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IN the past, buying a used car often meant haggling with a high-pressure huckster in a plaid suit.
The way problems are conceived has a tremendous impact on the legal and policy solutions used to solve them.
Military technology used to filter down to consumers.
Solar ovens are solar-powered contraptions used to cook food.
About the only water used is that used to flush the toilets.
The satellites are used for climate and terrain monitoring.
None of the money made by used book sales goes back to the publisher to recoup development, marketing, and production costs.
The amount of computing power used for such calculations is staggering.
People then used the chemicals to make a whole range of new products.
Fingerprint powder is composed of many different ingredients that can vary greatly depending on the formula used.
However, you can read a little more about how the beetles are used here.
Buyers are willing to pay for a guarantee that a used car checks out.
As many as four litres of water are used to make a litre of the bottled stuff.
Mathematics is a tool used to describe a physical model of phenomena.
The only one of anything close to military character in its origin was the bayonet, and it was first used by hunters.
He also used it to form the seat and back of a cement sectional.
Here are some commonly used lines and the number of scientific papers they appear in.
The hot-water exhaust produced by the fuel cells is used to help heat the building and provide hot water.
All the rage at raves, light sticks are also used by commercial fishers to attract fish.
Researchers develop software that compresses data, allowing real-time video to be used to convey sign language over mobiles.
Every piece serves a purpose, and each can be used in different ways for years to come.
She said she wanted to raise more awareness about how the technology is being used for stealth surveillance.
Foreign-aid agencies will ensure that funds earmarked for a particular hospital or school are used for their intended purpose.
Water is used to produce the fuels that keep us moving and our planet humming.
In addition, the xerographic process is actually used to make both copies and prints.
Three major techniques were used by many different clans.
Lavender buds can be used in the kitchen in many amazing ways.
While buying a used car can mean big savings, this isn't always the case.
Hot water is used to heat the syrups and dry them out.
The drug also outperformed an antidepressant, bupropion hydrochloride, sometimes used as a quitting aid.
Used cars may come with their share of problems and defects.
The resulting steam is used to spin turbines that generate electricity.
Long before people used wind to have fun at the beach, they used wind to get places.
Louis medical school anatomists, they are used as the basis of comparison for skeletons under study.
Many are short lived in gardens so are used as annuals.
Those recovered materials would then be used to fuel the advanced reactor.
Lye is a caustic substance traditionally used to make soap.
They're generally wider, so foods that used to be smashed by their own weight aren't.
The stingray's tail features a poisonous barb, which is used only in self-defense.
The beat-up thing is actually used for cutting fish.
It doesn't matter how the watermelons look, because only the juice is used.
The dress depicts not only horses and their tracks but also the rectangular drums used at the giveaway ceremony.
The fibers then float to the top and are skimmed off so they can be used to make new paper products.
The town center contains an open hall with eight silos, partially used to collect grain taxes from farmers.
One of the oldest brick theaters anywhere, it's still used for concerts today.
Before mechanized vehicles, the horse was widely used for transportation.
Counterfeit drugs used to be a problem for poor countries.
Mice healed three times faster than normal after their broken bones were flooded by proteins naturally used to regrow new tissues.
Many used bookstores are not enthusiastic about them.
Simple to make and surprisingly durable, painted canvas used as a floor mat adds graphic punch to a room.
GE donates medical equipment to rural health-care centres and keeps a careful watch on how they are used.
Many times the masks were only used one time for a particular ritual and were then destroyed.
Microbes currently are used in mining to help recover metals such as gold, copper and uranium.
Regional and metro edition circulations are not guaranteed and are to be used only as a basis for determining rates.
He and a friend visited two recycling centers in the area to get all the used bottles they wanted.
Used motor oil is a big contributor to the pollution in our waterways.
Bosses for life aren't used to being down in the polls.
The modern academic used to have a definite life cycle.
It can be grown on the prairie and, when used as fuel, makes almost no contribution to global warming.
The stuff that people used to watch or listen to largely because there was little else on is increasingly being ignored.
Nonrenewable resources are used worldwide to create electricity, heat homes, power vehicles and manufacture goods.
Libraries are not what they used to be, and that's all to their credit.
Pharmacopoeias have been used to control the quality of medicines for centuries.
