically in actual battles.
It must be used in concert with other data collection to truly be useful.
Its job is to store only the important stuff and toss out what isn't useful.
Now the team is investigating whether it can collect useful images from infected animals kept under isolation conditions.
The game demands a mastery of one's impulses and a calmness in moments of anxiety, useful lessons beyond the court.
Popular and useful groundcover, though it will escape into lawns unless contained.
Metallic foams may prove useful for planes and ships because they are lighter than solid metals and stronger than plastic.
Each of these resources is useful or fun, and some are both.
Nonetheless, it has also proven useful as a gauge of an economy's capacity to improve living standards.
Part lV includes a comprehensive glossary, useful online resources and a list of further reading suggestions.
Lucid dreaming is useful for treating chronic nightmares and perhaps even anxiety.
Some argue that accreditation serves as a useful proxy to diminish the administrative burden of course review.
It would have been more useful to first use the perspective of the human animal.
Useful as ground cover, bank planting and foreground shrub.
Energizer has launched an extremely useful range of products.
By understanding the relevant cellular and biochemical structures, it may be possible to develop new and useful bio-materials.
Useful for edgings in shady places, as ground cover, and as soothing contrast to brightly colored flowers.
His tools are small, beautiful, and extremely useful.
Certain polypores may be useful in treating immune diseases or in helping cancer patients recover.
Despite our efforts to provide useful and accurate information, errors may appear from time to time.
Decorative, useful patio tree and favorite bonsai subject.
The simple but useful site lists community projects in this developing country by region.
The technology necessary to mine them and bring back useful material has not been developed, however.
Ash from your fireplace or outdoor fire pit can be a useful amendment to your garden.
But not all genes are equally useful in tracing ancestries.
Useful and attractive in perennial borders and herb gardens.
The mathematicians are producing useful models but the term dimension is a misnomer.
All are useful as color accents, and as stand-alone flowering trees for display.
Perhaps the organization is useful in the way that the automatic withdrawal reaction is useful when touching a hot stove.
Also known as shade fabric, this woven material is useful as a temporary or long-term screen against hot sun and drying winds.
The data is equally useful to all people and will be made available.
Useful as hedge or screen more add to my plant list.
Useful tree for mini-oasis or transition between cultivated garden and native desert.
Plants are useful for winter arrangements and for garden color.
Useful as a ground cover in full sun or partial shade add to my plant list.
Also useful between stepping more add to my plant list enlarge.
Decorative, useful patio tree and favorite bonsai subject add to my plant list.
Interesting and useful where many less hardy vines would freeze.
But it is a permanent garden element, handsome and useful whether or not there is a fire going.
Spread by rhizomes and are useful for summer color in difficult climates.
Equally useful in groups as an informal screen or singly in a mixed shrub border.
All types are useful for many months of bright color in partial or full shade.
Useful as textural accents or as bank or ground covers.
Some useful menu commands still have no keyboard equivalents.
Some great useful informations to be absorbed from this post.
Graphic organizers are useful tools for building knowledge and organizing information.
It also gave her a knack for taking household items and making them even more useful.
It is difficult to think how a bee could be more useful.
The moon is pockmarked with cold, wet oases that could contain enough water ice to be useful to manned missions.
In both cases the actions of other people send a signal that may be useful for others to follow.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
The goal was to turn the area into a larger, more useful space for gathering and entertaining.
But giving people condoms can be particularly useful.
The walrus' other characteristic features are equally useful.
So his hobby was incredibly useful so that he remained fresh at all times.
To think about the common good, the purpose of life and how to live, it has proven useful to use religious stories or theology.
Many experts believed that the markings are camouflage, useful in concealing eggs from predators.
Such bundles can not only transport an optical image over a tortuous path, but can also transform it in a number of useful ways.
Still, it could be useful one day, for instance in new types of optical switches for computers.
Except in desert regions, useful on hot slopes and in areas that get little attention.
However, it might be more useful to have it as an ebook.
Another useful tool to find distances on a map is to convert the stated scale using the following mathematical formulas.
Time after time when a crime is committed the video from nearby cameras is unavailable or of too poor quality to be useful.
