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Example sentences for useable

Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and make it useable.
Paper can usually be recycled five to seven times before its fibers become too short to be useable for new paper.
During the winter ice roads are used, but the useable season for those is getting shorter.
Computer programmers do their best to make their work useable by everyone, but this does not always translate well.
Only when failure is recognized can dead ends be abandoned and useable pieces of failed programs be recycled.
In other words, he asked for the data after it had been processed and sifted, and churned into a useable format.
What they want is the means to convert these dollars to something more useable.
Anyone can make one of these and they generate more useable, cheaper, and much easier to produce energy than photovoltaics.
Unfortunately, converting the stuff into useable forms remains a difficult process.
The nitrates and other minerals can easily be recaptured and reprocessed by plants into a useable medium.
Useable energy becomes unusable energy through heat loss.
Find something with a higher more useable energy density than oil and people will forget oil even exists.
There is one useable image in focus, with every element that tells the story.
Direct injection helps it churn out a lot of useable power for its size, while also delivering decent fuel economy.
Useable square feet refers to the area available for a tenant s personnel, equipment, and furnishings.
It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information.
All are legally blind, but more than three quarters have useable vision for which specialized treatment is provided.
Almost always use re-useable and am trying to train myself to always use re-useable.
The results of this interaction may be expressed by a reduction of available habitat to an actual useable habitat.
Only athletic shoes will be counted as useable shoes.
We are building our website to be more useable to the industry and the public.
Repairs may also be made to make the property accessible and useable for household members with disabilities.
The work shall be done in a workmanlike manner so as to salvage all useable sections.
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