Researchers have used a sophisticated imaging technique to watch lava move though an active volcano.
Copper is used in everything from automobiles to ordnance.
Brooms are used to help a sliding stone travel farther and in the right direction.
Improvements in text-to-speech technology promise to expand the way synthetic voices are used.
In addition to being used as mixing bowls, the abalone shells served as storage containers.
Older games and consoles are cheaper because they're often available used and frequently come through donations.
There is no option to use keyboard commands during a video, similar to those used in video games.
Hydrogen, which can be made electrolytically from water and used to power fuel cells, is difficult to handle.
It used to be that the expert source on what was or wasn't a word was that school-day staple: the dictionary.
Landscape fabric is best used around permanent plants that don't need changing often.
These codes indicate the types of plastics used in the products.
The term was used to indicate that the symptoms of psychopathy were based on social processes.
It is used all the time in teaching debate at the high school and collegiate level, with great success.
As a result, the weights used make a big difference to global growth rates.
Absorbent materials are being used to soak up some of the spill.
Every hour it used to appear, this ghost from the past.
Rough, board-formed concrete echoes the wood used throughout the house and provides a foil for the smooth steel edging.
Peasants used the technique to brighten up old clothes.
We've used the beet to its fullest: sweet golden slices of the root, paired with dark, earthy leaves.
In this garden, a stone is used instead of an urn to create a recirculating fountain.
Shades of green are used to calm down warmer colors throughout the home.
Surprisingly, this gentle deterrent even works on her dogs, which used to lie down in these areas and smash her plants.
Replacing the lawn with more of the pavers used for the driveway was the first step.
Rugged as the town was, the name referred not to tombstones but to the slabs of rough wood used in building construction.
Palm trees are also used for producing crops and marketable agricultural commodities including coconuts, dates and oils.
The ordinary picnic table and benches were used for a movie set.
The urine scent marks would be used in the same way the dogs use urine to demarcate their territory.
The new method is much more efficient than a previous practice that used skin cells, researchers say.
It is also used as a safe harbor for consuming prey and breeding.
They have been used to store water during times of heavy buildup and for gradual release during dry periods.
Scientists have cleaned ponds where frogs used to live.
The machines were used for the fall primary, and tests later showed that the paper totals and electronic totals matched perfectly.
And somewhen vaguely about that time they also got the horse-which to begin with they used only for draught purposes.
Egg-shells may be saved and used for clearing coffee.
Three egg-shells are sufficient to effect clearing where one cup of ground coffee is used.
If butter is used, cream the butter, and spread bread before cutting from loaf.
So every night she used to comb his hair and pick out the white ones.
Curiously enough, the word was almost invariably used in the singular.
He was a moralist who did not parade his moral, but who used it as the sustaining skeleton of his narrative.
If it has a modern air, it is because the words used are of universal significance, and belong neither to this age nor to that.
The saying has been used by a number of writers, usually with variations in wording.
The velocity must therefore always remain less than c, however great may be the energies used to produce the acceleration.
Stem cells so far have been used to mend tissues ranging from damaged hearts to collapsed tracheas.
People have used tobacco for well over a thousand years.
The compound he and his colleagues used is a so-called coordination complex based on the metal rhenium.
It can only be used slower, but at some point it will indeed be gone.
The fossil water there is not a renewable resource, but it is an available resource that should be wisely used.
In some cancers of blood or of immune cells there are characteristic rearrangements that can be used to monitor the disease.
These are used to locate conspecifics for mating and collaborative behavior.
Scientists have identified the receptor used by a virus that plagued chimpanzees' ancestors.
Electric cars could cut greenhouse gas emissions if used properly.
Hunt shelved hopes of publication and scrutinized every method and piece of lab equipment used in her experiment.
Stats would be a different story, and that is used in accounting research.
As a result the publishers don't have to compete with themselves on the used book market.
But which preposition is used tends to change across time, and this appears to be one of those changes.
On the other end, it can be used for procrastination.
It is used when applying for teaching and administrative positions in academe or for a fellowship or grant.
The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.
These answers are then used to improve the database.
And, yes, this shift to authenticity will take getting used to and will elicit cries about lost privacy.
When the battery is being used, drawing the current pulls the lithium ions out of the anode and back to the cathode.
