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We've established this wiki to help focus attention on valuable data resources that need to be made more accessible or usable.
It is more than necessary to see that the pins are usable and not rust to the head.
Only airports with usable runways are included in this listing.
The garden, which slopes away from the house, was parceled into a series of terraces to maximize the usable area.
Choose sliced tofu from this recipe's list of usable proteins, and go wild with your choice of vegetable options.
New research shows how such biological power plants can be stacked to create usable current.
In other words, these advanced ideas will only be usable on new construction homes.
From an entropy perspective, economic growth is the progressive transformation of usable energy into unavailable energy.
And then the plastids keep on doing what they do, which is convert sunlight to usable energy.
Usable fuel from algae additionally requires refining and distribution.
In an anaerobic digester, a natural process breaks down the organic matter in manure, producing usable methane gas.
Far less pollution from a still usable care and no need to impose government controlled utopias on people.
The generator converts the mechanical energy generated by the blades into usable electrical power.
Commissioning is the last milestone before the mission becomes operational and starts delivering usable data.
If the key was made from a type that the researchers could not obtain, they were less likely to be able to make a usable copy.
Thus, one seeks not so much the historical fact as the exemplary story-the applicable anecdote, the usable history.
After many frustrating attempts, engineers eventually managed to reduce it to a usable size.
The engineers tend not to notice when more options make a product less usable.
These laws, almost comically vague, hand the authorities a weapon usable against any critic.
Some remain essential, some are marginally usable, others fall by the wayside.
They are perfectly re-usable, and likely would have been thirty years ago.
Students can learn anatomy in a usable way only by dissecting cadavers.
Furthermore, it is almost impossible to imagine how either side could achieve a usable advantage.
Consider film of the same thickness as paper, although thinner film will certainly be usable.
Things need to be usable, ergonomic, but also pleasurable.
We can take along one of those increasingly popular re-usable bags.
What isn't the result is much in the way of usable intelligence.
They should come to work and they should come with usable skills.
My guess, though, is that everything that's usable has been claimed by now.
The manufacturer finally released an additional update for my smart phone that made it somewhat usable again.
The number of available, usable cell lines actually appears to be closer to a dozen or two.
Usable space is also a problem in the four slim, six-sided towers.
Ask your office manager to buy re-usable mesh coffee filters instead of bleached paper ones, which may contain dioxins.
But the quality of the video wasn't high enough, so it wasn't really usable.
However, the vast majority have no usable skills whatsoever.
Researchers are busy trying to turn such cells from laboratory curiosities into usable organ grafts.
Now he is thought to be moving the rods in readiness to extract their weapons-usable booty, enough for five or six bombs.
But if the aperture is reduced too much, the image may be too dark to be usable.
But the authorities have never managed to bring criminal charges against him, for want of usable evidence.
Such developments should make electric cars more usable and increase their popularity.
Heavy pollution cuts into the usable water supply, but treatment equipment is expensive.
Makers of blood-testing equipment have taken to charging only if the device actually produces usable data.
Its centrifuge machines could produce enough bomb-usable uranium for about a weapon a year.
Transform old pots and pans into usable household accessories.
Part of the problem, or reason for conflict, is that there is unequal distribution of the planet's usable freshwater.
Sunlight is free energy, but the equipment that captures it and turns it into usable electricity can be costly.
Crafting is less expensive when you recycle materials and also is a good way to keep usable items from ending up our landfills.
Install a thermostat that keeps hot water at a usable temperature so no cold water is wasted.
Wastewater treatment processes remove a variety of contaminants from water to make it usable again.
Buy organic fruits to ensure their scraps are usable.
Any charity that accepts furniture will accept a bed frame if it is in usable condition.
Move your still-usable incandescent bulbs into a pantry shelf or similar storage area.
The gross tonnage figure, however, is a fair measure of the usable internal volume of the ship.
The vestibules were roomy too, unlike the hardly usable ones on some tents.
Some in the gas industry and a few irrigators, however, treat the wastewater to make it usable.
They have stayed perfectly usable and no one can tell, although now of course they can't be folded.
Any of these products can be run through the traditional hydrocarbon rigamarole to produce usable fuels.
The pair have developed devices less than five centimeters long that transform slight vibrations into usable electricity.
Unfortunately, many such technologies are not available or not usable in resource-poor settings.
Next comes processing, the conversion of the metals into usable alloys designed for end use.
This, they say, makes it possible to boost the amount of usable electrical energy produced by up to five times.
The struggle to make computers usable for the everyday user is done.
It also extracts substantially more usable electrical power.
It is usable for base-line power since it runs at night with stored heat energy.
Plus, libraries must deploy usable interfaces that allow scholars to know when and how they can access each version.
Indeed, the programs themselves may not be structured to offer credits usable toward a degree.
Librarians have always tried to make their systems usable for their patrons.
Books take ideas and set them down, transforming them through the limitations of space into thinking usable by others.
They go where they can get the stuff they need quickly and in usable form.
Perfectly usable buildings are remade into perfect buildings.
Do what you can to make it usable and then let it go.
Reporters will appreciate not having to take time from their busy schedules to put your sprawling text into usable form.
The middle of the road is all of the usable surface.
Mitochondria are tiny organelles that harness energy and turn it into a usable form.
And will reach a final cosmic state when disorder, loss of information and loss of usable energy is at a maximum.
Definitely not usable in slums that have no place to plant.
Finally, its only an investment if its building usable infrastructure.
There are also issues with vent pipes and shading from trees which can further reduce the usable space.
Turning tiny cells into usable body parts is hardly new.
Inside, with clean lines and racks of communications gear, the usable space has doubled.
On the one hand you have a practice that irks readers because it makes the book less usable and essentially hides content.
Thus the psychotics and serious sociopaths became usable protein.
But those two-dimensional performers severely limit usable camera angles.
Given the laws of physics and current technological restraints, the amount of usable spectrum is limited.
Super-short throw ratio makes it usable even in a coach seat.
Bundled software required to convert recordings to usable audio files.
There are a lot of iterative interface enhancements that make it more usable.
Many developers flatten sloping sites to make construction more economical and backyards more usable.
What was a usable scientific rationale for him became a new way to understand space for others.
Biggest hurdle: getting the robot to convert those captured mollusks into usable energy.
Together they have spurred demand for better data, faster, in more usable form.
After that, the task is to package that immune signal in the form of a usable vaccine.
The mini-wand is battery-operated and, at four inches, is usable as a key chain.

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