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The speaker's meaning may depend on various factors including context, tone of voice, local custom and historical usage.
Notes from the newsroom on grammar, usage and style.
There are huge differences in usage among countries.
Read our shopping and usage tips and learn how to pick a more energy-efficient set.
Using desert plants in the rest of the landscape helps compensate for the lawn's high water usage.
It simply doubled the battery life on the product page to reflect a half-hour daily usage.
Reset your data usage meter on your phone and check its consumption regularly.
Each one of them recognizes the dangers of marijuana usage.
But it turns out that the no-complement version is the less common usage.
Show your family the results of one day's water usage.
People will always come up with alleged reasons why they can't significantly reduce oil usage.
Smoking and all other tobacco usage is permitted only in private vehicles.
The bottle labels also carry no warnings about human toxicity or usage procedures.
The trademark covers usage of the phrase in relation to retail store services featuring computer software and services.
In other languages, too, the usage of the noun does not seem to have.
As communications integrate, usage is bound to soar further.
Medical usage and recreational usage are not comparable.
My own sense is that this usage isn't widely acceptable in prose yet, but it will be soon.
As your power usage increases, so does your environmental impact.
In order to pay their employees, they have to increase the usage costs.
In general, the machine's handwriting features aren't quite good enough yet for the ideal usage.
Develop new educational programs to increase public usage of the facility.
Utility bills from both winter and summer months can be used to determine your average usage of gas, electric and oil resources.
Focusing on cars that meet your usage profile helps narrow down the candidates to make more accurate comparisons.
He paints powerful ideas that sometimes go on to enjoy wide usage.
Since it is derived from opium, it is a controlled drug: governments have to report its usage.
Sentences should show the correct usage of each new word.
Through meditative practices, you can reach higher usage.
Another thing: many people fear that drug usage would skyrocket after legalization and regulation.
Satellite connections can be made anywhere, but they are expensive and have strict usage caps.
Most colleges that have detailed information on energy usage do not.
Detailed usage data shows who connects, how and where they connect, and how much bandwidth they eat.
It doesn't appear to be isolated in usage to any particular regional, ethnic, or age group.
Focusing your water usage and recycling will help keep it flowing for future generations.
There is a strong need to protect the data, data integrity and its usage.
Pick what makes sense, then monitor your usage closely to see if there's a different tier that saves you money.
It's an interesting counterpart to the usage of credit scores by insurance.
Low-flow faucets, shower heads and commodes reduce water usage in the home.
The answer is to reduce usage for existing homes and insulate them.
As with electricity, they can increase their usage quickly and easily.
It cannot be mortgaged and selling usage rights or buildings can be legally problematic.
Additionally, there is plenty else you can do to reduce your water usage.
Increased temperatures result in more air-conditioning and electricity usage, which is harmful to the environment.
As this part receives much of the everyday strain of usage, it must be handled correctly.
Reduce your usage of the available energy resources by changing the way you drive.
What water he did not need he donated back to the state for environmental usage.
Older people will have one usage, younger people another.
Online works great for information, but when it comes to hands-on usage, it's not the best medium.
These companies would have been happy to keep on charging us for years or, who knows, decades for no usage whatsoever.
While the ordinary-language usage has a pejorative valance, it is an adaptive function.
The correct modern usage has now established itself.
They threw themselves at her feet, begging her pardon for all the ill-usage they had made her suffer.
She claims that proper usage calls for a period to come outside the quotation marks at the end of a sentence.
The term for such poor comportment-flaming-became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.
But the freedom of usage that defined personal computing does not extend to the world of parental computing.
His usage seems to be pretty standard for individuals.
It is an observance that has been distilled over centuries of use, molded through common belief and ordinary usage.
Third, for certain topics, certain words become more active for metaphorical usage.
Our lives are threatened ever more from the growing usage of plastic bags.
Solar takes a portion of, or even entire load sources out of the picture for the peak usage times of the day.
Yes, water is wasted in the average home by design, but designing a home to minimize water usage will not be easy.
We could put a serious dent into usage by adapting to use bidet's as opposed to toilet paper.
Incremental bandwidth is a tiny part of the cost of supporting broadband so only a tiny usage charge is justifiable.
Either definition seems inaccurate for the author's usage.
However, city centers do also require some pretty heavy power usage.
Three-quarters of the fuel usage is caused by the car's weight.
Disappointingly his email expressed concern solely about fuel usage and clean energy.
Farmers and fishers would be in immediate conflict, especially over freshwater usage.
Wet, in this usage, is meant to distinguish the world of real chemicals from the neater and more convenient simulations.
Usage is growing in rapid double-digit terms each month.
Civilian usage of pilotless planes has been slow to take off.
Allowing providers to charge based on usage will result optimal allocation of the resource.
Usage-based pricing, not a different regulatory regime, is all that is needed.
The system had the potential to be coercive, but its actual effect would depend on context and usage.
Water collection, treatment, and usage can follow a similar path.
Nobody can stop consumers from giving data about their power usage to non-utilities, for instance.
Distinguishing may and might can be tricky, and several colleagues have raised questions recently about the proper usage.
New software aims to expose mobile malware by monitoring a device's memory usage.
The goal is to make collaboration easier and to log different people's usage over many sessions.
Oh yes, you also need the user to put all this together, install the plugin and authorize its usage of the hardware.
Hopefully other plans of his to reduce fossil fuel usage will be more realistic.
While this movement may not appear to be much, the continued usage of negative verbs is additive.
If they increase the voltage at such as small scale, up goes the leakage but up goes the speed and power usage.
And too many better alternatives exist in all application areas and at every scale of their contemplated usage.
There is also the usage-end to consider, as opposed to the production end.
There are reports that those who control the patents on these batteries will not develop usage for electric vehicles.
They're extremely expensive and their practical usage is a matter of too distant future.
And sensors will monitor energy usage and readjust it during off-hours.
Even among comic-makers the term only gets grudging usage, mostly because any alternative would be even less recognized.
Timberland now prints a detailed label for its shoes, noting on each pair the company's material and energy usage.

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