Moreover, the lamp could be used for rear-projection televisions as well as general illumination.
Moreover, since the form of iron oxide used to make the droplets is magnetic, a magnetic field can be used to rotate them.
In essence, quantum dots are used to change the colour of the light.
But this expense has kept optical data-links from being used inside personal computers and servers.
Some of the tricks being used by carmakers to make electric vehicles go farther on a single charge are being copied by aviators.
Knives have also been used, not only for eating but as tools and weapons, since prehistoric times.
It wouldn't get used, it would be carefully kept as a decorative item.
But scholars say the boats were first used hundreds of years earlier, perhaps for varied reasons.
The archive is used by staff and visiting scholars, but increasingly it receives e-mail requests from the general public.
Humidity refers to the amount of invisible water vapor in the air and various measurements are used to define it.
It used to be that innovation was relatively expensive.
The idea was that drivers themselves should bear some of the cost the roads they used.
Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy.
The farmer saved the fuel he would have used driving back and forth with a heavy plough.
They can stop scouring used bookstores for out-of-print copies of her collections.
He used that insight to improve design interfaces, making them friendlier and more helpful.
So finding applications for used vehicle batteries could provide automakers with valuable additional revenue.
Propane chemically derived from corn could be used in heating and transportation.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
The first bendable, touch-screen display will be used by the military.
Stem cells from human testes could be used for personalized medicine.
In summary, people used not only all the technology they had, but all the technology they could borrow.
To test the device, the team used it as a transmitter rather than a receiver.
The simple, non-polluting battery could be used in compact devices.
The more layers used, the more supporting materials are needed and the less energy can be stored in the battery.
So cryptographers can use it to send a secure key called a one time pad that can then be used to encrypt a message.
The molecules could be used as an inexpensive, easy-to-apply glue in a variety of applications.
The technique can reduce the amount of other materials used and improve solar-cell performance.
The microscope is designed to detect fluorescent light, which is often used in biological research to mark different cells.
Those magnets infuse the wire coils with energy that can be used to power mobile devices.
It could also be used as a coating for bandages to help wounds heal quickly and with less scarring.
While the devices are safe in the short term, they can cause damage to the muscle if used over decades.
Special dyes, known as contrast agents, are often used in medical scans to improve the visibility of internal body structures.
In some ways, the process is similar to the one used to refine oil.
Digital devices are usually used for consuming information, not creating it.
And they don't want the three-dollar used paperback version, either.
It's a respiratory stimulant, mostly used in wound care.
Also, the job they had found for her was in a town a good distance away from where she used to live.
He used to want to fly out of self-awareness, day and night, a body in raw motion.
They are such a versatile food that can be used for anything from starters to main dishes to desserts.
Consumers, used to shelves stuffed full of seafood selections at every neighborhood convenience store, are less aware.
Even cream itself is used sparingly: a little in the soup, a bit of it whipped to garnish the dessert.
Others have suggested that they were used for climbing onto larger prey.
Tiny, ultrafast shutters can then be used to eliminate all but a single wavelength.
Sixty-five years ago the first atomic bombs were used in war.
So it is no small feat to create an inexpensive fluorescent microscope, an instrument often used by medical researchers.
Thinner was not used for the eyes for fear of further chemical injury.
It's my favorite for this season because it can be used as a bronzer, blush, and even an eye shadow.
They only used a small part of it for the commercial, but it was a proper song.
It can be used quite early because of its concept of reparation.
Supermodels insist in interviews that they used to be losers in high school.
The ugly insertions are among the devices used to indicate where the quoted material departs from the source.
The presence of a photojournalist is used in some places to promote an agenda.
It is used to doing pretty much what it wants to do.
Such experienced boys, a rare resource, had to be used with great economy.
When any genetic bias is demonstrated, it cannot be used to justify a continuing practice in present and future societies.
They're used as political pawns, they're scorned as outsiders, they're feared because they have unknown powers.
They interrogated me in an office of the foreign ministry used for dealing with reporters.
Provides information for consumers interested in buying a used car.
Describe places where used vehicles can be purchased.
Enter the following information to determine used vehicle purchase fees.
We question what kind of glue was used and if proper techniques were followed.
She used the television's closed-captioning feature.
Tight ends were used creatively, were used often, were used to win playoff games.

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