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PC users should use the eject button on the top toolbar of the application to remove the disk in use.
Hungry house cats use an annoying but irresistible combination of sounds when they want to be fed, a new study has found.
Now they say it provides the first evidence of a tool-use culture in marine mammals.
Parks, farmlands, and wilderness areas allow human use while preserving natural habitats.
Print detailed illustrations of bottlenose dolphins and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Elephants are known to use sticks as tools-as back scratchers, for example-but not when foraging.
Print detailed illustrations of scorpions and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Saving energy on the light bulbs you use is an immediate and affordable way for you to cut down on your energy use.
Engineered with state-of-the-art functions and easy to use.
Check the wattage rating on the device to use the appropriate transformer adapter.
As people use less bottled water, companies are selling a wider variety of water filters.
Its software, while easy to use, does not have pricing information for every utility.
Kids have discovered a diabolical new use for science: rebutting their parents.
Type in your address to see all venues near you, or use the map below to zoom into your area.
Most oceanographers use satellites and high-tech buoys for tracking currents.
You'd reduce water use and end runoff by recycling water in a closed irrigation system.
Some new pesticides that are known to affect behavior are in wider use, and those may be a factor.
Now scientists' forays into this universe are being put to a different use-as art objects.
Several different pathogens threaten it, prompting farmers to use ever more pesticides.
As a farmer, he has shunned the use of tractors and plowed his land with a team of horses.
Conventional microscopes use lenses to magnify whatever is in the line of sight.
Conservation groups do not use hyena photos to raise money.
The mere fact that it has never been brought into common use, though so obvious a form, is sufficient condemnation.
There had been many struggles as to liturgical use in medieval days, and these were thus ended before the great struggle began.
Keep remaining coffee and egg closely covered, in a cool place, to use two successive mornings.
The culinary use of oyster mushrooms was one reason why she picked them for the experiment.
He spent his life packaging that magic into elegantly designed, easy to use products.
Another possibility is that human antibiotic use has promoted the circulation of resistance genes to other species.
Being the best at something does not mean that doing that thing is the best way to use your scarce economic resources.
Its strategy is to package technology for use by businesses.
Every time you use a loyalty card you surrender personal information.
The use of dope has climbed up to the highest rates ever.
As the chart at right indicates, its a rare rich economy that couldn't use a bit more inflation.
They are made available for personal, non-commercial use only.
Use social media to re-engage the moderates into politics.
People have power over animals, so they use animals to help their own species.
Use the questions they ask as an opportunity to start a conversation.
For example, he knows that if you keep concrete vibrating it won't set up before you can use it.
The practice is often called microblogging because people use it to send out pithy updates about their daily lives.
We use the imagination in order to establish our own agency in chaotic and uncontrollable situations.
We do not use any articles submitted to, accepted by, or published by another publication.
It tells the receiver you use departmental supplies for non-departmental business.
My first idea was to use the spreadsheet to help me calculate grades.
To that end, universities must be prepared to use data mining to identify and mitigate the potential for tragedy.
Retaining books with little or no use is appropriate for university and research libraries.
It's one thing to discourage faculty to use certain teaching methods.
Use our guide to plan and build a counter with concrete blocks.
Feel free to use boysenberries, pitted cherries, or other favorites instead of the combination of fruits here.
Use these versatile plants for drama in pots and sunny gardens.
To create two-tone pops, make two different recipes and use twice as many molds.
Convenience, cost, and reusability will determine which containers you use.
Fertilize every other week with fish emulsion, or use a granular organic fertilizer according to instructions.
Depending on the sweetness of your apricots, you may need to use more or less sugar.
Here are four easy-to-use types and how to apply them.
We ended up with a stack of creamy white and light yellow wax discs to use in cosmetics.
Soldiers, you are now cleared to use your thumb drives again.
Succeeding the conventional oven, the microwave oven could heat food faster and use less energy.
And nine months later the researchers checked to see if stair use was still up.
Global warming will disrupt the release of chemicals that plants use to communicate.
Cocaine changes the brain only after voluntary use.