Cognitive biases are a useful mechanism for dealing with uncertain but potentially important information.
Climate-watchers found the graph useful for demonstrating how many money-saving or cheap technologies there were.
Bacteria in the marsupials' intestines turn the tough leaves into useful chemicals.
Maybe this would extend the useful life of the shuttle.
Useful plant in desert landscapes add to my plant list.
As anyone who has been rear-ended on a highway knows, judging distance by sight is a useful skill.
It's a great foliage plant, especially useful for perking up winter landscapes.
Various scuffle or oscillating hoes are especially useful for weeding under spreading plants.
The simplicity and speed of this dish are reminders that few staple ingredients are more useful than eggs for emergency meals.
Fabric boxes can be as fashionable as they are useful.
You'll appreciate his useful landscape applications and precautions as well.
To deliberate about useful things is the safest of all delay.
He who conceals an useful truth is equally guilty with the propagator of the injurious falsehood.
Hence the fitness of beautiful, not useful things for gifts.
They wished to give counsel where they deemed it useful.
The volume contains a long and useful introduction by the translator.
Every so often some starts a thread asking for opinions about these programs, and no one ever seems to get a useful answer.
We are biologists, but many of our suggestions will be useful to grant writers in all disciplines.
They also have a useful site for students and instructors of writing courses.
They're useful tools, but they don't offer content beyond what the users put into them.
But people who use the survey complained that the missing data rendered the survey less useful.
Actually, scientists are finding that the ability to detect sarcasm really is useful.
Fur is a warm hug on a cold day, useful and nearly ubiquitous among mammals.
Slime, it turns out, is absolutely brilliant at producing useful biochemicals.
Thanks for wonderfully useful information and for the terrific insights into what sight and sound mean in movies.
It is this particular form of dying that has made them useful animal models for our own heart disease.
It's great to have the opportunity to read a good quality article with useful information on topics.
Only the grit was useful, mostly for industrial applications such as dental drills and hacksaw blades.
Others monitored variable stars useful in determining the distances of star clusters and galaxies.
For serious hikers, trekking poles are so useful they are almost mandatory.
Though in their infancy, such tiny robots could someday be enormously useful.
Rain barrels are only useful when homeowners maintain them properly.
Explain that animals as well as plants have the potential to provide chemicals that can be useful for medicine.
But these can be extremely useful in allowing people to practice their own more individualized preventive medicine.
It's useful to have knowledge about your religion because a lot of people have been asking about it.
For instance, understanding illness in invaders may be useful in identifying potential methods of controlling them, he added.
The strong bill was useful for ripping leaves from plants.
Our collection runs the gamut from useful gifts for the diehard backpacker, to delicate, globally inspired jewelry.
Typically, damaging traits that serve no useful purpose are rapidly weeded out of a population by natural selection.
Though undeniably beautiful, orchids can also be useful.
Small solar radios can be useful in an emergency or on the go.
Blocking a ray from one direction and allowing in a ray from the other could be useful for making a one-way street for light.
To make systems biology really useful to biology, it has to transcend beyond the current static simple relational approach.
Logic networks may become increasingly useful in the operation of the giant electronic computers.
But although the concept is promising, this technique is a long way from being useful within the general population.
Ian really got it right, there wasn't enough information to be truly useful.
But producing useful compounds is far from all chemists do.
They may drop back to the ground state before serving any useful purpose.
In addition to being elegant, symmetry is useful in constraining the number of competing models.
Long enough, in other words, for sceptics to wonder when something useful will actually come of it.
The mob's behaviour might still be useful if it acted as a contrarian indicator.
It was then, so the story goes, that he realised that steam pressure could be harnessed to do something useful.
For many firms, websites for ex-employees are a good way to keep tabs on folk who may one day be useful.
But the process can also be reversed, which is potentially more useful.
Camouflage in nature is useful to the hunter and the hunted.
But the vets themselves take solace in the act of being useful.
For this reason multimedia can be a terrifically useful teaching supplement.
City rankings can be problematic-but they can also be useful.
The computing machine is fundamentally an extremely useful device.
