usability in a sentence

Example sentences for usability

Meier said his approach to measure usability could catch on and be used for many other products.
Instead the actual usability of the product is not discussed in the article at all.
Careful indexing made a real difference to a computer's usability.
Tech firms also hire people with psychology backgrounds as usability researchers.
It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of usability.
And it's quite a hurdle for technology to achieve to match that level of usability.
Need for user-centered design and focus on usability.
The user interface has been refined, and many usability issues have been addressed.
That's what libraries are good at: making resources available to meet patrons' needs, with minimum fuss and maximum usability.
It's so uncomfortable that this usability defect would likely have sunk the prospects of the first typewriter.
Consumer devices, on the other hand, can beat specialized devices on price and usability.
What those critics didn't count on, though, was the importance of usability.
The following templates, forms, and examples are organized by steps in the usability process.
We are often asked if you need a usability lab to conduct usability testing.
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