Shape-memory polymers find use in medicine and clothing.
Excessive television or computer use may indicate psychological problems.
The current debate over medical marijuana hinges on its use as pain medication.
The office workers even had traces in their blood of one of these compounds withdrawn from use roughly a decade ago.
The detectives use the same sort of technique on another collar.
Inevitably, everyone had to have a phone and know how to use one.
But as a writer they have no use for me in my day-to-day work experience.
During tomato season, confit is one of the best ways to use the season's bounty.
Most cryptographic algorithms use keys, which are mathematical values that plug into the algorithm.
Consider a policy that addresses the use of your company's name and logo in individual employee's social media profiles.
Voters have personal experience with energy use, so they can relate to discussion of solutions.
If you say a car can use a new kind of fuel, this makes intuitive sense to people.
One could use cellular to describe some material that had a lot of cavities in it.
Whenever possible the student should use polysyllabic words where shorter, clearer words would suffice.
The soup reflects the original use for pasta, which was as an extender in soups and sometimes desserts.
For longer storage, use the freezer--but observe the caveats below.
Broadband is everywhere and you might use a tablet or a laptop to surf the web.
One difficulty is that only societies which have already reached a certain level of sophistication can make use of them.
Sooner or later, the officials in charge must consider managing road and airport use through pricing.
If not, please use the sign-up form to create an account.
It is important to do this because different writers use the word differently.
There is a contrast as well in the use of trial and punishment, including capital punishment.
Various protesters told me of the use of pepper spray and freewheeling beatings with batons.
The means that ants use to find their way in the world are fascinating.
These periodic readings of the public pulse use survey data with little awareness of their limitations.
Widespread use of antibiotics promotes the spread of antibiotic resistance.
Smoking and smokeless tobacco use are almost always initiated and established during adolescence.
You'll find rates for sales and use tax, motor vehicle taxes, and lodging tax.
Use appropriate materials as recommended by the product manufacturer.
Clean the humidifier, as directed, at the end of the humidifying season or when the product will not be in frequent use.
Simplified sales and use tax information for you and your business.
How much blade you use cutting depends on the length of your blade and the width of the item you are cutting.
The smaller the width, the less blade you will need to use.
Though many consumers use the words flavor and taste interchangeably, scientists do not.
Next, we'll visit a tiny farming community where local farmers cultivate indigenous ragi grain without the use of pesticides.
Use it to make a picnic lunch for your sweetie, or take the kids and their friend to a movie.
There is no charge to use this service, but please give credit and link to this site.
Still, research shows the lack of seat belt use continues to cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars annually.
Use a cooking thermometer and get ready turn off the flame when necessary.
Libraries have always been great money savers because of all the books and periodicals you can borrow and use for free.
And while you can't do anything about the rise in gasoline prices, you can reduce the amount of gas you use.
But you can use her home as a base to explore all sorts of wild hot spots in the area.
If you have problems with an oily scalp, use these products for a quick fix.
The products and textures are easy to wear and even easier to apply, so anyone can use them.
It seams the sensors this article is referring to don't use much power.
Scientists use light to direct gene expression in mice.
Because the ink-jet method is more precise, it can use less material for these connections.
Solar concentrators can lower the overall cost of solar power by making it possible to use much smaller cells.
Kodak hopes to use its expertise in film making to produce flexible solar cells.
The first prototype cell to use photonic crystals looks promising.
Patients use nerves left intact after amputations to control prosthetic limbs.
Scientists use brain imaging to predict what someone is looking at.
Microbial fuel cells, which use electrodes in dirt to power a small motor, have long been more or less a laboratory curiosity.
Light bulbs that use cathode ray tube technology are on the market.
Researchers are working on solar cells that use a novel organic dye.
Right now it's impossible for a consumer to get an accurate gauge of energy use without deploying numerous expensive sensors.
Now he wants researchers to invent new ways to use natural gas to power vehicles.
What's more, commercial cells will likely use different materials for conducting electrons.
To decrease costs, he's proposing to use advanced plastics for several of the layers.

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