He plainly believed that it would be useful if his biographer were able to tidy up that loose end.
These questions are too narrow, and they don't yield particularly useful answers.
Tax incentives could be a useful means of easing these growing pains.
For that reason alone, financial sponsors are a useful subset of capital providers, because they work their magic in private.
Some euphemisms eventually attract such knowing derision that their useful life is abbreviated.
Generally underrated, a good and useful year, especially in red wines.
No hobby could be more useful to molecular biologists.
Males, known as drones, perform no useful function except to mate.
As your vocabulary becomes more specific, more useful, it also becomes less inclusive.
The placebo is useful, too, in pharmacological research.
For instance, people often tell me that it's useful to build closet separators to keep your clothes organized.
People don't want to acknowledge it, but the useful life of a tunnel does exist, and at some point they start to fail.
But screens are occasionally useful additions, even when artists are unwillingly saddled with them.
They're mainly things that don't happen: inventions that don't get made, useful drugs that never get to market.
Indeed, it's useful to flush out this tendency now, and subject it to debate.
We would be translating for them and handing them elevators and forceps and generally making ourselves useful.
Once intelligence is made public, it's no longer useful to the agency.
On the other hand, it's useful for the students to have a more detailed record of what you discussed while explaining the plot.
Position is not a vector, though even in flat space it can be useful to model it as one.
He found something useful in each group and did not discriminate among them.
It was useful in it's day as a way of focusing attention and debate upon nuclear tensions between the superpowers.
It was useful in a way that the physics and biology of the time were not.
The right to property had become separated from any obligation to discharge a useful social function.
Exciting as it is, none of this reading is particularly useful to them.
It is a useful energy source and can be found in space probes.
But it is useful for feeders at the public trough to present an image of wide-ranging discussion.
The trial served as a useful smoke screen but it did not signify any political about-face.
To my way of thinking, that is both necessary and promising in pointing toward useful reform.
Synthetic biologists try to systematically reengineer cells to do something useful, such as make biofuels.
For solar panels to be useful when the sun isn't shining, the electricity they produce has to be stored.
Synthetic biology is the quest to design and build novel organisms that perform useful functions.
To make something useful, one typically doesn't think of breaking things and pulling them apart.
It could also be useful in monitoring patients and perhaps even targeting drug treatment to affected areas of the brain.
His approach could make robots more useful in harsh environments.
He imagines that the material could be useful for bone and dental implants.
Identifying materials that could be unexpectedly useful in solar cells.
Neutral atoms are easy to isolate from their environment and so may turn out to be useful for quantum computing.
The ceramic beads may also prove useful as a noise absorber for industrial, automotive, and household equipment.
General principles of how to accommodate both owners are useful, but individuals have differing interests and sensitivities.
But companies are still hunting for ways to make these networks more useful--and profitable.
Deposited on a flexible substrate, such circuits could be useful for flexible displays.
But it's much harder to imagine how to use this way of thinking to come up with useful strategies for coaches and players.
Together, cycle life and calendar life determine how long a battery will be useful.
To be eligible for a patent, an invention may draw upon existing materials, so long as it combines them in a novel and useful way.
These guys have developed a robotic touch sensor, covered it with fingerprints and worked out exactly how useful they are.
Novel displays and myriad coordinated radios could make your cell phone a lot more entertaining and useful.
Our composers were super involved in making sure that it felt true to the song and still really useful and fun.
For the extra levels of protection to be useful, each would have to test some factor that is independent of the others.
But the sailplane experience was less useful than it might appear to have been.
Tipper was reported to be stunned, believing she had been cast aside because she was no longer useful.
They do menial chores for me and my staff, all the while soaking up knowledge that should prove useful to them.
She uses publicity to good effect when she sees an opportunity to deliver a useful message.
The top of the building, the arms of the throne, looks more decorative than useful.
It is also useful in dismissing questions about his character.
Conventional wisdom says that if you want to be richer, a useful thing to do is get married.
More recently, she learned bookkeeping to make herself useful in the family's public relations business.
These people often offer useful information and, occasionally, blinding insights.

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