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One of them shows four people standing beside a large, ornate urn with a backdrop of bright, red-tinged mountains.
The device consisted of a weight delicately suspended in a large bronze urn, ringed by dragons with hinged jaws.
As the story unfolds you find yourself in search of the lost pieces to the magical urn.
The trophy for winning the series is a tiny urn containing century-old ashes of a set of cricket stumps.
In this garden, a stone is used instead of an urn to create a recirculating fountain.
The glistening celadon green urn creates a cool, eye-catching fountain on a rear terrace.
The urn is opened every two weeks or so and stirred.
But before the last rain, a squadron was in the neighborhood, and the crows took turns landing on my urn.
It's named for the carefully sculpted urn above its pediment.
We are able to endure the idea of suffering in the flesh more easily than the destruction of the uniquely well-wrought urn.
He is covered by the heavens who has no sepulchral urn.
The fruits are borne at the same time as urn-shaped flowers among dark evergreen leaves.
No one has ever accused me of being extravagant, but buying this exquisite little urn came close.
The fountain is a circle of steps rising to two stone basins topped by a bronze basin with three bronze nymphs holding an urn.
There is not much difference between contemplating the urn and looking at my current dog, asleep on the couch.
The plaque with the above inscription sits on a cylindrical urn which contains the ashes.
With this rise in cremation comes the emergence of a related field: urn as decorative art.
From the lake's edge you can see an urn but not a headstone or a grave site.
The whole array could fit into a container about the size of a coffee urn.
Provide the funeral home with a casket or urn you purchase elsewhere.
Casket or urn sprays may accompany the casket or urn.
The predominant image used on late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century gravestones was the willow and urn motif.

Famous quotes containing the word urn

For thou perhaps at thy return May'st find thy Darling in an urn.... more
There's many a white hand holds an urn With lovers' hearts to dust consumed.... more
O heart, small urn of porphyry, agate or cornelian, how imperceptibly the grain fell between a heart-beat o... more
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